New motorbike tire, safety tip !

They say that 100 miles/160 km is safe, but is it ?


Gogosor says:

I also just learned about it, it’s a simple test. Thought I would spread the word.

TheCrazymook says:

Cool trick mate, I’ll have to keep that tip in mind when I break in tyres in the future! 🙂

thatmanfromyorkshire says:

Never thought of doing that,but will keep it in mind g 😉

Britex3186 says:

Cool safety check, I just find a gravel road and ride down it a few times to accelerate the tire break in period. 105 degree temps here and that stuff just melts off the tire. 😀

Gogosor says:

It was nice, I will have to see if I can’t find it again.

BMWK75Rider says:

Thanks you! Very nice tip! Now I have to find a way to get rid of the coating at the outer sides… Because you have to lean in a lot while doing corners, but you can’t actually do that because the coating is still on…hmmm

Gogosor says:


Gogosor says:

The way I do it is to start slow in the corners, then gradually speed up so that you lean more, stay nice and steady.

strikezero01 says:

XD gj with that Yomawari sound effect.. you really had me there.

Gogosor says:

Thanks, thought I would spread the word.

Gogosor says:

Good tip, will try that.

Baz A says:

haven’t they stopped using the release agent now,  so this no longer applies?

Gogosor says:

LOL, yep 🙂

MrkStphn91 says:

just do a burn out thts what id do to get rid of the protective layer

Gogosor says:

Didn’t think about gravel roads, I will have to do some laps of the village car park.

Gogosor says:

LOL, Roundabouts have their advantages.

RC62 says:

I ride like a sissy all the time anyway so don’t worry too much about new tires. lol

Matt Evans says:

The only way to wear that off the corners is to lean harder. So won’t Miss Daisy will always be dry in the corners unless she’s ridden hard?

Mikey Gardiner says:

As long as you get heat in the tyres and don’t push them to the limit they will grip and wear away the silicone layer in seconds!

Gogosor says:

LOL, thanks 🙂

Gussechan says:

I heard some people rough up the new tire with sandpaper before they ride, probaly would do the same as riding carefully the first 100 miles.

Gogosor says:


Gogosor says:

My pleasure mate.

Gogosor says:

Thanks, it’s an interesting approach to testing it.

Gogosor says:

For sure, hot tyres are key.

Gogosor says:

Thanks, it’s a nice and simple test.

ErrEs says:

Neat trick with the water. The stuff on a new tyre is actually some sort of coating to get it out of the mold easily, plus it also protects the unused rubber against air and humidity so they can store the tyres longer.
Well they say to take it easy for about 100kms but actually you can gradually lean more and more as long as you don’t completly get on the greasy part at once. If you have a feel for it you can tell when you’re getting on the greasy part. I broke mine in in about 50km.

Gogosor says:

Good job on the 50km, I got most of it off now 🙂

Gogosor says:

Most likely, I prefer doing it the old fashion way 🙂


nice trick that, merci beaucoup

gloverintl says:

Also a good way to get rid of that bad drink that you didn’t want anyway. B-)

Gogosor says:

LOL, As long as you stay safe my friend.

TarBroil says:

Hey Gogo, you need to keep riding Miss Daisy until the blobs go away.

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