Shinko Motorcycle Tires Review: My Horrible Experience

Here is my review of Shinko Motorcycle Tires on my 2008 Yamaha FJR1300. I tried a set of 009 and 005 Shinko Motorcycle tires on my FJR each with the same BAD shimmy.

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mehmet fatih says:

Çok ilginç…
O tarihlerde bende fazer kullanıyordum ve shinko aldım.
Aynı gidon sallanmasını ben de yaşadım ve geri iade ettim.
Berbat bir lastik.

rocco rostagno says:

Shinko tires are a totaly different tire now. I had problems with a set i bought yrs back as well. I have a couple friends of mine that swear by them, so a yr back i bought a pair and i have to say they are one of the best tires for the price on the market today and ive bought tires from Pirelli all the way down to some cheap-o full bore tires!.. i recommend them.

Scottie says:

I’ve been running Shinko tires for about 5 years and have never had this problem.  In fact I have the Shinko 705s on my ’58 Indian right now and love them.  They do great in the dirt and even better on the highway, and even do some fantastic burnouts!  I definitely wouldn’t shoot Shinko completely down just because they put out a batch of bad tires.  Tires are just like everything else that is mass produced, from time to time, your are going to have defects and failures.  That doesn’t make the manufacturer a bad manufacturer.  Did you also stop buying Bridgestone tires 10 years ago when all the Ford Explorers were shredding the tires completely off the vehicle with 500 miles on them and causing the trucks to roll over?

Sikter Efendi says:

I’ve had nothing but good experience with Shinko Raven 009 (both front and back) on a couple of transcontinental sport-touring jaunts on my Bandit 1200. The “shimmy” you are talking about develops on many tires depending on their thread pattern and is common for my bike – it’s actually rare to be able to ride a Bandit with your hands off the handlebars at speeds you mention. For my bike and my kind of riding Shinko has a price/performance/longevity ratio no other tire came even close to.

Donnie Snyder says:

I had a Shinko on the front of my Goldwing and less than a thousand miles the belts separated so bad that the tire rubbed the fender. I was lucky it didn’t blow.I will never own another.

D James says:

Shinko tires are great! I’ve had ZERO issues with ANY of them that I’ve used or purchased. As for the ‘clowns’ who want to say that they’ll “save up for a premium tire”…do your research before you open your piehole! Shinko started out making bicycle tires and tubes but then purchased Yokohama’s manufacturing equipment and began making motorcycle tires . They were based in Japan then moved operations to Korea. Big whoop where they’re made!! It’s STILL, essentially, a YOKOHAMA tire at 1/2 to 1/3rd of the cost of a of a Dunwop, Michelin, IRC or a Pirelli. I’ve had, and abused, the living shit out of my set of Shinko Tour Master 230’s and after 7,500 miles on them (the rear, in particular) am I JUST now considering replacing it. And it WILL be replaced with another Shinko 230. I’m sorry that you had a few problems with your Shinko tires. That must have really sucked. I wonder how Ford, Chevy, Dodge/ Chrysler, or Toyota must feel whenever they have have a minor issue with a vehicle or part or such on one of their vehicles. A majority of my diatribe has been primarily directed towards the derelict/ ill informed/ and utterly STUPID “DarylCincy DW’s” ridiculous statement. Think about that DCDW…just how ‘cheap’ do you really believe that a company such as Yokohama  would be? Shinko…Yoko…it’s all the same.

ryan hellaawesome says:

I have an sr740 with a wobble but I’m buying another shinko and here’s why. A lot of tires get the wobble because they get cupped from under inflation/too much weight for what they are inflated to. It didn’t cup from a bad carcus but wore more at the spots where the tire grooves intersected. A lot of other manufacturers tires have grooves like that and it doesnt take a genius to understand that less rubber touching the ground the more the rubber will wear in those spots.

OccasionallyEvil says:

I’m on my third set of Shinko 009 (Ravens) installed on my K9 GSX-R750.  Also replaced the terrible stock Dunlops on my Suzuki Gladius with them too. I’ve tried “band named” tires (Metzler/Bridgestone).  I’ve never had problems with the Shinkos.  They last as long or longer than brand names and have as much grip and stability as I need for the street.  I see no reason to pay more for famous brands with no apparent advantage.

conceptcs says:

I had Raven 009 installed on my cbr600f4i, no problems

MotoJockey says:

So you have one niggle and give up? I didn’t blame my Rosso 2s for a skiddish rear end under heavy breaking, nor did I blame my Savas for being too soft, every tyre is different and performs differently depending on conditions and tyre pressure. Treating every tyre the same will get you into more trouble than anything.

Kevin Durham says:

Lots of people had similar experiences around the time you posted this video. Looks to me that Shinko took that input and made improvements, because I don’t hear the same kind of complaints recently. If it weren’t for word of mouth like your video, they have been forced out of the market. Glad it didn’t happen, since many need a low priced medium quality tire.

Randy Green says:

I have a 05 R1200RT BMW. The Michelin wore out so I decided to buy a set of Shinko 009’s. Even with the belts showing the Michelin’s rode perfect and I mean perfect! I put the Shinko’s on and right away I noticed how loud they were. If that was all I could live with that. But after a few miles I noticed the front end had a really bad shake at between 70-80 MPH. Also if I let go of the handle bars the bars would shake at any speed. I bought another new Shinko front tire, had it balanced only to get the same results! Worst tires i’ve ever owned, can’t wait till they wear out! I would NEVER buy these again! Not worth the savings, spend the bucks & get the Michelin, Pilot, Avon etc.

CUdetoom says:

Ty for your honest short review on the tires!

Audrius N says:

same wobble on my XJR1300 with Pirelli Diablo. and a couple of years ago Michelin’s Spanish factory made a nicely delaminating tires. whole 68000 units batch was recalled.

ylism says:

I have great dealings with shinko tires, have now bought 2 1/2 sets, no problems, can’t say the same with Continental, there cupped and wore out in no time, also Dunlop Roadsmarts, did not get hardly any miles out of them, compared to the Shinkos, I ride a K6 SV650 & K4 Kaw Vulcan en500 ltd, and the stock tires on the SV went in under 5K miles, to the cords. Yes sometimes, there are bad batches of tires, but that goes for all brands, many times the way they were installed makes a big difference, like in the balancing, also the suspension can cause problems, or if the chain is done right, the list goes on. Had one set that had staples, put inside the tires, not sure who did that ? I just know it wasn’t me, or the installer. Thats my 2 cents. lol

Orange HiTech Solutions says:

i know guy tell that he use it shinko tire on Tmax and everything is fine on the rain and out of rain 

Brain Salad Surgery says:

Don’t blame it on the tires, you have a serious safety  issues in you Bike, If you change the tires , you will have the same problem., Aloha.

Recon DMV says:

Great Video. It is clear and shows actual use. I or anyone else can not deny that. I have had better experience with Shinko tires. I have also heard all the jokes and comments. I have put 10,000 miles on three different set of Shinko 005s each. Also caught in the rain several times. I have gotten 4,000 miles out of a set of 010 Apex without incident. If I had your experience, I would not go back either. Stay safe and thanks for the review. (Bike:2003 Suzuki Hayabusa)

CatalystLightwave says:

Thank you for posting this. My nighthawk developed a severe front end shake exactly as you have depicted in this video after putting 2k miles on a set of Shinkos. Took it back to the dealer I had purchased them from and had them rebalanced. They indicated it could be anything but the tire. (Bearings, etc.) Came across this video replaced the tire with Michelin and front end shake has disappeared. You saved me a lot of time and effort diagnosing this problem.

Andrew Stanford says:

Sorry for the trouble you have had with the 009 and 005, but Shinko tires are EXCELLENT, and an great value too. Read the reviews on the internet, very hard to find bad reviews. I use them, and I sell them to my customers. $400 for an overpriced Dunlop or Pirelli is ridiculous… you do NOT get what you pay for in motorcycle tires… sorry you had a bad experience, I wonder if the installers were balancing them well enough? says:

Yes practical experience is what it’s all abut here…Thanks!  I’m also going to have a local Shinko dealer listed from their website do the installation; some shops are bias, for good reason (money), to the big tire Co’s and distributors they use to the point of misinformation and perhaps shoddy workmanship…

Mud Roost says:

This looks like a bike set-up problem more than a tire problem and you just happened to find a tire that will work with the incorrect set-up. What was your rear suspension static sag?

Gene Harrison says:

I made the mistake of putting a pair on my 06 VTX1800, let a local guy talk me into it because I was tired of my Dunlops wearing out so quickly. Lesson learned, I’ll take a softer compound any day. I took it back to him twice and the local dealership, no satisfaction on either end. They had me convinced it was head bearings wearing out. Funny how the wobble started right after I got the new tires…

Rick Williams says:

Just bought an 07 fjr1300 and the dealer put a Shinko on the front. Put ~300 miles on it and then for the first time took my hands slightly off the grips to see how it rode. Boy am I glad I only pulled my hands away an inch or so!! The front end shook like no other bike I ever owned. I went home and ordered the Bridgestone T30 GT Pro.

Inky Doggy says:

I have had Shinkos on all of my bikes past and present. I do know that if you do a normal balance with weight on the rim they can be out of balance at some speeds. I started running balancing beads in them and they are smooth running as any other tire out there. The beads are the trick to running Shinko tires. To date I had them on two different Harleys,, Two different Yamahas and one Honda and they performed perfectly with the balance beads in them. Currently running the Shinko 777 WWW on my 2005 Road Star and I do take it up to speeds over 80 a lot without any trouble at all. A good tire at a perfect price.

MCrider says:

I am sure there are people who have good experience with them. I wish they had worked for me because the price is right. But, the problem with the tires I had were in manufacturing, they were defective before ever going on the bike.

Kurt S says:

You have made a mistake! Try using a tire made to handle the weight of your heavy FJR.
A tire with a 75 weight index is required for your bike. These tires are usually identified by a GT in nomenclature.
IE, ROAD PILOT GT, BATTELAX T30 GT, ETC. or at least a proper 75 index.
LIKE 120/60r17 75w

Ricardo Del Valle says:

I have 009 on my bike no trouble. Second set ready to go. No problems. Maybe it was just a bad bach. Good luck

Jackon2wheelz says:

Hmmm…well I’ve had two sets of 009 Ravens and one set of 005 Advance on my 2001 Triumph Trophy. Been very happy with them. I commute and pleasure ride on my bike, averaging about 13K miles per year, so cost was the reason I decided to try them the first time. I will not discount the experience Kevin Morris reported, but will only say my experience was not the same. If the dealer where he bought the tires is smart, they’ll check and see if those bad tires came from a common batch. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Brandon Berg says:

I was going to buy the Shinko 777. After watching the video and reading all of your blogs, I just wanted to say think you guys for saving my kid’s life and mine.
2006 Suzuki Blovard C50

Cruisn Canada says:

Ive run Shinko tires on both my Hyosung GV250 as well as my Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad.  They both get in and around the 10-15000 Km mark before needing to be replaced.  Never felt that they were underperforming or that I or my bike where in any danger.  Hopefully it was just a bad batch that was out at that time.  Whatever you are using for tires should at least help you feel confident in your bike.  Ride safe! says:

Update…about a thousand miles and doing great…smooth and grippy too, love em so far.  Also s speaking with the installers at the specialty sport bike place where I had them put on he mentioned even the best tires have issues now and then.

MCrider says:

Glad it was helpful, you are not the only person I know who has had issues with Shinko tires. Some bikes seem just fine with them but others have issues. Enough that I won’t be purchasing them again. Head over to RiderGroups and sign up, always looking for other bikers to join us. (You can find the link to RiderGroups in the video description) See you online, Kevin

phineashenshaw says:

Shinko 009 front tires generally do not do well on heavier bikes. I have a Concours C14 and basically wasted my money on a set of 009s They however did fine on my friend’s R6 This seems to be a common thing.

taizer says:

thats wierd. we have sold 100’s of shinko tires to alot of guys that track and ride hard and they always say they work great for the money. they also last alot longer too. not as much grip as alot of other tires but could be do to harder rubber

Randy Green says:

Just a quick update from my post below. I couldn’t handle the Shinko shaking any longer so I ordered a Michelin Pilot Road 2. I put the Michelin on the bike (front tire) and ALL the shaking is gone! The bike rides absolutely perfect again! I’m going to contact Shinko to try to get some or all of my money back as they are selling a defective and very dangerous product. Once again this is the Shinko 009 front tire, avoid at ALL costs!

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