The Smallest Motorcycle Camping Kit

Go farther, go faster, live easier and have more fun outdoors with our most compact motorcycle camping kit. Oh, and don’t forget the bug spray.

Minimal Motorcycle Camping Essentials:

0:55 – Thermarest Slacker Hammock –
1:47 – 0°C Sleeping Bag –
2:05 – Compression Sack –
2:39 – ROK Adjustable Stretch Straps –
3:20 – Primus Trail Stove –
4:44 – Nelson-Rigg Adventure Dry Saddlebags –
5:30 – First Aid Kit –
5:30 – Tire Flat Patch Kit –
5:32 – Motorcycle Tool Kit –
5:38 – Epoxy –
5:40 – Tire Irons –
5:40 – SPOT Gen 3 Satellite GPS Messenger –
5:54 – Boostr Solar Backpack –

The Monkey Funk by Yanivi
“Hammock Fight” by Kevin MacLeod (

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Kerry Ryan says:

Good video

Potski's Corner says:

Another fun and helpful video; thank you. Of course, it prompts the rest of us to chip in with our 2 cents worth 😉 So, personally I never understand why on a motorcycle carrying literally gallons of fuel, some folks take along gas containers. I’m a tent and a tarp kinda guy but hey we’re all different. Subscribed and looking forward to more; ride safe.

Rick T. says:

Not in California…

LookattheBiggerPic says:

…Brilliant ideas – thanks for sharing!

Adventures with Frodo says:

I really hope no one does this just by watching your vide this is very very incomplete. But your still alive.o


Ah ha…using the seat!
I would not cook on it though.

Some Dude says:

Hammock, not in most campings in Quebec, they wont let you attach anything on the trees (if you have some on your spot!). Bear Grills does not carry water either, he drinks from his own internal fluids pouch…

Kurt Simmons says:

What are you using to insulate underneath you?

Tony Tng says:

why do you need deodorant when you are outdoor…

Ayygo says:

What if I’m going camping where there are few/no trees?

Riding Japan says:

hammock and tarp…and insects

Brandon Savoie says:

What I learned from this – adventure touring bros cant pack for shit. Chopper + sissy bar = pack more while looking better.

Oliver Janeba says:

You just earned another subsriber

John Garrison says:

Too bad I’ve lost the taste for sleeping in the great outdoors! Oh well….hotels abound!

David Lovell says:

Quality as always ryan f nine

George199144 says:


Francis De Araujo says:

Going camping this weekend, very helpful video. Thanks!

Mr Clo says:

Please review the Husky 701!

Claude Auger says:

Mosquitoes is the problem with a hamac

Timm says:

In australia we have snakes. Ill keep packing a tent bro

Robstar says:

PVC bag next to exhaust?

Luca Hassan says:


techo61 says:

Great video but for one important missing message, never ‘pack’ your 1st aid kit away from full view. If for any unfortunate reason you suffer a misadventure and you’re incapacitated, it could be a lifesaving decision when a passer by has quick and easy access to a first aid kit. Happy trails…

Nathan Boeger says:

Camping sucks why bother with it. Modern technology has invented something way better. It’s called a “hotel” you can sleep there with heat, running water, and electricity. Some also have food that can be delivered right to your door. I have traveled all over the world and found these “hotels” are everywhere.

dnorman says:

What part of BC is this?

Guys McFellas says:

Great video! Baby wipes are one of the most useful things in the world, and that particular chapstick is the only one I buy.

Travis Conrad says:

Wanna go camping ryan? lol

Joseph Marton says:

canadian tire ??? do they charge carbon tax on a purchase ??

Basp2005 says:

You remind me of the villain from Lazy Town.

Derek E says:

I’ve watched a lot of your videos. Easily one of your best. I love the creative problem solving at work here.

Marc Pigeon says:

Hi Ryan. BC, Quebec, where are you based? Inquiring viewers wanna know.

Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa says:

@fortnine Ryan, do you know that pirellimototh (perelli thailand) use your video about motorcycle tire to promote their product in their facebook page. I do not know that they contact your team for permission or not. Just want to let you guys know about that. I do not know that fortnine team is concern about the video ownership or not, please be aware of that. Aways love your informative video! I do not like when someone take advantage by using someone else film by not giving credits and asking for permission. Cheers! Oat

tommy atkins says:

more or less what i take with me when i go camping on my trial bike but i never thought of the hammock instead of the tent plus petrol is a bit of an issue on a trial bike with only 4lt tank but i have a 3lt tank made by acerbis that i can strap on to my front forks.

eberbacher007 says:

Problem with hammocks is that you need the proper forrest and laws that allow you to camp in the forrest

Jeremy Mccubbin says:

Having done the hammock thing before. I recommend addressing the bug issue or else your face gets very spotty

Mage Alexstra says:

I’m with you all the way until you said matches are better than a lighter. There has never been a situation where that sentance is true. A pack of 100 matches will at best start 100 fires. A bic can do 5000. However the best solution for emergency fire starting is a ferrocerium rod. Which will get you around 50000 fires in basically all conditions. Never carry matches, you’ll live longer.

PrinsHD says:

You have the name FortNine trade marked so could you shut down the game Fortnite?

Squid Hunter says:

Presenting very amateur opinion as fact is kind of commonplace on YouTube, but this was somehow more annoying.

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