Small Portable Motorcycle Tire Inflator Review – Adjust Tire Pressure out Riding!

Super compact motorcycle tire inflator kit, adjust tire pressure on the fly anywhere! Great for Off-road riding! No more flat tire worries!
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BarberSam15 says:

CC can you do a video on how to adjust your chain?

Mothership Videos says:

Good review thanks.

Keagen Potter says:

+CycleCruza please do not use that tire slime! I cant speak for motorcycle tires, but I worked as a tire mechanic for two years and what I can tell you is that that stuff is bad news. What happens is the slime doesn’t coat evenly and it will almost always unbalance and ruin an otherwise saveable tire. Some people say it is good for emergencies, but I have seen very expensive tires with lots of tread on them ruined because someone used that stuff in them. Not only that but if you try to work on the tire or have someone repair it for you it is just a pain in the ass, and some times impossible, to properly clean the stuff off so the tire can be repaired. Again I have zero experience with the stuff and motorcycle tires, but I have seen it in almost every other type of tire and it always causes issues. I hope you see this and maybe I can save you some hassle down the road.

BananaBoat629 says:

Nutnfancy said this was crap he has a video on it

bob cbr says:

The “Slime” pump works great, Used it on my motorcycles and cars for 4 years. Also fits nice under the bike seat

weee06 says:

I know you like new things, and I just got a pair of these. High quality. Check it out and do a review.

Richard Raymond says:

You have gear acquisition syndrome dude AKA GAS.

motomax says:

yeahu can use slime

Mathieu Clement says:

Pro tip, over inflate and then deflate with the gauge

Azure59 says:

what do you do for work cycle Cruza

Andrew Toney says:

I’m thinking about getting myself a wr250r next June for my 21st birthday. Maybe I will see you around. i live 45 minutes from Cincinnati. what area of ohio are you from?

dragonrider385 says:

I have two of these. One in my jeep and one in the bike. I like them but they are slow going. I never had any luck with the sealer in tubes. Thanks for the vidz.

Chris Esser says:

It’s handy for trails because if you have it with you, you can air down to like 18 or so and get better traction, then air back up for the pavement. The SAE connector you put in is also handy because a Battery Tender can use it too, as well as things like heated gear. They also make things like USB chargers that have an SAE on the end as well.

You said this was for your WR250R, how does that bike compare with the WR 250 fuckin’ R that you usually ride? I’ve asked my dealer if they are getting in any of the fuckin’ editions in and he didn’t know anything about them.

The Unknown Moto says:

Slime is the best tire sealant.
In any vehicle from car, ATV or motorcycle.

Kirk Kramer says:

co2 inflation kit & tire plugs take up less space, but only work on tubeless tires.

Eric Esau says:

I have used Tire Slime in bicycle tubes, in fact I have bought bicycle tubes already filled with the stuff. Tire Slime should work in motorcycle tubes, but I have never used it in any motorcycle tire. Have you punctured any tubes off-road?

IronicRebound says:

great review and info, I need me one of these, definitely beats just having a patch kit on those long touring rides!

lmcinnis9 says:

cruza bring the green slime. it works with tubes and it works great really can save your ass out on the trail.

Pullmyfinger Trucker says:

Good video, informed for once, not just entertaining.

Sasha Strong says:

Slime does work. Best to install it before the puncture is my recommendation.

Deep says:

thats actually pretty neat, good share (Y)

Vverzo says:

bought this years ago for my car. sucks that it has no gauge connected, and it takes forever. its only really good for bicycles. glad it works decent enough for you though

Don Quixote says:

what gun do you carry cruza?

Dar Tice says:

Slime has never worked well for me.

Polothadon29 says:

They sell a tube version of slime

Noah Ridley says:

What psi do you have it on the road for your wr

JBD says:

slime makes different types for tube and no tubes i think that is tubeless you have there.

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