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An aftermarket exhaust is at the top of most rider’s mod list, but what can you really expect from that fancy pipe, and are stock exhausts all just junk anyway? Ari explains in this video from the MC Garage.


thatblack_fg1 says:

Happy I watched the video especially to the end because slip ons was my big question about modifying the exhaust especially after you broke down the stock one and explained how important the insides actually are. Would’ve been nice to know what the exhaust would weigh with the slip on tip on it instead of the stock muffler

death note says:

Are power commander OR ECUs necessary with a new full system exhaust?

Michael Finnerty says:

Really enjoying the show, informative on so many levels. The R6 factory exhaust is so plane Jane! Didn’t want a full system so happy with the idea of a muffler now. TY keep up the good work

bill vds says:

haha your funny guy. did the epa give you this script

Kevin Johnstone says:

sweet vid

C K says:

Is it bad for my bike if I have installed a decat exhaust system without using a powercommander? Tia

Route Rider says:

Get the ECU “Flashed”, install a full exhaust system and go ride or race your bike..That is all todays modern sport bike needs to get to a level any rider will be very happy with.

Dan DanDanDan says:

Him making the comment Power is Last and insinuating it wont make a big difference is ridiculous. That’s the number one reason to go to an aftermarket exhaust. POWER! It makes a huge difference. Also most bikes come rich from the factory and don’t even require a power commander. I think that’s because the manufacturers assume the first thing the owner is going to do is yank off that exhaust. My ZX14 is rich as hell stock and when I use a power commander all it does it remove fuel since it STILL runs rich with a full exhaust setup. AND WOW what a difference in power vs stock.

Okinawa Nah says:

Stock exhaust for smog regulations

karthik hy says:

Hi i have installed a after market freeflow muffler for that should i remap ecu or do i have to change anything?


quick & great without all the nonsense bla bla ! love it mate ! u just got one more sub.

Enzo Tatsuro says:

my bike exhaust has no collectors and no coltrolled valve.
And my pipe does not have any way of soaking up sound, it is a simple cone shaped pipe.
and IT. IS. LOUD !!!
i do however still have the original should i ever want to change it

John David Dunson says:

what’s better, a piggyback system like the power commander, or a stock ecu reflash like

Pedro pepe says:

Or you just get a ducati

Ulric Rousseau says:

Ari. First off, love the vids. Thanks man. I assume you got this question before, but why is everyone telling me to either have my ECU remapped, or change it or put in a power commander after I installed a Comp Werkes slip on shorty on my rsv4 rr 2016? I was told because the catalytic converter is in the oem pipe, that it changes the mixture of air and gas to a. dangerous level that could blow my engine. Comp Werkes states no mods are needed on my specific bike with the slip on, and Aprilia dealer says I will blow my valves if I do not get some sort of adjustment, any of which point to about 1000 or more in costs.Its not about the money you understand, its about what the truth is. Isn’t the ecu made to adapt to changing air and gas mixtures, like I live and ride at 80 feet above sea level, but what about the rider who runs his rsv4 at 8000 feet in altitudein Italy? Can we get an answer once and for all please? Thanks. Ulric

Matt Schindig says:

I don’t agree with what you said with a full system. If you have had bikes with just a slip on and also a full system you can tell there is a difference. Even a dyno will tell you that there is a difference. If you are puttin around on a small cc bike you probably won’t feel much of a difference as well as dyno results, but the higher cc bikes that’s what I mean.

Finn The Human says:

look at his vascular arms.. his arms are tight like dick skin

sagar aher says:

i own a 373cc single cylinder bike! it has a shitty exhaust with a catcon! will it cause harm if i remove just the exhaust(without touching the catcon) and install a small bend pipe to it, because i did it and there was just a little increase in sound.

Andrew McCarthy says:

Best vid I’ve seen on aftermarket exhaust systems. And, he agrees with what I’ve been saying for years. Thanks.

Rudra Palav says:

My bike is just 200cc idk what kind of aftermarket exhaust I should use. Please guide me through this . My bike is Bajaj RS200

arvin mendoza says:

If you just put a slip On, do you need to do a tune?

Vikrant Kangokar says:

Wat kind of tuning should be done for a carburettor after an aftermarket exhaust system installation?

gewinnste says:

Great stuff there. I keep laughing about all the idiots who spend money on a louder/angrier pipe the “looks better”. If they’d at least be interested in an improved power curve and weight, but they’d even get an even louder one, even if it’s heavier and with a messed-up power curve.
If I could, I’d have a bike with no sound whatsoever, so I don’t draw the attention of cops while having fun way above the speed limit.

Philip Brown says:

bro you juicing??

Ahmed J. says:

I gained about 20-25hp after removing my zx10r stock exhaust and install 3/4 pipe + pc5 and tune, so yeah I gained a lot of hp and it’s sounds like a beast

Stanley Hudson says:

I have toce exhausts. Bye Felicia

Ouestvotre vignette says:

The only thing the stock exhaust deserves is compiling to file b1n. It’s a symbol of communism/ left wing based thinking. I mean those fucking faggots put so much platinum in the catalysts that we enjoy sawing off as a big “fuck you” to the leftists.
Also carbed bikes are amazing for kill switched backfires at cyclists, prius hippies and frightening the living shit out of horse riders.

Bill Oddy says:

We know why the exhaust is there we buy new purely for the sound, where the fuck does this guy learn the shit he comes out with

Ryan Fernandez says:

Should I get an akrapovic exhaust for my Duke390?

Faiz Marusan says:

Just want to ask, is there any diffrent between “uturn” pipe exhaust like the akrapovic on mt09 and the normal after market stright pipe exhaust?

Le patato Slinger says:

Ya mom gay

Liberty DIY says:

Wait why would running lean cause popping on decel?

Vanlalawmpuia varte says:

Can anybody tell me, if i put a slip on exhaust does it need retuning?? Like the full system???

Everything Spicy says:

Thanks maderchod garage ☺️☺️☺️..

Doc Cox says:

Thank you for an excellent and informative video.

yuunjac says:

For someone who likes touring like me and spent a long hours on the saddle. I’m appreciating my stock exhaust. Haven’t change them for the last 2 years. Pretty satisfied with it although it would be nice to hear the grunt from after market exhaust.

David Brooksbank says:

Most bikes look like they have been assembled in the dark from a box of spares now a days.

Manuqtix says:

No fuck!! Stock exhausts have been rushed out of the production line.
So THEY FUCKING SUCK!! when coming to performance fuel and economy

Perran Woolfrey says:

What would happen if you put an rc jet engine in an exhaust system would negative pressure increase performance or screw up valve overlap so much vacuum the piston would be pulled up

SuperDuperKiwi says:

In Texas there is no law against how loud a motor vehicle can be

Jesh Dcosta says:

How does exhaust pipe affects power of the engine

The Alpha Male says:

Great informative video. I wonder if the same holds true for Harley Davidson’s?

Mr123slayer123 says:

Brock tested it on the dyno and the exhaust valve is only for noise and emissions. Removing it made more hp and torque right through the rev range.

salah adjroud says:

i really dont get it !! if i was to change my exhaust system it would need a fuel injection controller , hard to install and may cause some prblms as “ari” said , but if i was to only change the aftermarket Slip-on whould it need any other modification on the bike that i have to know about !

niepa niemaju says:

nice video, I did’nt know its so complicated 🙂
Once I bought Aprilia falco 1000, v2 engine… guy mount there 2 carbon exhaust… totally empty inside 😀
When I was riding close to some parked cars, in 25% of them alarm goes on.
Sound was ok, but after few minutes of riding, my head just was close to explode ;/
don’t recomend this kind of cheal ‘ tunning’

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