The Lowdown On Motor Oil: Mineral vs. Synthetic | MC GARAGE

Looking for a strong opinion? Ask a motorcyclist what oil they use. Is mineral oil good enough, or is synthetic the only way to go? In this video from the MC Garage, we’ll discuss the differences.


mrsupertjy says:

Does the engine oil oxidised if I seldom use my bike? I have to change my Oil 4-5 months acoording to the mileage state in manual.should I use synthetic or mineral oil and change it more frequently?

Panti Moto says:

What mileage before changing my oil on my ktm rc?

1990 says:

Fully synthetic in my B-King, semi-synthetic in my MT-01.

XT Adventures says:

We realy like your videos, they are just simple to understand and very helpful. Thank’s!

mohammad ridhuan says:

which one is better between mineral and fully synthetic during in break in for motorcycle?

Auto blipper says:

I watched a video made by MOTUL. They explained they have the two best engine oils V300 for 4cylinders and V800 for 2cylinders. I’m confused, which one to be used for 3cylinders?

Suban Grg says:

Mineral oil is like regular oil right. Like every thing with out synthetic is mineral oil.

And mineral oil is the one that is mostly used to break in right?

Kapil Pathak says:

I owned a Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 (India) so which oil should I use for my bike.
Company gives semi synthetic…. But I tried fully synthetic once and bike performed very well. But still will you help me to know which oil to use?

TheAnomaly says:

I was with this guy 100% until he hit the semi-synthetic crap. Listen, he said himself that mineral oil is from crude and molecularly the particles are impure. Synthetics are molecularly uniform, as in all the molecules are exactly the same. Now, you pour your crude impure mineral oil into your synthetic to “blend” it. What did you just do? You just contaminated your molecularly perfect synthetic oil. It’s like you have half a glass of water and another half glass of piss. Blend them together, you no longer have water. You’ve got piss water. Any questions?

radrcer says:

Like he said- the benefit of synthetic is more gradual breakdown – but isn’t this only better for pro-longed use – which is why i use mineral oil (cheaper) but i change it after every trackday. For my car i use synthetic because it only has 4K rpm and it goes for 10K miles.

LessThanPaul Rides says:

Hey avid fan here from phillipines i have a ns200 rouser is it ok to use the motul oil cause im in a tropical country thanks more power to your show and its help me alot from your video

Ryan Rafer says:

the videos are very simple and information. top of the line!!! keep it up Ari and your team!

hoon12345 says:

Synthetic for my sports, mineral for the air cooled clunker.

Andy Nguyen says:

Hello. Can you make a video about how to check if the engine oil needs to be changed in case I have no idea how many miles the bike has gone since the last oil change?

Naseer Ahmad says:

What’s the oil drainage interval of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oil?

Mike Brink says:

I noticed full synthetic ester oil is much more than plain full synthetic but can’t find information as to why

GeTee says:

And what about Technosyntetic oils? Like Motul’s 5100 ?

Mothership Videos says:

Great stuff thanks.

Jared Macmaster says:

Good video, but you got the difference between mineral and synthetic oil’s origin wrong.

Synthetic oil is just more refined mineral oil. It’s still derived from crude oil, not “synthesized in the lab” as was said in this video.

Sandeep Biswas says:

Hi MC Garage,

I own a Suzuki Gixxer, 150CC motorcycle.
According to the manual, I am supposed to use 10W40 engine oil, Motul or Idemitsu.

But, Motul 10W40 comes in different variants, one says 5100, another is 7100. Could you please explain what they are, and which one should I use? There is another version 300V Factory Line, but I believe that is for high capacity engines.

I live in India and the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius.

Robbie Bernstein says:

Why do you choose belray?

Usama Amir says:

Is it true that mineral oil is better for running/breaking period as compared to synthetic? (Specifically asking for running)

MickHornbak says:

Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

Nash On Wheels says:

Hey! I own a 200 duke. That’s 3 years old. Mostly used in city, heavy traffic and daily use. I wanted to know will it be good to flush the engine on my next service? If yes, then should a specific engine flush to be used or I can use diesel to do the same?

Larriice says:

Rotella T6 5w-40. Wet clutch and motorcycle safe. $22 per gallon. Full Synthetic.

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D man says:

motul 300v

John Marwin Gelonga says:

how about using delo gold diesel oil in motorcycle.

Eliot Pendragon says:

I have a Yamaha Yzf- R3 320 2015
What oil should i use?

OfficeBear says:

Oh so mineral oil is the poor man’s oil lmao

Chris B says:

Nice but one thing. Don’t you need to know if your bume has a wet clutch or a dry clutch? My Honda Shadow uses the motor oil to lube the clutch and from what I hear (yes, heard, not proven) was that using synthetic with a wet clutch may make it slip too much. I just order the actual Honda oil and use that however if anyone has used full synthetic on an 2002 more or less Honda Shadow Spirit with good results, please let me know. I’d rather pay more and run the good stuff if it works.

Shadman Hasan says:

I would like to know, if there’s any problem using 100% synthetic after the first oil change, i.e after 400-500km. Many people seem to suggest that using mineral oil for the first 1000-1200km gives you a better seal. Could you guys kindly shed some light onto it? I want to go ahead with the motul 300v since I am done with the first 500km. An answer would be highly appreciated!

Fizz Leon says:

hi dude…i discovered a new motor lubricant under TRIBOLOGY… can’t confirm if it’s under mineral or synthetic….do you know anything about TRIBOLOGY technology?

afaq-ur-Rehman Rajput says:

hi can you please tell me that what engine oil is best for 4-Stroke OHC Single Cylinder Cooled by Air 70 cc motorcycle engine

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