Sport Motorcycle Tire Shootout Part 1: Introduction – MotoUSA

MotoUSA puts 11 sets of the latest and greatest road rubber to the test by lapping them at The Fastest Road in the West, Willow Springs Raceway, during a two-day evaluation Read the full Sportbike Tire Shootout:

Watch the rest of the sport tire shootout:
Part 2 – A Group Tires:
Part 3 – B Group Tires:



Matt Schindig says:

Loved the s20 evo, married to the s21 now. Regular s20 sucked evo was amazing and the s21 is my go to tire. Was able to lean the tire over very quickly and sticks like glue. If you have chicken strips these tires will help you erase them lol. For performance and longevity you cant beat em. I get about 6K to the rears running 33psi front and rear, sure you could get 7 or more with normal tire pressure and casual riding. No burnouts or wheelies here just corners.

mraznmanandy says:

What is with the grouping of the tires? Like Pilot Power 3’s and Bridgestone S20’s being in same group as Q3’s and Supercorsa SP V2s? Should be grouping Q3’s, Supercorsa, RS10 and Michelin Supersports together, no? And BT-16 is the older version of S20? Am I missing something here?

Tommy Gun says:

Can we have another tire shootout for this year please? It would be so awesome to see the new tires from Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, etc. go head to head again!

Fox Wright says:

your arbitrary baseline pressures for a tire are insane… im very deliberate to stay at 36 psi on the fron 42 in the rear with my bike and tire set up and it took me months to balance it out. randomly airing up a tire will obviously produce completely random inconsistent results.

Deepak Tony says:

Which tyres I should use for my bike if I am using racing 200 c.f. Bike

Grant Madden says:

I ran a Maxxis radial on my CBR600 that was pretty good value.I’m not sure if they are available in the USA but they would have done ok here

Ducati Drew says:

Metzler K3s?! Are they not in this class?

Blake McDonald says:

The price isn’t a useful measure unless you consider how long the tires last. Some tires last twice as long as others.

Matt Schindig says:

Anyone tell me where I can get the tire gauge at 2:12 ?

João Ferreira says:

Great video!

This kind of roundups are important even vital to riders safety.

Keep up with the excellent work! Thank you

Z33NY says:

I appreciate the effort in trying to conduct a scientific and fair test however my only gripe is with the blind test method. Ive only been riding for 3 years and i can identify all these tires just by tread pattern. Im sure these journalists and professionals will be better than me at doing the same. How can they even approach the bike without seeing the tires??

Keith Allen says:

You cannot call it the best if you did not test in wet conditions!

michael nelson says:

When will you do a cruiser tire shout out

M Rizqi Fp says:

no m7rr? 🙁

Alclab V. says:

I know this video is 2 years old, and Motorcycle USA is no more, But damn… Nobody did comparisons and shootouts of tires and motorcycles like you guys did! I love how you use a blind test and take into consideration subjective and objective measurements. You guys are missed.

Ted Crum says:

There’s a great test of the REAL A-group tires in the Aug 2015 issue of Performance Bikes (UK), with an articulate GP winner and an enthusiast riding track and road. Supercorsa SP, 3D Ultra Extreme, D211, Race Attack, 3 others; all street-legal.

Marty Fowler says:

I bought a 1989 BMW K100 that had 10 year old tires that looked brand new…rode them for months even took a few long trips with them and they were great because they were really good quality Bridgestone Battlax tires.

rpm24 says:

why the “old” metzeler m5 and not the m7rr ??  🙁

Schleberger says:

Cruiser tyre shootout? Doesn’t really matter what tyre you got on these bricks, they can’t handle anyway.

Flylikechris says:

You should do one for DOT race tires

Scott Frailey says:

Why did Bridgestone send the S20 and not the S20 evo? From my understanding the Pirelli SC SP V2 is more of a track day tire, and the Bridgestone equivalent is the RS10. And the Michelin equivalent is the Power One. You’re gonna have to do this all over again now that Bridgestone has released the S21. Great video review.

krissrock says:

what order were the tires tested in? what time of day? I’m glad you guys blind test…but order and ambient track temps could really affect subjective ratings…

Death666wish says:

Last year I looked at tires and Revzilla went ahead and uploaded a tire video, today I look at tires and you guys upload a video, I’m a wizard Harry!

Though I was hoping to see the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR in the shootout, I wonder why Metzeler didn’t send it to you guys?

916chidori says:

Seems like a lot of thought was put into this. Good stuff.

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