My TOP3: The BEST Enduro/Offroad tyres

In this video I will list my three favorite enduro/offroad tyres.
Comment below what kind of tyre combinations are you using!


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Thomas Wunner says:

I rode the Metzeler Six Days Extreme, too. Well, it was a bit of getting used to that hard profile, but then it was just perfect. Perfect for my rocky home track.

Steve Hangen says:

Im in southern California where its usually dry. Im running the Maxxis desert IT 120. For the dry and even wet conditions its been a very good tire.

Dirt Bike Channel says:

Well done Aleksi!

Stoyan Kirov says:

Why did you put the wrench between the chain and the sprocket while putting the tire on?

B. Oppegaard says:

Not that pro, so I buy/use cheap tires like Mich. S12, For winter use I have stud tires, Mich AC-10.
Since May I have used Tubliss and have only 3-6 PSI and a super grip.
Next season I will use AC-10 without studs, have two sets of rims both with Tubliss, it works great.

JIM Husky says:

I’m a simple man I see a good review I LIKE

Buli96 says:

Your list of three tires coincides with my: D

chuang 725 says:

Hi Aleksi . I Choose “IRC VE33” . good for all terrain !


This combination of tips and how to’s plus cinematics in the same video is just insane!!!

Enduro War says:

Very good video and very good tyre these metzeler it´s my favorite to 😉

Dani Lopez says:

Hi Aleski! First of all, thank you for your help uploading this kind of videos. I have to change my rear tyre. I wolud like to test the Mitas EF-07, but I don’t know if I should choose the green stripe or the yellow stipe. The terrain where I ride it’s not very rocky neither rooty. The majority of the rides are over paths between the froest, and it’s usually dry, only a few months it’s a little wet, but no mud. I also ride in motocross tracks in summer, then, I don’t know if the green stripe is valid for this use or if I should choose the yellow one. My bike is a KTM exc 250 2012 and my weight is 70kg. What do you think? Thank you very much for your help! 🙂

CHEVY Toyhauler says:

You are right METZELER SIX DAYS ETREME the way to go

penninviisaampi says:

Have yoy ever tried michelin tires ? I only ride those.

Tomek005c says:


Gordon Smith SA says:

Cool dude…Thanks, good advice

Peter Fredlund says:

Do you only rid FIM tires? I ride Mitas c18 green rear and gritty 663 front. maybe not best but realy god overall and very long lasting on an Husaberg 450 11

my way says:

Metzeler six days extreme soft best tyre ever

TeKaMOTO says:

I’ve also found the Mitas tires to be very long lasting, as long as you choose a compound that isn’t race spec. I’ve had a couple sets of the non-srtiped C-10 (or 18, I can’t remember which number it was) motocross tires and noticed they lasted about 2 times longer than any Pirellis, Bridgestones, Michelins or Metzelers that I’ve ridden. The major brand’s tires have lasted about 5-8 hours, while the C-10’s handled well over 15 hours of beating from the 450f. The grip is probably not the best in the world, but pretty damn good considering they last two times longer and cost less than the soft compound race tires.

Rollin Patrolin says:

awesome video! what’s the music in the beginning?

TheSilec says:

Mitas 754, best for mud and wood

David Carlson says:

What about front tires? I ran the c29 white 14psi in wet and rocky and was not impressed with the performance. It was like riding on marbles

Adi Burlacescu says:

Bro just take off mousse and install Tubliss way more traction!

lauri ahonen says:

Hyvä video. Tee samanlainen video mut vaa piikkirenkaista.

Phil says:

I see you’ve rebranded yourself my friend BUT still really enjoy watching your video’s. I can get Mita’s in Canada and for rears the EF-07 single/double green is on my list but in the PWN I’ve been running a Shinko 505 from 2ish to 8ish PSI with a IRC-IX Heavy tube and man I have to say this tire hooks up in all types of terrain and IMO is an incredibly durable long lasting tire. but I’m not racing.

Far too many tires and not enough time or $$$$$.

FilterX from KTMtalk and Thumper Talk 🙂

Daniel Rivera says:

Nice vid! Question, what mousse are you running and how many hours do they last for you?

Lazaroiu Stefan says:

what tyres size you use ? 120/90/18? or 140 ?

TheBigBoy says:

Mitas C02 is the best for me!

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