SSR Motorsports SEEV-800 Video Review – Cheap Cool Looking Electric Scooter The SSR Motorsports SEEV-800 is a stealthy electric scooter that only costs $1,599 and it comes with extra wide 9.5″ tires that keep it upright almost without the kickstand… turning requires a bit more force from the arms like a motorcycle. Super quiet but powerful 800 watt gearless hub motor, these are known for being durable and long lasting, variable speed twist throttle is smooth and intuitive (full grip twist design). Available in three color combinations but only one frame size, the bars are adjustable forward and back for a relaxed upright body position, you can stand for comfort when riding over bumps. Beautiful looking plastic fenders should keep you dry and clean, the battery offers good capacity but isn’t removable which could make charging difficult, servicing flats or changign tires might require the help of a motorcycle shop, it’s heavy.


spiritual truth says:

Is there a # I can call

Liso Campos says:

Wow im so glad you brought your tape measure and calipers. Don’t forget the thermometer on the next review.


I see the width of the tire as a negative,especially on a battery powered vehicle. A lot of unnecessary resistance.

Zach Burkhart says:

nice stash of cash in his front pocket

David Narra says:

Best review ever

Bruce Lee says:

is that Street legal


Tilterrella is that you?

Jerry Collras says:

I wonder how much it would cost to get it shipped to Portland Oregon hope somebody reads this

박도현 says:

China product for $1,599? LOL they are totally ripping you off bud, you can get one of those for less than $300 lol

Tom Spurlock says:

Nice scooter, but I’m afraid those type of fat tire machines with no pedal will get bikes outlawed from sidewalks. Looks intimidating to pedestrians. It will certainly grab the eye of police in crowded areas. I can see city councils discussing safety with such machines. I think this is pushing the limits.

felix thecat says:

lost me at 20mph

Yxng_ buklxa says:

1k dollars is not cheap

theBIGBLUTO says:

Please no disrespect intended , but when the clip started & I seen the dude & hear his voice I thought it was mocking nerds that would ride this …lol !!

Juan Nagle says:

$2000 USD is not cheap unless you’re a drug dealer, rock n’ roller, rapper, pop star, Donald Juan Trump

Ham samwich says:

Dude has the most irritating voice I ever heard. Man shut the fuck up and ride the damn scooter.

yo, squid says:

What’s the range and full charge time

wu ming says:

Solid suspension – No go for me.

George Macnally says:

Did you sell one to a customer in London U.K?
I live in a small town called Beckenham, Kent about 9 miles from the city.
I see a guy ride one of these down my road every day.
He has the white and black.
This is an amazing peice of kit.

Dario Milardovic says:

To expensive

Clint MacNichol says:

Hey guys, can anyone provide advice on the importing of these things. I am being told that getting the batteries out of China can be a chore. Does anyone have contacts or experience with importing them?

Maulana Bastian says:

How if rain ?

lookm8 says:

Action at 8:57

JeepTravels says:

It’d want to put a bicycle rack on the side of it so that I can bring my bike to the trails.

InTheNameOfJustice says:

No lights is a worry

Nav 36 says:

Do u need a license for this?


Its kind of like a scooter, *but theres no peddles or anything like that*

Mike Parker says:

Do you need a license to ride one of those?

Jay Velasquez says:

Robin Pod

cyberpine says:

US laws?? Requires a tag/registration in Florida USA? Can you drive this on the sidewalk? Where is the battery?

TheWrx2002 says:

I’ve seen this exact scooter somewhere else for more than half the price. Only difference is this company put their name on it and marked the price up significantly.

PJ and the Craxfords says:

I saw a blue one of these in France once when I was on holiday. Actually looked pretty quick to be fair.

Lux Ess says:

I wish people would explain the torque period when looking at your standard E standing scooter, to an electric bike to something like well this is an electric bike. And somebody who lives in an urban city and wants to get the full Terrain mileage and weighs a lot less may be half as less as the maximum I would think I would be getting a lot closer especially for the money 230 miles then a few. Here’s my thing I want to know, and I do know that you need a 1200 is it what or volt battery because that’s what you need to get up a typical Hill like in San Francisco or just steep hills and general what’s the point if you’re stuck on this thing and it doesn’t give you the mileage and also it looks like you can’t take the battery out and put in a fresh new one so you don’t get stranded. So I wish that you would explain volts wattage and torque in your videos and most videos on here please do that

Howzer The man says:

Rather understanding dude letting you test ride his new toy I don’t know if I would of let you.

E Hickman says:

What version of maui jims are those glasses. Stingray?

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