New Rider Info When To Change Your Motorcycle Tires

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Observing Rogue says:

If my tires started looking as uneven as those, I would go to good parking lots, and practice techniques, that happen to wear down the outer tread, like pothole dodging maneuvers.
And I would make a race course around the parking spots, painted lines, and obstacles, then practice proper knee down, high lean angle turning. Especially if I have a stunt or race cage & protective clothing.

zombies4sale says:

Wait I’ve watched your cigar reviews!

ScottyTeddy says:

Nice Video. It’s been a while since you changed to mixed compound tires, so I wondered if you were getting the claimed improved mileage and any handling differences, like stopping in the wet / dry on the harder rubber center?

Radioactiveslime says:

Good stuff TwoWheelObsession (TWO, haha, nice). How about some advice on the reasons to change out tires; nicks and cuts, what’s acceptable, what’s not. Cracking due to age/UV damage, what’s acceptable, what’s not. Puncture repairs, once, twice? Please don’t say thrice. Keep up the good work.

Downtime says:

oh my god, you have a motorcycle channel also? i watched your cigar videos and i knew you looked familiar. LOL

motofan16 says:

Instead of a triangle, Michelin uses Michelin Men to point at wear bar locations.

Gonzalo Sanchidrián says:

Another indication of tires being shut is; when you look at the tire’s sidewall you will see a 4 digit code in a rounded rectangle, that is the date of manufacturing as in 00/00 week of the year and year; 2517 = 25th week of 2017. Reason being because manufacturers advise against using tires that are more than 5 years old since the oils dry and the rubber becomes harder and less grippy.

El Chapo says:

i just ride mine until i see the belts in the tire. my current rear tire has streaks of mesh visible

vonSnook says:

It’s a Barney is going to give you a ticket, if he catches ya mark. LoL

Francisco Febres-Cordero says:

This was a very helpful video, thank you sir!

Ray Brensike says:

Wish the tire manufacturers would add a bit more tread in the center of the tire.  So if the wear bars are set at 1/32″, that means with a 8/64″ depth of tread on some new tires, we are wearing 3/4 of the tread and then we are illegal. Lots of new tires only have 1/4″ of tread depth. That duel compound seems to be a good idea, to me. Hope it works well.

Scot Pleski says:

Running Conti Trail Attack II (3rd set) on my 2014 BMW R1200GS (currently 66,000+ miles) and getting 20,000+ miles on both the front and rear. Yes, 20,000+. The OEM tire, Michelin Anakee III had over 13,000 at replacement and had about another 4,000 miles remaining.

Jeboks777 says:

“legally required to change tires…” Anyone got Harvey Spectre’s number?

Wael Khayat says:

If I remember correctly, did you have a Cigar channel on youtube?

Alexander Löfstrand says:

I got 13 000 miles on Michelin Pilot Road 3 on my Honda ST1300. Now I changed to Pilot Road 4 GT and it’s feels even better!

Pickle Rick says:

When changing out tyres, do you recommend changing both at the same time? will it effect handling?

John Urbach says:

Battle Axe sir.

Aden Buford says:

“This is not an endorsement for Craftsman tools or lights for that matter.” Nice video. Good tips. Your explanation on the tire wear indicator was much better than a few videos of the same subject. After your video I completely understood and what to look for.

TX2673XA says:

Mi tire tred go faster outside then middle becouse i live near mountains and the roads are like the $ mark 😉

Paul Watkinson says:

Here is a simple iPhone App to help estimate tire life YMMV

grumpy old fart says:

Them tires is wore plum out. Somebody just put a new tag on them, and painted stripes around them. You can’t even see any signs of knobs on them. First muddy hill, and you’re gonna be stuck.

paul orta says:

my 79 cx500 has great tired left. however the sides have very small minimal cracks in it. you see it more with dirt. i live in the country. can somwone tell mw if thats okay

TheBrindleBoxer says:

do you think the GT’s must be used on an FJR? Or would the regular PR4’s be just fine.

addicted2myfz8 fun says:

Good info for a new rider. I have still my original tires on my rear. 16,000 in BT021. But at 12,000 I change out my fronts. I want to replaced both at the same time. And your right I hardly use my back break. And I check my tires pressure every other day.

Supernova12034 says:

anything wrong with mixing and matching different brands for front/rear?

Chesty McStudmuffin says:

LOL…”What came stock on your bike is junk”. Mine came with the Pilot 4 GT’s, same as what you’re putting on. Nice junk, lol.

Henry Socha says:

I recently bought a 2005 Suzuki c50, it has the stock tires with 11k miles and an 04 date on the tires, no visible cracks, but I take it I should replace these?

Timothy Regan says:

Great channel. Has inspired me to do as much work as I can on my 2016FJR1300es. So my question is, now that you gave 2 years on these tires (or maybe already been replaced), how did they work for you? Mileage? Grip?

NotMe, says:

I ride my tires till I see secondary rubber usually…. And I had known some dudes that rode it to the metal… Lol

Cameron Rodriguez says:

OMG. thanks a lot. I never knew how to use those wear indicators. this really helped.
I always looked at the arrows on the side and wondered how are these supposed to show me wear. lol.
this was awesome and much needed. 🙂

JFeezy says:

Good vid, earned my sub.

Null Glass says:

This video was sponsored by craftsman right?

bikeboy0012 says:

I ride on rim

spanky mcnugget says:

hey man I was wondering if you can help me out a bit I’m interested in buying my first bike it’s an 2002 harley fxstc softail custom but I’m a bit suspicious of the seller he says the bike has only 5733 km which is only 3562 miles and it needs new tires and he also says he’s got nearly 50k invested in the bike and only wants $13,000 for it? what’s your thoughts

Ducky27645 says:

Alright, lets let them wear down into the first third and see how it develops. It has a nice earthy feel to them and definitely has a spicy kick in excitement.

786philb says:

your lucky. I got 4000 miles on the same tires. Also just changing to pilot 4 GT,s on my triumph sprint GT. Have got to get more miles. Not cheap, But hopefully worth it.

Ziggy Sheppard says:

By coincidence, I am removing my old Bridgestone Battlax’s and replacing them with Michelin PR4s. Thanks for the video. You confirmed what I suspected.
Another reason to replace your tyres by this point is that 90% of punctures occur during the last 10% of tyre wear.

TVC15 says:

You’re getting better rain channeling tires out of those new Michelin’s too. They are usually good for about 15,000 miles, unless getting into juiced burnout events.

praveen saji says:

can i use two different company tyre on front and back in my bike????

Michael says:

Your tire did a lot better than my stock Dunlops. I only got about 3,600 out of my rear tire before it was extremely bald.

john smith says:

“lots of people run car tires on their motorcycles” ?? what? are you serious???

Aurelio Ramos says:

I think you could mention tire age. Some bikes don’t get used a lot and can end up with relatively unworn tires north of 5 years old. At some point the rubber starts to dry up though and it makes sense to replace them. If you have the money I’d say when worn out or 4-5 years whatever comes first, adjust a little depending on sunlight exposure.

Richard Mourdock says:

Very helpful… Last fall I blew a rear tire at 50 mph exiting a curve.  Pleased to say that all was fine coming to a stop but the wear sneaked up on me… I didn’t think it looked that bad but…. I’ve played that chip, don’t want to do it again.

sheldon murphy says:

thanks for the video !

Clarence Swope says:

Well my opinion it all depends on the weight of the bike because there’s more weight on the back tire versus the front tire and that is why the back tire wears out before the front tire enjoy your video it is very informative especially to a rookie Rider I don’t consider myself a total newbie but I still consider myself a rookie

Robert A says:

My front tire is 7 years old. It still has some thread left on it. However it shows some microscopic cracks on the sidewalls. Should I replace it?

Massimiliano Passeri says:

Great video, i ride motorcycles since 26 years ago,changed lots of set of tyres … and never noticed those marks ! … right now i was figuring out when to change my tyres ! Thanks man !

Your Nightmare says:

I just ride mine until blow out and I dont care to check condition thats i ride longer than any other rider

michel Guevara says:

I once put a batlax for a fireblade 16 front on my RX, it was dead on the sides within 130miles, went back to metz

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