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Lead-acid batteries are cheap and durable and have served us well for more than a century, but these heavy, poison-filled devices are giving way to more energy-dense, non-toxic lithium-ion units. Lithium-ion technology offers a lot of advantages over old-school lead-acid tech, but there are some drawbacks as well. In this video from the MC Garage, Senior Road Test Editor Ari Henning touches on the pros and cons of lithium-ion batteries so you can decide if lithium-ion is right for you.


Ed Koch Splotch Crotch says:

Non toxic? LOL LMAO ROFL

Quang Lam says:

Don’t you have to worry about the alternator on your motorcycle being capatible with the battery?

brian john says:

yes fire is a real issue with Lithium as it burns on exposure to air ,and burns with a intensity which makes it very hard to put out an accident or short could completely destroy your bike in seconds. lead acid batterys don’t burn.

Spartan117KC says:

One other great benefit of at least one Li-Ion battery manufacturer. Warranty! My Lithium-Ion battery was double the price of a replacement lead-acid with it went belly up three years ago. But it had a three year warranty vs the one year warranty on a lead acid replacement battery. When my Li-Ion battery stopped holding a charge this year. I was one month away from the warranty expiring, but I went to my dealer and swapped it at no charge.

Frozenized says:

got my battery from tucker rocky for $50 bucks, yey

RBG says:

litium battery no good for bikes!!! litium batteries dont like to receive alternator charge all the time!!! thats why laptop batteryes die very fast or lose performance!! if charge laptop and drain all battery juice and charge again this will work well and battery will have better life. but plug all the time will give less performance over time

Luc Luceif says:

I guess pricing issue dont apply all around the world. in my place,lithium, acid and gel cost just about the same. instead, the brand is the factor to determine the price. a Yuasa acid is more expensive than a Koyoko Gel, or god-knows-what lithium brand.

Ghulam Farooq says:

great video good knowledge. I like it thanks ari.

Kevin Coulombe says:

I have a 2014 KLX 250 with a ion battery in it. like a meathead I shut the bike off with the thumb switch and not the actual ignition switch. Went to the store, hour latter come back outside the bike was completely dead took me a few tries but I was able to jump start the bike by pushing it pumping it in the second gear dumping the clutch. Then after a short ride the battery fully charged and have not had an issue with it since.

Charles Gauthier says:

Nice video. I have and love the NOCO 1100 charger. Only slightly more expensive than my old tender, and a pile of new tech. Also recharges a dead battery much faster, and can help recover an old battery with special recovery modes.

Ben P. says:

best way to recharge your lithium ion battery is just shove both terminals into your wall socket. Recharged in seconds.

Master9 says:

LED lighting/bulbs to go with the battery efficiency.

GREG Torchia says:

now what is the difference between the lithium ion battery and the lithium iron phosphate battery?

Universal Steele says:

They way seen expensive, but I don’t think there is a cheaper way to remove weight. Do you recommend any particular brand? I’ve heard good things about the Shorai.

MotoK tips says:

If the Lithium battery manufacturers can’t put in a low voltage cut off to protect the battery from dieing, then fuck em…

Juan P DO says:

Nice info.
About the chargers, something just pop up to me.
How is that you need a special charger for this batteries but your bike is capable of charge it?
I know there is probably a lot of difference between a charger and the way your bike charges the battery but don’t know what is that difference.

Anthony Long says:

Interesting bit about having to use a special charger and the over discharge “issues”.

Better option is of course to by a quality Lithium battery that includes protection for both.

Robin Rana says:

I liike honest people and you’re one of them 🙂

Drew John says:

1. Lithium is very toxic, 2. iff a plug in charger designed for lead acid wont charge properly, why would your bike ?, especially an old bike, 3. the reserve capacity is reduced in a lithium batt….iff you do a review, how about a bit more reality…. I like lithium batts but they are not all good, lead acid is still a better choice for many bikes…

Mark Borkowski says:

Sometimes it’s not enough to warm up the battery by running the lights. If it is cold enough, maybe under 10 degrees C, you’re gonna be shit out of luck. I don’t think I’ll get a Li-ion batt again…

MsLoneWolf4 says:

wanna know where the scam of these batteries are. requires specifically designed chargers.but they are installed straight to the bike without any other devices, run and charge off the bike systems just fine. the punch line the bike is not a “smart” lithium ready charger but rather just builtin old fashion charger that just puts out amps.ANYONE ELSE SEE THE WTF PART

Roady Moto says:

1:42 Why he advices to disconect the negative battery terminal instead of disconecting the positive battery terminal? Doesn’t the electrical circuit runs from + to – ??

Dened TheDuck says:

Im thinking og buying one, but what im scared about is heat.

Neal DoubleAA says:

I got my Lithium Ion battery for 109 dollars. Replacing my battery with the same one it was at stock would have been 175 dollars. I saved 70 dollars and lost 7 pounds.

Douglas Morrow says:

non toxic?!? I love you Ari but that is so false.

Jens Eskildsen says:

No mention of the low actual amps on a lithium battery? it could be a pretty big deal…

omesh s says:

i am learning a lot from your channel.

Milen4u says:

Can you jump start a bike with a lithium battery, with power from another bike/car?

siddhesh varadkar says:

In a emergency situation is it possible to start a bike having a dead dry battery with jumper cables ?

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