Royal Enfield Himalayan BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEW: A McDouble of a Motorcycle! #everide

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a McDouble of a Motorcycle. It’s not perfect, it has its competition cut out for it in much older bikes, but it’s inexpensive, does the job, and blows other “dollar menu” options away with its long-stroke torque, ease of maintenance, and functional styling.

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Lazy Rider 04 says:

You have got the essence of this bike right! I love my Himalayan for its rugged torque. It has its flaws, is sluggish but does the job, just fine. Cheers! Awesome review. Ride On | Ride Hard| Ride Safe !

Gourav Kumar Barik says:

Royal Enfield Himalayan isn’t made for racing or performance. It’s for touring and traversing any terrain. Though it has a look of dirt bike but it’s not solely for that purpose. It’s is a great adventure machine which will complement you in rough and toughest terrains of the Himalayas. It’s chassis is one of the toughest in this range of adventure bikes and it’s for a purpose. It can survive crashes in harsh terrains which other bikes may not..

Roycin says:

Can’t stop watching your videos. So soothing for someone who lives in a busy city. Keep up the good work and holler at us if you ever come to India 🙂

ilaya thalaiva says:

If u really thinking about off-road then just take a hero implus once….. Sadly it was discontinued… There gonna come back with xpluse 200… Himalayan killer

Mike Warner says:

Still riding xr 400

Stewart Ellinson says:

I think the Himalayan is as it is because it’s an RE – they’ve been building the bullet for yonks and what they’ve done is produce a bike based on that philosophy. It’s more akin to an old brit bike that’s been modded for off roading than a modern japanese bike that’s been built for it. For that, I like it a lot. I suspect when you look inside the engine, you’ll see big, heavy full circle flywheels, as per the bullet, rather than a light crank with limited flywheel weight. I think the market (in the UK) is mainly older riders who might already have (or have had) a Bullet. Come to that, I might get one – I used to race fifties AJS / Matchless in the eighties; i have a Sanglas (a fifties design) and I think the Himalayan may have links to these. i find modern japanese off roaders too revvy; i think many do. I agree about the seat – a good seat is critical.

UhYeahWhateverDude says:

So…you’re sayin’ there’s a chance…

timone1423 says:

wow!! im from India and i have seen 100s of reviews on Himalayan…never seen or heard a review like this! Fantastic review and i just loved it! in India we pay around rs.212000 which translates to $3000 apprx. but now i know why the quality of the Indian version is bad when compared to US version.. you guys pay arnd 4 to $5000 which mean RE has definitely worked on to improve the quality of US version..and yes other govt. taxes and what not included in the price though! but after seeing this review, im seriously contemplating on getting one!

Ian Johnson says:

Brilliant review – wonderful photography – thank you

Jon Samuel says:

Great review man. I need one of these. Thanks.

JOSH says:

I’ve never been impressed with any of their bikes. Their replicas are basically a novelty item.

mad-_-observer says:

Not a dual sport, its an adventure bike.

niceuneasy says:

Bullshit bikes

Skate Everything Project says:

Great review! Even better when you watch the getting lost video! Well done!

Aaron Kilen says:

I liked your video at 48 seconds. That’s the kind of review I want. Now let’s see if you hold up to your word

RuffLash says:

I love the review

Mario Gold says:


Karan Agarwal says:

People who complain about this bike better spend twice and buy a better bike.

CAElite says:

I doubt we will get a 650 himalayan. Whilst Enfield has just brought out their flagship 650 twin I doubt it will be destined for the himalayan as the motor simply wouldn’t suit the bike as well as the single.

I Laser says:

Legendary Indian manufacturer = Royal Enfield?

Gorgoroth Bergen says:

To be brutally honest, Yamaha xtz660 is miles better than this ” new one”…

Pinaki Sankar Adhikari says:

If the KLR couldn’t save and the Himalayan saved, then why not HIMALAYAN?????..and why ” I MAY NOT BUY HIMALAYAN”??

Rob Pinter says:

It is actually good where Adventure bikes are going back to their roots, where the ordinary rider can actually put their feet on the ground, maintain the bike on the side of the road, and pack their gear on the bike without buying $3000 panniers…..a bit like the original BMW R80 GS…..

Rauley Shar says:

I hate that fcukin terrains. Brings back memories of me hauling 20 foot overloaded trailer with 01 f150 from jersey all the way to phoenix and those darn hills made me sweat.

Gaurav Kamal says:

Well said, indeed an honest review.

Χωρίς Όνομα says:

An excellent truly independent review. I just came from test driving this bike, and although I did not put it through such a rigorous test, I came to the same pretty much conclusions. It is an OK off-road + short commuter bike with some great points as price and easy feeling while driving it. There is a lot of room for improvement but I know (do not ask me how) this bike was issued by RE as a means for testing the waters (eg market) for the 650 cc version which will be coming (for sure) in the near future. Trust me, it will be the game changer eveRide ADV is talking about.

Srikiran Gosangi says:

Epic Footage! Good Review!

vineeth ravzz says:

Thanks for 650 himalayan info. I was planning to buy 400cc himalayan but now i will wait. says:

Hey, me again. Do you have any idea how much fuel you needed on your offroad trip? What would be the range on this terrain? Thanks


very nice review

Jeffrey Hurst says:

Thanks for the excellent video. The comparison with the DRZ and the KLR. I like the Himalayan, but the nearest dealer is 30 miles away. Motorcycles are often an emotional purchase, rarely a logical one.

Chintu Kamina says:

I think this is best review till now of the Himalayan I have seen …Love from India n u r one hell of a off road rider!!!

Sameer says:

Thanks for the review. I’m from India, and like many here, I’ve been eternally waiting for a good on-off roader here. I’m a very bad off-road rider myself, but still want to buy one (here, people like me usually have only one motorcycle at a time, which is upgraded in a few years). I took a test drive of the Himalayan myself and wasn’t so convinced about it, it felt under-powered. But I know my off-road skill level and kept hoping/watching reviews for better informed opinions. Sadly there are a very very few such reviews and they too are from auto magazines which I strongly believe don’t want to spoil relationships with auto makers. Looking at your videos, your off-road skills, and experiences with other off-road motorcycles, I’m fairly convinced that despite the downsides (RE has a good presence/network in India :), this bike is worth it. But then again there is a word that Himalayan with a twin cylinder 650 cc is on the horizon… so will again wait for that, like Husqvarna, or Hero Xpulse or fall back to BMW G310GS (Do you have a review video of this?) :D. Thanks for the review, it’s helped me make my mind towards this motorcycle.


detailed and comprehensive way better than a Indian emotional jerk reviews of Royal Enfield bikes .

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