My “Defected” Motorbike



QlandBiker15 says:

Hey mate, Hope you get everything sorted and get back on the road, Good Luck 🙂

Silberaal88 says:

What car did u get?

Chris Smith says:

Bullshit that is dude, really hope you get it sorted out ASAP. Best of luck!

Alberto Barañano says:

Sorry to hear that BS about that cop…..and Glad to hear you are OK…..I was starting to think:

a) You crashed, or
b) You sold your bike, and you were expecting a proper bike ( 😉 ) to show on your next video 😉

Take care man

plaid13 says:

Yeah sounds and looks like the cop was just having a bad day and took it out on you. Take it to court show them the tire wear indicators show them the turn signals working. One bad cop can make them all look bad. And they often do. Dunno what the laws are like there but a cop in the US making up stuff like that and ticketing you for stuff that is not true is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Rohan says:

sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue

TheBFGonTC says:

You don’t lose points for a defect.

SenorClam16 says:

man they really have some crazy harsh regulations for you guys down there. getting a motorcycle endorsement in the US takes one weekend and you can get on any bike you want after that. none of the whole P’s and L’s crap and the whole “defect” bs.

cruisin650 says:

Man that tyre has more tread on it than mine at the moment. Mine is categorically BALD. While yours is on its way out it isn’t something that I think you should be defected for. On my recent ride for Melbourne Street Riders I was shitting myself when I saw the booze bus with the traffic authority along side of it. A defect would have resulted if they pulled me in 🙂 Chin up dude.

kinsel says:

Your tyre is worn down to the wear bars? I don’t get your point?

kaez02 says:

They are just useless in general. It’s aparently your fault if you get assaulted.

Liz Coz says:

hmmm, ive seen vids of the metal line down the middle not get tickets…

TheBFGonTC says:

Missing your vlogs. Are you okay?

Tech49 says:

and btw fuck them and get back out there riding and vlogging.

tastyhamsandwhich says:

Bad luck on the defect mate.
You’ll be back on the road in no time 😉

Please Ban Me says:

Where is the footage of defect?

KatanaKronicals says:

sounds like bullshit man..sorry to hear

iTrophyEyes says:

bike is back homie! vlog tomorrow!

jiri says:

cops today in Australia are nothing but road terrorists.., bullies with a badge.. there was a time they were good.. but today nobody respects them.. they’re of no use unless there’s a revenue to be made.. they are so totally useless.. they only serve and protect themselves. . why do we pay taxes to such a useless organization. .??!!

knifeyisgreat says:



Go to court, tell them you think the cop isn’t qualified to make those judgments

jinkla says:

fuck that shit, hope you got footage of the whole encounter.

Thirteen DR says:

spewing trophy.

Are you able to fight the defect notice and the cop legally??
with that said is it really worth fighting? you do have footage/audio recording of the cop talking over you etc?

V-twin Kevin says:

Vertical video syndrome.. Booo

I am Iron Man says:

Man I hope it all gets sorted out for the best. Your the funniest moto vlogger out, and I love watching all your vlogs, so I can’t wait for more, hopefully sooner rather than later.

OldManTriple says:

nice canary! tough break mr eyes.

Hyper Horse says:

I hope you get revenge.

Overture says:


Jordan Heery says:

thats bullshit dude! that back tyre has plenty life left in it by the looks of it, Cops dont have anything better to do… they shouldnt be able to defect you for turn blinkers. some bikes dont even have them and they get registered!!

Martin Doohan says:

wtfark 🙁

Slipprymongoose says:

Fight that shit out man. Chin up

DingleNutZ says:

This sucks bro, You should have asked him to get his boss on the scene or something, thats bullshit! yea, you’ve got a tiny tiny little flat spot, and sometimes they do feel a little weird, but there was definitely tread! hope you get to work this one out.

796andy2 says:

Prolly saw a bike like yours parked outside his house while he was working …

Simon M says:

first view!

Tech49 says:

so no criminals up there in NT obviously. the phrase ‘have you nothing better to be doing’ springs to mind.

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