Motorcycle Tubeless Tire Punture Kits

This is a review of the top 3 motorcycle tubeless tire punture kits available on the market. I fully test all 3 types and as you will see, when I submerge the tire under water and interesting result is found. Cheers… Mark

All 3 punture kits are available for purchase online, just search google and they all come up.

To purchase the Stop & Go Tyre Plugger see here:


edjrmorgan says:

Awesome, you get what you pay for! Great how to.

77Zone says:

Great video! We call that sticky thing as a “Camel shit”, used it few times but never used any cement with it and never had any leaks after repair, also leave the reamer in the hole and only pull it out after you’re ready to insert that “shit” in 😉 only problem is those handles.. they take space!! 🙁

Kevins Mims says:

change my value shin is bad

dazko12 says:

Nice one mate, but viewers note CrustyBiker’s comment on the StopnGo, read the instructions better! You’re supposed to tug the stem about 2″ to pull the mushroom head up to the carcus. Even better!

John Smith says:

Just remember to pack your gorilla to get the twisty thing happening.

Steven01001 says:

Thank you, it really helps.

JustBanter says:

Great Video, thats exactly what folk need to know, mistakes and all, because you just know this is what your average Biker is going to go through on their first attempt.
Personally I’d use the ‘Repair Strip String Kit Plug’ in conjuction with some ‘Slime’ Sealant – I reckon the addition of the Slime will seal any minor leaks and the price factor is a no-brainer.

Paresh Ladd says:

Thanks for putting this up… pretty realistic too, pretty most of us would go through the same motions our first time. Going on a cross Canada trip later this summer, will definitely be bring the last puncture kit with me. Cheers!

Oomer Atomic says:

Do not pull on insert when cutting flush with tyre, just bash with hammer when finished lol..

nigel woodberry says:

Great video and informative. Now I know what i’m buying.
As another comment says – haven’t laughed so much in ages.

Prashant k Prasad says:

You are a hard working man ! I am proud of you mate keep that up for your entire life. Very less people are blessed with mind set you have.

074u says:

ON the road you want to preserve as much air as you can. You have to have tools lined up and ready and don’tpull hole reamer out till plug is glued up and ready to plunge. Overall good video for some. Cheers.

Nigel Douch says:

Great, thanks for the work you put into this!

Jest Me says:

Thanks for keeping on , keeping on . Mark your highest on my list for rerun . The top honor given here .

dddaybreaker says:

hi ! for ur reference……..

Ronan Rogers says:

Hhmmm…I don’t like the looks of the first one. Unlike the others, especially the stop n go, it doesn’t have the larger diameter on the inside, it has the smaller diameter, held in place by a thread. I’ve never seen that one before, ai don’t think it would handle the centrifugal force of the rotation of the wheel

Hellishrider says:

Hello mate! Really nice and funny video you got here. I´m crying laughing with the second toll kit but the information is quite good and important as well. m/

tiehut says:

“that’s not a knife.  THIS is a knife.”

Fergus Stevenson says:

Great video, helped me make the right choice when ordering my kit.

Is that also one of the first RipCurl Tide Masters?? I have the same watch :o)

Kayomarz Bacha says:

Hi great video buddy. Love the trial and error aspect of things, and really liked the fact that a guy with tube tires is testing out tubeless tire gear. I personally have been using the ‘Sticky, Stringy rope thingy’ for years now on my car as well as my bikes, works brilliantly for me. One suggestion if I may, I usually apply some of the rubber glue from the tube after cutting the excess off. It helps seal the little gaps and hence avoid the small leak that you got. 

Ian S says:

Hi. I know his is very old video – but try Dynaplug next time. They are available here in Australia and much much easier and you don’t need to enlarge the puncture hole.

razza9 says:

wat a crackup!      ohhh…shit!   BAHAHAHAHA broken handle….

Spuds McHaggis says:

Hi Mark,

Another good vid.

Also as others have said with the sticky string you have to let the tyre deflate before you start the process.

Also the trick with the sticky string is to put a good amount of the glue on the remmer and insert it back into the hole so it gives a liberal coating on the walls of the hole.

You then insert the string, trim it and in my experience (6 years as a motorcycle couirer), put some more glue around the trim.

You then have to wait a at least 20 mins for the glue to cure before inflating the tyre.

Other then that, the plug and go looks like a great product and I wished I had of known about that when I was a couirer.

davieboy1970 says:

I see other people commented but I was also going to say that the 2nd one he did not do right.. It’s best to spray the reamer with a little bit of lubricant so it will slide down in their easy and then you’re supposed to move it up-and-down a bunch as to Ream out the hole bigger. And then I would leave it in there before you put the other thing with the plug together so you don’t lose any air out of the tire.. I’ve never used that glue stuffI don’t really see why you have to because the plugs already have sticky stuff on them and they will in here to the tire once you put them in. But when you do the 2nd step 2 put the plug in it is so much easier to make sure the tire is one the full of air and then just push it down real hard and twisted a turn or more and then pull it straight out.. But yeah you don’t wanna buy the cheap ones because I did that once and had the same problem you just had it broke off..

MegaTabetha says:

Try DYNA PLUG, you won’t want or need anything else, so simple no glue no mess no fuss no leaks

Jim Watts says:

What a DA!!!

1stcaspian says:

stop and go pocket tyre plugger for 42 aus $ and air doesn’t came out of tyre. and sticky and twisty rope tubeless tyre puncture repair kit for 16 aus $ and air do came out tyre. and it’s risky to ride bike at high speed when air is still coming out of tyre. what is mushroom puncture repair kit for tubeless tyre in which you have to remove tyre from rim to repair puncture? ? can you explain biker bit

Riogetsu Hilariter says:

Thanks for video !

Steven Hartney says:

Great video.. had a good laugh too.. 🙂

davieboy1970 says:

The twisty stringy things will leak just a little bit but you need to put the tire back on the vehicle and drive it because it will actually warm up the tire in caused them to get a better seal because they will melt and form with the tire from the heat.. That’s just what I’ve always been taught by my dad because we used to use these all the time and they seem to work good. We’ve also used the mushroom plug things that you use last and those always seem to work good to.

Grievousnz says:

What comedy program was this from? Lol

Anthony R. says:

Great vid – entertaining to say the least. 
best thing on the “sticky string thingy” burn the tip for a bit – that will seal the rubber and cement – the reason you still had air coming from that one is the cement never sealed to the rubber … just my 2 cents on the matter and an old trick from my dad I learned.

Ted Edwards says:

Thanks Mark three great reviews and made even better because of your honesty as many would of edited out their mistakes. You have confirmed for me what I should buy the Stop an Go as my mate used it on a tyre for me and it held until I had to replace the tyre.

kingdarko says:

On the one where your handle broke off some of the sticky strips will vulcanise once you run the tyre hot, not sure it that would have sealed it properly in your case though but just something to point out.

CalmBiker says:

I haven’t seen the first type before. I’ve used the mushroom in the past with not much luck so I’ve got the gummy worms under the seat now. Hope I don’t need them!

Razorback says:

good video mark, done very well for first timer which is perfect for others to see the challenges,
soapy water is easiest way to check for any air or gas leak mate, as it will promote bubbles better than water,
keep up the good work!

Grievousnz says:

Put the whole tyre in water?? Why didn’t you just spray some soapy water on the repairs and look for bubbles??

ravi vengadason says:

Mark, enjoyed your video though made in 2012. Very honest video. Enjoyed it very much.

David Ratcliffe says:

Used the reaming tool on 2 tyres now with no problem, ream the hole out, add glue, insert plug, 1 1/2 twists and pull out, job done!

CrustyBiker says:

That was a very surprising result, since the stop n go was the one that you missed a major important step on, every other vid of seen of this states you should tug the stem with pliers to seat the head properly, maybe you were lucky in the sense that your plugger may have given it the tug it needed, please re- read instructions before use to see if I’m right otherwise you may not get as good results everytime. ps do not tug it while cutting the stem.. 🙂

KathrynLiz1 says:

The “Stop ‘n’ Go” is great but you do need a lot of torque to get the plug through the tool (I mafe a hex on mine ‘cos my hands are not strng!)…

Bob Farrell says:

Nice to see a video showing what an average person fixing a puncture for the first time would actually go through.

Michael Williams says:

Great video mate, really funny, but you did make a hash of the second sticky one, it needs reaming more and the string went in to far, all in all, a great 25 mins, oh by the way, bloody hell always cut away from the body 🙂

Nick Coronation says:

well done. cheers mate!

DeathBorn says:

Do you read instructions buddy? Love your videos, but sometimes you give false info. I know you don’t mean to. Thx for effort, keep the videos coming brava

Krish Mohan says:

Thanks a lot. Throughly Enjoyed. Here in the US, some of them come with a small CO2 canisters to pump air to get to the nearest place to get air, because typically you notice it only when the pressure goes to about 20 PSI or less. Again, a word of caution, doing this at home and on the road on a Wet dark rainy day or a Hot 40 C day are two different things. Mentally go over this several times before a trip, see a lot of Videos like this. I have TPMS on my bike (BMW F700gs) 🙂

Natas Selur says:

Great video. Many thanks. I need to buy a repair kit and you helped in which one.

Angus Davies says:

You could be Hugh Grant’s stunt double, but he does his own.

Cooper 1019 says:

A great informative video well done. Just out of curiosity which part of london are you from ?

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