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Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires

Selected as one of the top RevZilla tire picks of 2016, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires infuse World Superbike Championship technology into their construction for optimal performance on the street. WSBK influence makes the Diablo Rosso III tires incredibly agile and responsive for precision maneuvering and grip. Pirelli’s use of a bi-compound design in the Diablo Rosso III Tires optimizes mid-lean angle grip while the high-performance silica compounds work to keep you tight on the tarmac through a wide-range of temperatures and conditions.


Jeff K says:

Is there any decent grip with this tire?

Tommy Gun says:

200 size isn’t available? LOL. Come on now.

John Tutto says:

How do these compare to the stock S-20’s on an fz09? Im very happy with the grip of the S20 except for the short tire life. I ride mostly street, mountain roads with lots of twisty’s .

Nuel De Jesus says:

Switched to these from a Diable Rosso Corsa. Fast street riding has no noticeable difference with grip and feel. The Rosso III is also easier to lean in on corners compared to the Corsas, but that is to be expected because the Corsa is also meant for track use.

Damien wood says:

best tyre I have ever used, I have a modded gen 1 zx10r and have no faults. off to Silverstone July on them and riding there also. I’m not worried, top tyre 🙂


I just bought a set of these waiting for them to show up. I’m running Michelin 2CT’s right now, are they pretty much same as far as cornering grip goes

g wei says:

does the grip of the new rosso 3 lose out to corsa v2 by a big margin?

anyone tried this tyres yet??? i know rosso 2 was really crappy compare to my corsa v2

Jayden Valentine says:

how many months are you ?

chris1657 says:

Looking to replace current tires. Riding ninja 650 and manual suggests Dunlop Roadsmart II. Not sure if I should get the same, upgrade to the Roadsmart III or give these Rosso III’s a shot? Suggestions?

Δημοσθενης Δοδος says:

so what is the difference between rosso 2 and rosso 3?I currently have rosso 2 they are super on the dry but on the wet they aint that good.

cody bunker says:

Does it work on the FZ-09

Clark Brent says:

I have to say that after owning two sets of Rosso 3’s (Got about 5k miles out of the rear on the first), I’ll probably never go back to anything else for normal use. I typically commute to work, ride to meets, and on the weekends, I hit the canyons. These are the best all around tires that I’ve found for that. I honestly feel like they grip amazingly well without even being warmed up.

I wouldn’t expect these to be the best tire for the track, but they definitely feel like they could perform extremely well at the track given their versatility. If you can’t afford 2 separate sets of tires (Street and track), but want to do both, these are probably the best bang for the buck.

Antonio Russell says:

What bike do you ride Lemmy?

Panos Bakalakis says:

What are the thoughts compared with S21?

Vegeta says:

I have these tyres on my z750r. damm they are great those tyres. with cold weather i had max grip on corners. i drove not that much on the rosso 3 because i got deployed.

ebubekir binici says:

how are these compared to the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsas as far as longevity goes? i can barely get 3k miles on the rosso corsas and all i do is commute to work. i want the angel gts but i dont want to give up the stickiness. or deal with longer warm up time

furryboot moto says:

Absolutely superb tyres… I have them on a gsxr1000. Tried a few different types, as I go through quite a lot,… Dunlop Sportsmart 2, Rosso Corsa, M7RR but like these best.

MattyYFZ says:

I ride street only dont get to low,and only ride rain if i get stuck in it, Probably put 2k miles a year,would you choose these or the michelin pp3 riding 08 r1

Aldo Cendejas says:

how do these compare to the q3 and metzler m7rr

mario spencer says:

How do these stack up against the Bridgestone s21’s?

Spartan Adv says:

I have an FZ10 that I ride in all conditions, temps, etc., as well as long trips, high speeds, and high speed corners. I’m torn between these, PR4’s, PP3’s, and M7rr’s. Any advice?

931PORSCHE says:

compared to the Q3’s which would you say is better for terms of grip?
iv been hearing alot of horror storys bout q3s and am thinkn of switchn to these if they are as good or better and get the same milage???

Mal Reynolds says:

They need to make them in sizes to fit the Yamaha R3. As a matter of fact… they should just come stock on the Yamaha R3!

unleaded2k says:

amazing grip out of these tires. originallg from the battlax and then riding the rosso 2 to the grow. the rosso 3 are beyond amazing… great grip and makes the motorcycle feel more stable.

thanks revzilla!

呂家華 says:

Any chance they might have the sizes for diavel?

Zul Sixtysix says:

Currently using it on my drz…. Works better than michellin lol

panos250482 says:

Revzilla, i ride a k1300r. I ride quite hard on the street and I don’t do trackways. I also carry a pillion quite often. The think is the bike is very powerful but weights 243 kilos wet. Will this tire work well or I will be better with angel gts A spec for heavier bikes…?!

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