Pros and Cons of Larger Tires on Motorcycles

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Stephen Scanlon says:

Traction is better with a bigger tire though. But, I don’t suppose that matters when you live in the climate of Taiwan.

Stuart Walton says:

one of my scooters has 130/90s on 10″ wheels (about 5″ wide) and the other has 2″ wide tires on 16″ wheels. i find the short fat tires handles way better in rougher terrain and wet conditions while the tall and skinny tire is quicker and more fuel efficient on the pavement. i find it alot easier to trust the wide tires wont wash out while cornering though

Red Shift Rider says:

On my bicycle, I get the thinnest tires possible – less drag/better speed. On research on motorcycles, it seems the same principal applies – better cornering, less drag, better fuel efficiency, etc.
… but less traction – requires better awareness/skill in the corners.

Name Sake says:

I’ve lived in Thailand and can attest to that. I’ve seen Honda Groms (known as MSX in Thailand) with tires the width of bicycle tires. I believe they do it for drag racing purposes, but I cant say how it handles in bends as I’ve never ridden one with thin tires on.

GTRosario Media says:

now what about those mopeds that have like 1 inch tires lol!

RidingAppa says:

Good to know 😀

William Zoom says:

Manufacture’s don’t just throw a dart at a tire size chart and run with it, they spend millions of dollars in R&D determining what size tire will do the best in multiple situations and get decent wear. If you want better handling change the compound if you want to go offroad buy an aggressive tread. If you want to look retarded then throw some really big tires on it so it looks like a Alaskan mountain bike!

Very Spoopy says:

Again. I’m just so glad you’re back on the bike

Wolf says:

With a wider tyre , you are basically reducing your lean angle.
When turning , a wider tyre will offset the contact patch further out from the centerline of the bike. It is the line drawn from the center of gravity of the bike and the tyre contact patch that determines the actual lean angle. The further out the contact patch , the lower the actual lean angle and the more angle you need to apply to make the bike turn.

The positive of a wider tyre is a larger contact patch , resulting in more traction. So less chance of wheelspin.

TGudda says:

Motovlog OG!

☣droid☣ says:

Con: skinny tires make you look like a weak pussy
Pro: Wide fat tires make you look awesome!

frozenskipper says:

If course i watch this like a week after replacing my moms 160 tire with a spare 180 tire on a 600 bandit. Don’t think she will notice too much though, plus it really looks kinda bad ass

1socalshocker says:

Bigger tires ride smother but are slower to turn.

Kr Tong says:

That’s my buddy’s bike on the thumbnail. Check out Motomorphic.

Ty Strickland says:

What about the pros and cons of Radial vs. Bias-Ply? I have an ’85 VF500 that I have been considering converting to modern radial tires. Will I compromise my grip? The rim width is 2.75in, but the tire width is 120mm.


what about fuel efficiency

TheCrazymook says:

Ehh you’re kinda right in the sense that a wider tyre will turn in slower but it’ll have a bigger contact patch at higher lean angles giving better traction =) I’ve never seen the need to upgrade from a 180 rear to 190 unless its a track bike or something 😉

iGhost says:

Gotta love my Hornet 250. 180mm rear tire stock <3

Roadified says:

Thin tire – good handling but easier to crash in corners since there is less surface for grip.
Wider tire – better grip, less likely to crash, harder to steer.

Btown Ninja says:

back when I had my 250, I went with a size SMALLER front and rear (100/120) and used to get all kinds of shit about it. Faster turn ins, less rotating weight, faster bike.

Roy N says:

same goes for extended swingarms haha

Tobimaru says:

Combined with a sprocket and chain change I oversized both tires on my Honda Shadow and have enjoyed it. Speedometer accuracy improved and lower RPM while cruising. I could see it making a bigger difference on a sport bike though.

Cocobolt Goes Vloggin' says:

the thin tires on thailand were supposed to be weight reductions for drag races,small engines need lighter wheels to launch it quicker

it wouldn’t corner as great as with stock tire sizes
they also do it here in indonesia

stock tire size with better compounds is where it’s at,bro
handles great,corners well,wouldn’t spin out on you,and looks proportionally correct 😀

SoopaBee says:

I rode a cruiser with a 250mm rear and I didn’t notice any handling issues…
Until I got onto a thin tire bike. Almost night and day

ktkace says:

Bigger tires on small rear rims will cause understeer becase the tire wont be the correct shape (eg too flat)

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