Plug a Hole w/ Tubeless Tire Repair Kit – Available at J&P Cycles

J&P Cycles® Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
• Basic kit contains all of the basic items to make an emergency roadside repair
• Kit contains two tools, plugs, adhesive and CO2 to reinflate tire
• Comes in a nylon pouch for easy storage

Order online from J&P Cycles:

J&P Cycles
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goosecouple says:

needs muscles.

FreestyleAndoRD says:

can i use egain the co2 glass?

Moto Aventuras says:

Be carefull if you trim too close to teh tire, the plug could get inside the wheel. When you are on the road, and want to keep going patience to let it dry es crucial, maybe taking some pictures help to that dead time… best regards from Buenos Aires.

Ghetto Watermelon says:

this product is trash… it always leaks air

Winston RamÍrez says:

Excelente video, gracias desde Costa Rica

James Stimpson says:

Is it ok to repair the front tyres with this? They refused to plug a front tyre I took to a garage once.

T Awesome says:

are those 12g Co2 bottles

dinoarellano says:

Thanks man!

Denny D says:


arieglus says:

Hi, those co2 tubes are the same used in air compressed guns?

Gerry Nightingale says:

I’m confused…if the ‘plug’ provided is NOT a permanent fix…then what will a tire professional use? Do they have something better? If they do, then what is it?

Harry Ruut says:

I recommend putting a twist-valve or something between the CO2 canister and valve stem

Ray Ok says:

Thanks ! followed this and worked great for me. Rear tyre with 1500 miles on it.

Rgr Rgr says:

No fuss, very informative. Nice work

Ravikumar Insan says:


Liveinsydney says:

Thanks for this! Planning my first trip to Europe by motorcycle and was wondering how it worked! Bernie in sydney

Livendi Hermawan Pradana says:

how much do I can get those repair kit ?


Check this one out, only 49/- rupees for a puncture repair kit

marcv338 says:

I’ve had it 3 times, 2 times for the motorcycle and 1 time for the car, both times drove until the tires were worn, so it is a permanent solution in my eyes

balbir singh Sehgal says:

is this CO2 canister refilable or just use and throw…? please reply.

Genuine Sanity says:

Thanks , out of all the tutorials that I have seen ,you are the only guy that shows the split on the tool otherwise it is confounding wonder how to remove the tool and leave the plug. Most guys don’t think of their audience. Everything is easy if you know what your’e doing. I don’t that is why I am watching this video. All I know is I am SICK of being stranded.

Baramati Mindbloing says:

Santosh Cycle from baramati msharashtra

David Dolan says:

I bet you $100 that he wished he had done this on the floor after getting the plug in!

Amarendra Kumar says:

Plz practice before demonstrating

desi gamerboy says:

Why do need 1 of those…the nail was holding enough pressure in the 1st place

kowanut lives says:

Excellent demonstration. Thanks!!!

It Looks Like A Hamburger says:

is necessary?

Thomas Tripura says:

Very useful kit

j a says:

Really nailed that intro

Farming Business says:

How much price the kit?

Thigsy says:

Nailed it.

Jurgen Treue says:

It works best with a hot tyre. I fixed a puncture in my garage in a cold tyre and couldn’t get the plug in. Heated the tyre up with my wife’s hairdryer and bingo, the plug inserted like a greased finger in a bum..

Okidoke says:

Shouldn’t you wait a little while after plugging and before adding air so the plug can set?

Denny D says:


Propane and propane accessories says:

why’s he out of breath from just talking?

Zahoor Ahmad says:

alan morley says:

A POCKET KNIFE  phew you must have big pockets?

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