Sport Motorcycle Tire Shootout Part 2: A-Group – MotoUSA

Motorcycle USA puts several top sportbike tires to the test in our latest tire shootout. Check out our introduction video to find out how we are conducting our testing. Read the full Sportbike Tire Shootout:

In this A Group test we compare the following tires:
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa
Dunlop Sportmax Q3
Bridgestone Battlax S20
Avon 3d Ultra Xtreme 3
Shinko 010 Apex
Continental Sport Attack 2

Watch the rest of the sport tire shootout:
Part 1 – Introduction:
Part 3 – B Group Tires:



AWPmediagroup says:

why there is no dunlop d211 ?

Photo314159 says:

Lets not forget the huge benefit of weight on a tire either. The Diablo Supercorsa’s are by good measure the lightest tires in the group. They probably have the lowest mileage too, but no doubt will handle the best.

rui kosta says:

review lacks WET traction.

14ev0x says:

For the price the shinko apex can’t be beat lol you can pick them up from motorcycle close outs for around 170 for the pair

Cik Lan says:

It unfair to compare dos tire with supercorsa…
Pirelli should used rosso corsa for this shoot out…

ColdFlo says:

Basically it breaks down like this, Pirelli rich mans god tire who can replace tire at will because of poor longevity, doesnt matter, money is not the limitation. Battlax poor mans god tire, lasts forever, but both Pirelli and Battlax you could die in the rain unless you ride like a total pussy like you should thus if you can ride like a total pussy in the rain or avoid it all together(because not forced to ride in rain) the Battlax is the best choice for those trying to save money cause they have the longest tread life.  Longest tread life begs for the Battlax to be compared as a commuter tire but commuter tire =s ability to handle rain where it fails so its the best if you don’t have to commute and because Michelin passes the rain test it is therefore the commuter tire. Dunlop is poor mans track tire cheap but your gonna replace them frequently come out on the more expensive end cause of replacement for a street tire.  Michelin is your going to live, but dont push it to the limit, water isnt a big deal to them, but you should never ride stupid in the rain anyway, so are you ever really going to test this performance? but for commuting, when during your lifetime have you had accidents? did you ever have one on a wet road? I bet you have, so what really matters when tested against the longevity and experience of the accidents you have viddied while you were shitting your pants? Continental, no one knows the longevity, its basically a dead american brand, no one remembers, doesnt matter if ts good on the track people gonna buy Dunlops.

CuracaoRider says:

I swear by my Bridgestones. They have massive grip it still grips even after 10 thousand KMs and you also ride with confidence in the rain.

Alex S says:

A while back I picked up some Power 3’s for my liter bike because I couldn’t wait the extra month or two for the Q3’s. Those Power 3’s have to be hands down the worst tire I’ve ever ridden. Adam nailed it in his impression, there was no communication from the tire, it would do wonky stuff under heavy throttle out of corners and even goofier squishing and squashing entering turns. If you’re gonna get Michelin tires, stick to the pilot power 2ct or regular powers. The 3 is just expensive trash

thatV4guy says:

I just bought the Q3s and damn happy with them. I came from the Bridgestone S20 EVOs.

Steve The Cableguy says:

this is a GREAT review, it helps. im new to the track and i have ALOT to learn so i need to know what tires will do me well on a budget.

Justin Evans says:

I run the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC2’s on mine, I obviously purely use the bike for track. I personally LOVE them, what are your opinions on the SC2’s?

Night Rider says:

*I rock Dunlop*

Tony JDH says:

Which is the best tire for off-road riding in naked bikes ?

Count Olaf says:

with these street tyres.. what kinda pressures do you need to run for track days?

João Ferreira says:

Im extremely satisfied with Dunlop Q3. I had all of those Michel, Bstone and Pirelli.
Warmup time, grip and price = Q3/bargain of the century

João Ferreira says:

Great review. Cant wait for 2016!!

Great work. Thank You for the insight.

fattymcgee123 says:

“this tire felt like a dunlop”


Vman says:

Bridgestone should have sent the new RS10s…

Kneedragon1962 says:

I confess I am surprised how much quicker you went on the Pirelli, you say it’s a better tyre and perhaps you’re right, but the size of the advantage surprises me. If, let’s say, the Shinkos had been than much slower, but all the others were within 3 ~ 4 seconds, that’s about what I’d expect, and I would expect the Diablos to be the fastest, but the scale of the advantage seems slightly staged to me…
Also, you are comparing road sports tyres that can handle a track day, with what is almost a race slick. And that is the way it’s marketed. A more honest comparison would have made a clearer point of that. The intended target customer is not quite the same…

stickvortex says:

what about the pilot power supersport evo, or the diablo rosso 3 or rosso corsas?

Greg H says:

Try and test Mitas…

I have just mounted a set of Mitas Sportforce+ tires on my Honda CBF600S PC43. Since the first few kilometers they are working perfectly fine. Steering into a corner is so easy and also front braking in corners is smooth and easy. Unbelievable value for this price.

William Doubles says:

This guy says “like” way too much. Clearly he has a below average vocabulary.

bruce davis says:

Avon tires rock on a harley in the rain

shane devlin says:

I have more desire for the Continental tyres, Best structure and roll character, In the lean and coming off corners are just superb, Im mainly on the road so I stick to the continental road attack 2 EVO these tyres is like something else, nothing handles like them.

Matt Schindig says:

The S20 Evo is a amazing tire. Hands down my favorite out of most tire brands. Plus it will last a while even after hard riding. Personally my favorite street tire.

Eduardo de Vasconcelos says:

Wondering how the new Metzeler M7RR would pair in this test.

Jacob Hendrickson says:

I just want to say that the diablo supercorsa is going to blow all of these tires away on the track because that’s what it was designed for. It’s in a whole different class than the rest of these tires. Why did they do this I have no idea. Pirelli diablo rosso corsa should have been the pirelli used to go in this group of tires. You guys threw a race tire in with a group of street track tires and surely you know you did. I am a pirelli fan bigtime and love these tires but had to point this out. Totally the dominant tire of this bunch because it’s way more track tire than the others.

One2 says:

What happened to Michelin Supersports??? The PP3 is certainly not Michelin’s the top of the line street tire.

Thomas A. Anderson says:

Diablo supercorsa is higher level tire compared to other tires. Next time you do test bring equivalent tires from all manufactures product lines.

João Ferreira says:

Great review

strictlyJDM says:

Wish Pirelli gave you guys the rosso corsa to test as well. Interested to see how that stacks up against Q3 and super corsa

CHeWy says:

Bagged the Michellin? Are you serious?! They are the best…

A Boston says:

“the track tire sure was sticky; the road tire sure was hard”.

im not sure how this smackdown went down (pirelli was the only one that asked whether the track was the arena, or motousa set them up for success) but it sure smacks of ghost hunters. the methodology is sound; its just the area makes no sense. in this case its scientifically measuring tire temp with an onboard sensor. frigging awesome!!!! but the comparison is a 90/10 track tire to a 5/95 everyday built-for-longevity tire. “the plumb chick well she sure had a lot to hang onto”.

i would really like to see mr waheed’s astute assessment and this awesome temperature sensor method applied to a proper group of 90/10 near track group, 50/50 rosso corsa group, or 10/90 rossa corsa II group.

whether it was a setup or failed communication i doubt bridgestone and michelin will be giving free (tires) lambs for the slaughter (guaranteed failure).

Floyd Burdett says:

First, I wish you could have tested the Pilot Road 4 instead of the PP3…
But one thing that is STILL very important for a STREET tire is how it does in the RAIN!
Unless we are pure Track Day Dogs — which would mean just run Racing tires(!) — then we are going to get caught in the rain sometimes! If we are on Q3’s [which I am currently on, and LOVE them] or the Supercorsa and get caught in the rain…do we just need to find a Gas Station cover or bridge and hang out for an indefinite period of time?
As I said, I DO LOVE my Q3’s as a very sticky tire at a good price! I am thinking about the ‘value’ of spending about $130 per set more in real market price difference for the Supercorsa…? Maybe I will try them one time and see if I can tell the difference at my skill level. But I really would like to see how the PR4 — with its Great Rain capacities — would do compared to the SC and Q3 for dry conditions.

Foxxtrott1100 says:

A Super Corsa is a Dot race tire and should have been compared to the Dunlop D-211 not the Q3. That said the Q3 posted well.

nikos95 says:

The PP3s sold me, they’d shine here if the track were wet, but I’ll admit not the best tire for high speed sweepers.

Steve C says:

I dislike Michelins as well.  If he rode on the street it would be even more pronounced.

Matthew Sprague says:

this made no sense !!
I went back and watched this 3 times because the shinko came in 7th but he said good things about it and then said only 2 things that could make it better but then the pilot that came in 6th he only had bad things to say and then through 1 good thing so how did it come out better ??? this was such a rigged comparison….

Grant Madden says:

Pirelli rules.Could have told you that at the beginning but the Shinko is cheap and good.What’s not here is the Maxxis Radial.Another cheap but good tyre.Probably would have done well here

ColdFlo says:

Ok its like you took HyperSport aka Street verging on track tires and then the winner was the most track like one the SuperCorsa which is also listed on the Pirelli track page on their tire site so is it like we are testing which tire fits the test(more like a tire classification test or poor man’s longest lasting thing compared to racing slicks for cheap?) or testing tires?  I mean it really seems like we are defining tire classifications here and the winner is the one that is most race like and then secondarily testing brands overall.  The best sellers and overall most popular are the Battlax S20 EVO most longevity with very good handling with the most treadlife, Michelin Pilot Power 2 transitioning into 3 best rain handling, medium long wear, decent predictable handling, but not near the best supposedly knee down in the rain, safest all conditions riding in the real world tire(which is why everyone buys this tire its the safest for all conditions in the real world), but no MOTOGP tire, and the Pirelli whatever(almost all their models are soft low tread life but great on a track duh F1 tire and italians love to make their shit pricey and last 2 minutes so you have to pay them a million dollars for their shistiness) great track tire, fastest wear of the 3, no wear near longevity of Battlax which has similar grip Pirelli probably, best feel, softest, fastest track lap time, but your going to pay higher price and for less time to price effect is way magnified these tires then cost the 3x the price or more of Battlax all factors considered.  Now really you could title these videos poor mans long term track/street tire which really the longevity of Dunlops while so low does magnify their low price they are really cheap for a set of track tires that last quite a while compared to racing slicks, but out street riding yourself or with friends its just a shorter amount of time before you have to shell out 150-200 bucks.  I mean anyone can glean this from forums so all you can do with a super shootout video is provide more detail and see if you can find exceptions or little knowns that beat these in their respective roosts or brands that are superior in one aspect that might have another model that diminishes that superior aspect in order to gain on another and maybe attack the roost of another brand that rules the roost in that superior aspect.  Like,,,,, maybe a Pirelli with more longevity that still beats a Battlax in lap time or a Pirelli with better wet handling to give an option to the Michelin or a more racing Battlax vs a Pirelli so the same classification from each brand is tested.  We know the Battlax is never going to match Michelin wet handling and Michelin is never going to rival Pirelli handling in dry its wear is inbetween those 2 or maybe a Battlax with handling similar to Pirelli but tread life similar to the Michelin thats another one.  Also I think people want to see all the generations and models within the brands tested against each other and one another because often the manufacturer comparison diagrams or descriptions on the website are very poor from one product classification to another and especially one classification to another across the different still in product lifetime generations(which means products are still sold on shelves from older product evolutions; this is also how lifetime is defined in warranties its not your lifetime its the product sold on the shelf lifetime thus if craftsman stops selling the product you cant get a new one till you die). Also you should have someone dig into tire deals for each set of tires and find the internet true lowest price fuck msrp no one is paying that shit really like get a deal master that knows how to search deals and have him spend a week on each model tested(like a deal master would if he did his research locked in on the best tire for him and then went around and scrimped 20 bucks so he can feel good about not getting raped) and pour over the internet finding the best most dependable or easily repeatable deal and make that the price or a well known rebate whatever the deal conditions are at the time.

NinjaStorm says:

The Q3 and Supercorsa was unfair for this comparison. If They Do this Again. The A group should be 50/50 tires like Bridgestone Battlax RS10, Dunlop Q3, Michelin Power Supersport EVO, Pirelli , and anything that truly compares as a 50/50, No Trying to compare 85/15 and 70/30 tires in the A group against 50/50 tires. The B group was 90/10 to Street only tires. Next Go Round for the B Group Should be the 85/15 to 70/30 tires such as Bridgestone Battlax S20evo, Michelin’s Pilot Power 3, Pirelle Rosso II or Rosso Corsa

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