Steering Dampers Explained—Do You Need One on Your Bike? | MC Garage

Lots of sportbikes come with a steering damper from the factory, and for those that don’t, plenty of people add them as an accessory. But what do steering dampers do, and do you need one on your motorcycle? I’ll explain in this video from the MC Garage.


Saber M says:

I wheelie a lot I hope this helps

John Doe says:

Discuss slipping the forks through the top yolk to improve “stance” kinda rolls nicely on from steering dampers. A lot of people don’t realise the pro/ cons of this mod and it’s effect of steering geometry/ rake.

Rakesh Sekhar says:

Can I fix this damper in my Kawasaki ER6N

TheHumanSpirit says:

How do you recover from a tank slapper or wobble? Or, at least, how can you attempt to recover, amid trying to not panic?


Danny Porsche says:




Hubert Jadczak says:

Didn’t know Ryan Gosling have a YT channel XD

Adam F says:

Can you still get tank slappers even with a steering damper installed?

mugia bagja says:

it is not for me, I ride a scooter and never beyond 50 Km/h

Sunny b says:

I have a 250cc motorcycle i have recently experienced tankslapper when i jumped over a speed breaker….
Should i install a damper??

Tawfiq Alghamdi says:

Cbr 954 needs it badly

Cold Canadian says:

Need one bad 03 r6 and there still $600. Holy frig.

Fadzli Roslan says:

Hi will a battery be charged if its on idle or do we actually have to reach a specific rpm for it to start charging?

Omz Averilla says:

Did you install a steering damper to your RC390?

jeremysmith3887701 says:

I wish he would do a vid with his shirt off

Just A Man says:

i’m about to get a middle weight naked sport bike, but none of them have dampners i don’t think :/

Raju Mullah says:

Is hydraulic clutch better than standard clutch.

Jane Henson says:

Just say speed wobble

D man says:

can you interchange dampers for a 600 srad? like a stock xxx will fit

Manko Slayer says:

i used to get tank slappers on my 883 sportster all the time. It was my first bike and I had no clue why it happened, i guess it was mildly torquey.

RyanRants says:

My Scotts damper on my cbr954 saves me all the time on track. My cbr600 doesn’t have one and I’ve gotten a tank slapper so bad once that my caliper pistons retracted into the calipers and I had to pump the brakes for the next corner. But I got ‘er slowed right down and ripped the corner with only a little skid mark. In my suit.

Kowalski Jr says:

How ti break in new motorcycle?


Thanks dude for this information.

Howard Roark says:

An R6 sure as hell needs one!

D man says:

god id love one too bad there 700 bucks

Barry Wind says:

I would like one for slow speeds on my Harley. When I am making a turn at slow speed it sometimes wants to drop over in that direction. I would like a little resistance so I don’t lay it over.

Nuwan Andra says:

great work… thanks for video.

Michael Acevedo says:

Motorcyclist Magazine can you please make a video explaining the importance of new engine break in?

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