Motoz Tractionator Adventure Tire Review

This video is about my review of the Motoz Trationator Adventure Tire… Road nearly 4,000 miles through Moab & The Colorado Passes on dirt, sand, rocks, shale and on the highway… Check Out The Review…

For more info on the Motoz Tractionator visit their website…


Digby Wilkinson says:

Great review. I have the later set on my r1200gs and haven’t had any of the cracking. With you I have found them to be great all round adventure tires considering how aggressive they are. All round better than the tkc80 with same handling but much better life expectancy. Road handling has been fine even when pushing it. Wet roads haven’t been a problem either, which was my biggest fear. So all round they get the thumbs up. Thanks for the video. Appreciated.

Syd Mason says:

Great review.  I have them on my 1190R –  nothing holds up as well (they easily do double the miles but with much better traction).  One I had did have some small cracking but other brands I’ve tried would have been in the trash long ago.  When I looked into it, I went on google images and put the brand of each tyre with the word cracking after it – they all crack (sure not every tire but they all seem to show up in google images with cracks).  They still get my money (try going back to something else to see why).

carmas54 says:

Hope you get home safe

john sapi says:

HI, Good review.

I have the Tractionator GPS rear tire on my GS 1200, now with 8000Miles/12500Kms. It was nice on and off road, still have lots of tread, just last 700Kms going on good paved road I notice the cracks just on knob base. Called my Dealer in Calgary and they said distributor in Canada is not representing MotoZ anymore in Canada, so almost no chances to get some warranty. I’m very sad and disappointed. If is true the new batch has a better rubber compound I would try again if they gave me some warranty on my actual tire.

Robert Pack says:

Great review. I’m on my second rear motoz tractionator adventure on my KTM 1190R. I use a TKC 80 on the front. Love the motoz and the rear-front combo with the tkc80. I love the dig and grip of this tire on my heavy powerful bike. Really nice all the way to the edges. No cracking at the base of the knobs on either tire. I rarely reduce tire pressure below 36lbs street or trail, unless it’s just impassable otherwise. The tire is really substantial. Something like 15mm center knobs! I got 5000 miles out of the first rear and have 3600 on this one. I get some chunking on the knobs when I ride in the dirt with my traction control off and in full horsepower mode. Makes sense because the rubber x weight x power x rocks … something has to give. I’ve already bought the replacement 3rd tractionator adventure and it’s in my garage.

Diego Fianza says:

MotoZ is a play on Australia…or as they call their land Oz-trail-yah or simply Oz.

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