Official Dunlop Tire Review – Sportmax Q2 Street / Track Motorcycle Tire

Insight on Dunlops Sportmax Q2 tire. A street tire with track day capabilities.


Melih Uzun says:

Paylaşanın ismine bak SikMoto 😛 Amk senin 🙂 Hahaha 🙂

scyzor123 says:

Hi, I ride an 08 z1000 too. I switched to Q2 from previous Dunlop Qualifiers that came with the bike. It’s like day and night. I also went with the higher profile in the back 190/55/17 instead 190/50/17, bike is a bit higher but turns so much easier and is very stable while entering the corner. On the previous tires i had a strange feeling of the bike falling in the curve. Now its gone. I would recommend it to any street rider.

kevinpowell329 says:

so q2 for the win.? i’m a 2ct person, but i’m looking for a change. i like the fact that 2ct warm up fast. im riding 10 yam r1. what makes the q2’s bad ass? thanx.

Mr. Midshipman says:

Race track proven? They are called Dunlop as in Done making laps before second lap. Notably worthy in Xbox racing games though, as CGI noted here:) LMAO.

MrMartinLee1 says:

these already crap , the Bridgestone Battlex S20 clear winner lool

Wim Rooyakkers says:

The best tire .

Viktor Skarlatov says:

I like how at 1:08 what happens on the screen is the exact opposite of what the narrator is saying.

abarronboy says:

Don’t be fooled this is a commercial for Dunlop.

KojiMakenshi says:

Right now I’m running Sportmax Qualifier D210 tires on my z1000. But I really thinking about these q2 tires as a upgrate. I know they would be better but would you know any more details between the two? Or is it simple, they are just the same but waaaaaaaaaay better?

GreenEye Sudduction says:

what is the recomended cold tire PSI for these tires on street & track? im a 135lbs rider.

bartspants says:

more like Dunglop

Christopher King says:

I will ride nothing else on a sport oriented machine

07 OCTOBER 2011

Mortgage Movies and KingCast meet Greater Boston Motorsports over a Dunlop Q2 Sportmax!

ZeroBoostBuick says:

Thank you Dunlop !!! the Q2’s are the best bang for the buck when it comes to street tires… Made in Buffalo N.Y. in the same factory where Dunlop makes their Racing tires !!! it’s the only street tire made in that factory.

Lee Allen says:

@greeneyesudduction Track. Cold pressures. 30 f 30 r

gixxerboy555 says:

the Qualifier is a very good street/sports-tyre but not for extreme driving/cornering ..

İbrahim Aslanbey says:

dunlop un sadece futbol ve basketbol markası olduğunu bilirdim 

gixxerboy555 says:

I think..(my opinion) that the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP/SC = the best street/race-tyre( in dry weather-conditions) out there..but..not much mile-age.. 🙁 but when it comes to safety/trust and most grip…) Pirelli Supercorsa…and maybe also the Metzeler Racetec K2/3 .. :))

ZeroBoostBuick says:

Just so everyone is clear on this… the Dunlop Q2 is NOT the same as a Qualifier II… I had a Honda bike dealer guy think it was the same… I had to show him pics of both tires to show him that they’re different and the Q2 is a much better tire by far.

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