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Small-bore sportbikes like KTM’s new RC390 and Yamaha’s R3 are making a big splash, and tire manufacturers are taking notice. Michelin, Bridgestone, and Shinko have all recently released rubber in 110 front section widths and 140 and 150 rear section widths suitable for small-displacement sportbikes. That’s adding to existing options from Pirelli and IRC, which means consumers now have lots of tires to choose from.

In this special off-site episode of MC Garage, Road Test Editor Ari Henning will evaluate the sporting capabilities of Michelin Pilot Street Radials, Bridgestone S20 Evos, Shinko SR 880/881s, Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs, and IRC Road Winners so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision when it comes time to replace your tires.


Piotr Stanczak says:

Nice clip as all from MC Garage :-).
As bridgestone now have new model S21 that is supposed to be S20 replacement. Could you do short comparison of these two?


Ari how come no rear brake pin …or even brake pads

Ye old chief says:

personally, I like the sava bogart.

mir hamza says:

which is the best tyres for street in ktm390

game noob says:

the Michelin street pilot are bad as s***! I ride this on my Yamaha MT-125 and the tires ride awful. there are at slow speeds, slides and in the rain ( what the guy in the video think they are made for) are even worst….and yay I know there are less grip in the rain.
But on the other hand they last long (around 10.000 km). keep safe and have fun and don’t get busted.XD

Chris Stratmann says:

Have you tested the super corsa in the 110 and 140?

eric says:

Great reporting

adkadvklr rdr says:

I am looking for the best combo on a 250 sm for grip not milage. I would like to run a 130 110 combo on 17s and I can’t find alot of choices. What’s your top pic? any other input would be appreciated.

Chris J says:

Ari, how about a comparison between small bike track tires? I would love to hear your opinion of the Bridge-stones VS Alpha 13’s Vs Pirelli Super Corsas. Also, why doesn’t bridge stone have the r10 in small bike sizes in the states?

Suman Ronnie says:

do michelin pilot street radial useful for daily commuting and small weekend rides in my ninja 300..?

Liger-Zero says:

alright, im getting a set f s20evo for my r3 to replace the numb feeling street pilot


what is best tyre for this byk…?

josh mcguire says:

I’ve got the S20’s on my wr250x and am thinking about getting an RC390 for the weekend/track and I’d not hesitate for a second to put the new S21’s on that bad boy.

lorenzo reato says:

What about an updated review? Since now there are new competitors such as dunlop alpha 13 and Michelin power rs

craig williamson says:

can you please do a short comparison with the metzeler tyres because thats what comes stock on the ktm duke 390’s here in india. thanks in advance

aezif dhom says:

This episode is brought to you by Bridgestone tires. Performance on the edge.

Austin Barrett says:

Thanks for this very useful video!

Ludwig Honauer says:

why am i watching this, i dont even have a bike

Cygnus Vismund Cygnus says:

Hi sir… If i change the rear size from 140/70-17 to 150/60-17… It is will effected my bike performance?

WicakSOUND says:

I just saw the video! and I’m surprise that IRC RoadWinner price there was over 200$, here in Indonesia (its manufactured here I believe) only cost 80$-90$ per sets, and yep all 250cc bikes comes with that tires!

Nitin k says:

The top 2 tyres are not available in my country so will go with Diablo rosso 2.

Sam Rogger says:

My 390 (India) came with Metzeller tyres nothing like it on track or street sad is they wear out soon and very expensive double the price of pirelli tyres.

Zonic Akhil says:

Is it some regulation rules in Europe regions….have always seen ktm rc 390’s having their blinkers on the fairing where as in India we have good looking blinkers integrated with the side mirrors itself and both of them are led blinkers

mohit kaushik says:

whats ur take on metzellers… as they are being standard with rc 390 in India??

Ristevski Zlatko says:

What about Mitas Sport Force Plus?

Honey Pareek says:

how much did you ride with a single pair ?

dean Shoo says:

it will be good if you try IRC iz-s. I am using it with my cb300. the price is about $200. and it work so well. you have to try it and and you will believe me that it is good! please try it.

Nikhil Nepal says:

Can you please tell me the best tire pressure for ktm rc390… metzeler sportec m5 … i m 68 kg rider

Brian Epp says:

Just bought an RC390… this was a great review!!

Aditya Dev says:

what abt the stock metzeler tyres on rc n duke 390???? i heard they r the best don’t change them…. is the Bridgestone better than metzeler???

MotoHolota says:

I went with the Bridgestones for my Duke 390… God, these tires are phenomenal. XD Thanks for this test! Though I went with 140/70 on rear. 😉

dig larry says:

Is this guy ok?

Thallium RC says:

Honestly i could watch you review tires all day

Pronojit Dutta says:

The ktm 390’s comes stock with Metzeler types in my country which are pretty awesome.

Ishaan Aggarwal says:

howcome you didn’t test the Metzeler sportec M5s? They come stock with the bike here in India and I personally feel that they are great tyres however since I am new to bikes and this is my first bike, I haven’t tested any other tyres in the category. I’d love to know what Ari has to say about them he’s kinda like an idol for me 😛

jaideep joy says:

can i use 140 60 17 instead of 150 60 17

julingy says:

great video, i couldnt say enough about how important tires are on any bike especially these little sportbikes that people often start out on. more grip and control is the kind of confidence a new rider needs out of their tires. i started out on a 2008 ninja 250r with some sort of cheap stock shit tire kawasaki chose and i just thought that kind of tire performance was normal until i upgraded to a more expensive michelin brand

Zig Ray says:

Shinko tires are the #1 tire I sell at my shop. Best bang for your buck for the everyday street rider!

Anton Nguyen says:

So whats the difference in terms of performance for the s20 evo 140s and 150s?

Zachary Lowrie says:

I can confirm the Michelin pilot streets performance they came stock on my r3 still have them on and they are horrible very hard compound for long life but man they break free so easy it’s scary not confidence inspiring at all

ranjith r says:

Waiting for 2017 RC 390 😉

Himanshu Chavan says:

What about the metzelers?… are they better when compared to pirelli?

MS cube says:

What about dunlop sports max alpha 13

manish lvs says:

what should be speed index for michelin front n rare? #duke390

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