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The wait is finally over, Motorcyclist magazine’s On Two Wheels show returns for 2019 and picks up where the old cast left off. For the new season, the show doubles down on talent, er, or lack thereof, with the cast growing to four hosts. Learn more about the new cast of clowns on

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In episode one, these miscreants introduce themselves to the YouTube world before settling into a set of challenges aboard a hodgepodge of motorcycles. To make things interesting, each of the guys rides a different type of machine that they claim best represents their personality and genre of riding they enjoy most.

Their motorcycles range from a friendly and affordable 286cc-powered Honda CB300R to a supercharged 998cc Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE sport-touring bike. Then there’s a 700-plus-pound Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic and a motorcycle that really isn’t even a motorcycle: the three-wheel-equipped and Russian-made Ural.

The first challenge sees the boys drag race on a private airstrip. Of course, chaos ensues. Let’s just say horsepower isn’t everything…

Because everyone loves adventure (well, almost everyone) the guys load their bikes with camping equipment. As you’d expect, some struggle more than others. On the way to camp they detour across a curvy hillside fire road. Things go sideways for all of them. Does everyone stay upright? Tune in to find out.

For the third challenge, the guys battle it out at the gas pump, with a game of “fuel mileage chicken,” a contest seemingly built for Waheed’s fuel-sipping CB. But will Gilbert and Gales outmuscle him? Will Dawes’ use the Ural’s passenger accommodation to carry an extra jug of fuel? Stay tuned for a surprise. After more wrong turns than the guys will likely admit they arrive at camp for the evening.


Goldstine Media says:

this is more cringey than my username

xkid 99 says:


Kieran Rigney says:

Not good.

Jesus H Medrano says:

This was pretty painful to watch. Nobody wannts a top gear wanna be tive us specs and reviews not adventure come on

Jesus H Medrano says:

Is waheed gay? He sure looks like with that mustache

Bruce Wailes says:

So where are Zack and Ari these days? I’d rather watch them, no matter who they work for.

Sceubydoo! says:

I feel like you let the WAaCkY personalities of the guys get in the way of stuff sometimes

n4speed says:

This was fun. the way it was done with different bikes and scenarios.

J Preston says:

Zach and Ari are dead to me. This will work just fine. Thanks for continuing the great content!

janis916 says:

More Wheelies! More H2! 😀 😀 😀

Mustafah Othman says:

Nathan Ream says:

It’s a start to something

Malcolm Collins says:

What crap! Won’t be subscribing to this garbage.

Skalargrimm Olafsson says:

Senior editor was way too annoying

CaptHollister says:

Based on the license plate, the state of Washington thinks the Ural is a car.

Vinclario says:

Apart from cheating and petty bickering I enjoyed this. Wasn’t expecting to see something with the potential of measuring up to Zack and Ari but this definitely could once the pressure is off and it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. Also, you need someone who’d bring an adventure bike or scrambler to this test 😉 Keep it up, looking forward to the next episode!

DIY Ducati says:

Best stuff was the final outtakes

Sayandeep Majumder says:

I watch a lot of motorcycle content, and I think this might be one of the best motorcycle videos out there, I mean I haven’t seen such well-rounded content in a long time. You have one more subscriber, one of so many more to come for sure.

Papa_P HDP says:

Its like topgear uk replaced by topgear us. But i still have faith in the show.

shafeeque nanath says:

ZACK AND HARRY is the best

Rodolphe St. Preux says:

Obviously everything is scripted but these guys made it way too apparent. Hopefully you guys will get better at being on camera and make it look natural

zigzagarisen says:

I like it guys, any well produced moto content is great in my books and the more of it the better.

Kimi says:

This would be so awesome if I had a crew like this with every type of motorcycle

TwinCitiesRider says:

I liked this a lot. I can see this developing into some awesome content as all the new hosts represent different parts of the rider population. If it plays out this way I’d be interested to see how they all react to being put into specific bike worlds. For example, seeing the cruiser heritage dude on sport bikes, or sport bike dude on a dual sport. Also common peeps, of course it’s scripted, this is polished commercial content. Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it like the many other scripted shows we watch.

Topher Grace says:

I like it. U guys might benefit from a weekend in the woods without cameras. Feels like u just met.

Wapiti says:

Hey guys loved the video but can you guys stop referencing Ari and Zack in every video? it’s time to get over them

Albert McDonald says:

You all had way to much fun!

Drewnax says:

Such a fun Idea! shoulda dropped that beginning bit though.

dbtrackz33 says:

Adam and Morgan are the ones. Let those two run this thing. Sport bike guy is terrible on the mic and camera, give him exposure and practice on a smaller platform. The other guy should stay in the editing room he was a fucking cornball.

Nixon Kutz says:

This is exactly the kind of comparo test I have always wished bike magazines would do. If I’ve already made up my mind I want a 600cc sport bike, then sure, tell me which of four nearly identical ones is best. But if I can’t figure out which *one* bike will accommodate all the kinds of riding I do, I want to see the strengths and weaknesses of a bunch of very different bikes. Let me decide which compromises I’m willing to accept – and every bike compromises somewhere.

tutu eko says:

Bring back zack and uri…these guys totally sucks….

John Butrus says:

Why were these four guys riding these four bikes? Well, this series will either get better or fail quickly. This episode was not good enough.

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