Self Balancing DUAL-Wheel Electric Unicycle Scooter! – REVIEW

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This is a self balancing (“hoverboard/hands-free segway”) dual wheel (or twin wheeled) electric unicycle! Its technical name, the Inmotion V3S from eWheels.

It has a TON of cool features, and this is one my new favorite electric scooters. I ride it almost everyday, seriously.
-Top speed: ~12 mph
-Weight: 30 pounds
-Distance/Range: ~18-25 miles
-Charge Time: 2-3.5 hrs

The build and materials are top quality! Soft comfortable padding for legs and ankles, rubber and grooves on the foot pads, a retractable handle bar (just like a rolling suitcase) to easily roll around. Sliding charging port that is dust and water resistant.
Head and tail lights that auto adjust based on driving direction.
Bluetooth built-in, for loud music streaming (and these speakers are VERY loud), plus an app to control power, speed, audio notifications, firmware updates, and a lot more.

The two wheels squeezed next to each other bring a lot of neat features:
-Enhanced stability, balance, and control. Perfect for beginners who are wanting to get into the “one-wheel” electric scooter world.
All my friends learned to ride in just a few minutes.
-Feels like a tank; easily rolls across pavement, grass, dirt, wood chips, and all sorts of terrain.
-I can ramp off curbs with ease, but since it’s a bit heavier than my one-wheel, it’s more difficult to jump and lift up over curbs. With continue practice, it’s possible.

In closing, I’ve been riding the dual-wheel electric unicycle for over 2 months now, and I still love riding it everywhere! This would be perfect for students riding around campus, and can easily roll it inside buildings like a suitcase. Great for daily commuters, around town or in the city, easily bring onto train, subway, or bus.. of all the scooters, this is one of the most portable to wheel/carry around, but ultra fast and efficient for riding from point A to B, keeps both your hands free.. a perfect “last mile” transportation device.

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Knight 11692 says:

He seems to be struggling just going down the road and then coming to a stand still his legs were way to shaky.

d'nomar senoj says:


be nguyen van says:

I am Vietnamese, how can I buy your goods ?

Kewlzter TC says:

now on sale $290.

Jose Correa says:

do you have a updated link? the link provided no longer sells the dual wheel. also do you think this is an out dated model, is it still worth purchasing this as opposed to a newer model?


does it is available in india

Quelqu’un que tu connaî t says:

Onze wheel is best

Young gamer says:

This thing is awsome

Surf422 says:

How can you do a review of something like this with no mention of the noise the motor emits? Is it quiet, it is loud? Alot but not all of these electric motors sound like a trip to the dentist.

Otto W says:

What a load of crap!!!!
I imagine it is a American
Invention …….typical!!!

mamhood nawaz says:

Nice video

Chandra Ghataney says:

wow I really like it but I m woundering about how to learn and also where we fine in shop this inmotion v8 . Help me plz if possible

Bunny XOXO says:

I really like it I just wish that it had like an attachable seat or something for when your legs get tired

Thakur Dragon says:

I like it

sai bala says:

How much rupees is this

richystar2001 says:

Telescopic handle bar would be cool until you got the hang of riding it.

Rajesh Saw says:

unhealthy. walking is better.

DrFrantic77 says:

Hi, maybe u can help me. I cant set more speed then 5kmh? How to activad this wheel ? To get more speed ?

Samsudin Mohamed says:


campocat says:

If you think this is safe or it won’t be taken advantage off you believe rocks grow

Andrew Robry says:

Is it easy to ride a nine bot 1

Huzur saran says:

Bahut acchi lagi video

John Hancock says:

What is the max weight it will carry or hold ?

K With the orange shirt says:

It’s still a “bi”cycle not a “uni”cycle … “Uni” meens one (1) single ,wheel and this clearly has two or bi wheels … But it’s still pretty cool

Huzur saran says:


Noo Day says:

i live in Pasadena by a big Parkinglot, a perfect place to practice and teach a classs, can someone please meet me there and show me how to do the unicycle i can help you promote this item.

sangam kumar says:

It’s osm

Michelle Al Baba says:

I got this InMotion V3 Pro for $400 Canadian Dollars, BRAND NEW NEVER USED OR OPENED and its DISCONTINUED guys!!!

shaon khan vlogs shaon khan vlogs says:

Nice video

mulher pânico total says:

Eu quero

Mitch K says:

Those black pads on the side look like they would burn your legs on a hot day.

Bryn K says:

Have some fun

asdfyxcv1100 says:

i mean yeah it’s probably fun to ride and stuff… but if I was “blasting my music” on this thing while riding it around town where i live, i’d be on the floor within 5 minutes, with a black eye, my wallet, phone AND this thing stolen… “look at that son of a”

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