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When it comes to tires, you have a lot of choices. So many that it can be confusing! Which buns are right for you depends on what you ride, where you ride it, and how your ride it. To help you make sense of the many tire options out there, I’ll explain the five main tire categories. And to really drive home the differences, I’m going to compare them to shoes.


Anthony Stewart says:

Anthony Stewart like your show very educational watch you all the time keep up the good work.

Just a Plane Volunteer says:

I’m the second owner of an ’04 RC51 that needs new tires to replace it’s Pirelli Corsa 3’s that are God-knows how old and worn out. I happened to come across this channel while starting my search of tires for it and am definitely glad I watched this! It’s mostly used for work commuting 90% and maybe back roads the other 10%. The centers of the tires flattened out from the commuting, so definitely looks like I’ll be shopping in the ST tire category. Thanks for the vid!

Owin Cantable says:

Awesome as always, bro.

Ali masood says:

How do you check wear on a slick tire?

Human Of Earth says:

Hmmm why my weight’s on the weel are on the side of the rim? And you put them at center…

jr hdz says:

Dislike. 5 types of sport tires. Where are the snow/ice tires. Where are the street types. Where are the all terrain types.

PNW Sportbike Life says:

always top-notch!

Benedocta says:

There is still a wide range between sport touring tires and hyper sport tyres, just sport tyres. And I like those the most on my supermoto. I tried Pirelli Angel GTs once, and I really didn’t like them compared to Diablo Rosso IIs. Just so much less agility and feel, and they didn’t even last long. I think the main problem was that they were made for far heavier bikes, so I might just have made a bad choice.

AmericanRX says:

Hmmm…..What the heck do I have on my Ninja 650 2017 then?
Update: I found that I have DOT sportmax on my rear and Radial on the front. I’m thinking of driving easy with the ones I have and switching to Sport Touring tires when they are finished.

Poopy Pants diggity says:

Unless its a track only, go with oem recommendation.

Felstriker says:

Road pilot 4s on my zx636 regularly get to 160mph and never had an issue and done 5k miles so far and still look new xD

Gordon McCoy says:

Well-done Vid with humor… Great combination…. Thanks…!

Snapback Reef says:

Would you recommend starting on a 300 and going to a 600 after or start on the CBR500 and keep that for a little longer instead of getting a 300 and selling it real fast ?

Rajiv Ranjan Dunda says:

what kind of tires category does Pirelli Rosso Diablo 3 tyres come into?

Ashutosh Sharma says:

My bike’s (recommended/stock/current) rear tyre size is 140/60 R17……it needs to be changed can I opt for 140/70 R17…. please help

UnrealButcher says:

Am I the only one wondering about his 5 minute mile? It was 4 minute mile when I was in high school.

RedRanger says:

Kick ass video. You’re very knowledgeable when it comes to motorcycles and what’s makes them happy. Thanks for making all these awesome videos.

Anurag Jaiswal says:

is it possible to install slipper clutch in a bike which didn’t come originally with one?

Umar Farooq says:

where is kawasaki?

Will Viljoen says:

Hi there Motorcyclist Magazine, Can I have your advice. Thinking about running Metzler Roadtec 01 rear and Metzler M7RR front on my Aprilia Shiver 750 for fast road riding in all conditions on very slippery roads. What do you think?

crazykop says:

And Pirelli Rosso III falls under which category??

julian david yepes serna says:

sport touring tires !!!!

Arslan Tarifa says:

On a KTM 990 what s the best options for street use? Thx have a 2014 hypersports on now..

Sayeesh Karmalkar says:

Hii bro. Got pirelli angel st 160/60 17 new tire n Recently out on a ride got a 1 inch horizontal cut on the centre wall of the tire. Can i repair the tyre or shud i replace the tire

jboozey1 says:

Great info bro

Goratchthemule says:

On my Ducati Monster 821 2017 I Have Pirelli Diablo Ross II
Would you say they are category #5 or #4?

Santhosh Kumar says:

Which Tyre will I choose my front Tyre always lost grip and slides plzz assist me

AOT Adventure On Tyres says:

What is best sport touring tyres available for duke 390?

mat motor says:

tq for the information

Phin Al says:

Wow! …A video with comparisons I can relate to that really helps make sense of an overwhelming array of options. Thanks!!!

popitn2nd says:

What category are the michelins power sport tires?

Md Abu Nayem says:

How can I remove scratches from bikes tank cover?
Is there any solution? Did you made any video of this?
please let me know… thanks in advance ☺

Brent Frank says:

Hi Ari / MC garage, would love to see and learn more about ST tires and Hyper tires. I’ve run the Super Corsa and Q3 over the past few years on my Hypermotard. Mostly riding is twisties on beat up roads here in Central CA. Getting around 2k miles on a set. Seeing Blue colors on the sides from to many heat cycles (so I’m told) gonna try the Diablo 3 next. Hoping for more miles and good traction. Sure would like to see your thoughts on this subject.

The007FMG says:

Talk about shinko tires

Quinney84 says:

Lol ffs spell TYRE correct.

martin taylor says:

Good to know. Thanks

white fox says:

@Motorcyclist Magazine could u make a video on dual sport tires

Mirko Krizmanić says:

Why are the grooves on my front and rear tires orientated in opposite directions? Also what’s the right pressure for the front and rear tire?

World Random Malaysia says:

Hi. Can you please recommend a good grip tyres for 12inch rims (benelli tnt 35 / 135)

Paul Clarkson says:

Hey great video man, someething ive always not understood is why some tyres have hest cycles for grip yet an st is good all day long.. Why is this the case?

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