Motorcycle Tire Pressure: Why Is It So Important?

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Garth Vader says:

Enjoyed this vid.Found it helpful once again 🙂

Kazushi Sakuraba says:

best motorcycle advice channel on youtube. you are VERY clear in explanation and go in depth. good advice, greets from holland and new sub !

DeanBooster says:

It’s a good pump

Peter W says:

I had front tire air leeking for the first 3 months I bought my R3, till they realigned it so now I’m used to checking everytime I go out. Awesome video Greg!

Jim D says:

Once the gauge is properly aligned, why do you not accept the first reading and go by the second one? Easy enough to do it that way, but I am just curious if there is something that I am missing. Thanks for sharing.

boseisgood says:

Great video performing a simple task. The explanations are very useful, even though most of us know how to check and adjust tire pressure. Oh, and I now hang my helmet on the mirror. Thanks for looking out for us newer riders!!

tpcs says:

16:23. Me too, 40 rear, 37 front for my rebel 300 2017. 80+ mpg if I ride her easily and consistently. Hit 88 mpg a week or two ago. But eventually, I’m replacing her with an adventure bike similar to yours to an extent ( nc750s or n750x)

take care says:

Is there a law for free air for motorcycle tires?

James Nakatsu says:

When in doubt, ask MOM (Motorcycle Owner’s Manual)… 😉

Alex Smith says:

Another great video Eddie! Thanks!!

Mark Stewart says:

I have a Joe Blow pump too. They are often overlooked because people think they’re just for bicycles. They’re easily capable of 100psi which is way higher than needed for a motorcycle. My tube rotted over time and I just replaced it. Had it at least 10 years and it’s still going.

Tim H says:

Bicycle pump is a good idea and a good arm work out also.

KoG GoK says:

500 dollars to replace tires? fast eddie needs to get some tools.

mike badgio says:

22 minutes on checking tire press. Seriously

Andre khoury says:

interesting but in my country the asphalt traction is poorest in the world to I better drop it 3 pounds front and rear, when I ride, I don’t ride much its a hobby so won’t kill the tire

Rob Martinez says:

Bro you are awesome all of your videos are really interesting and actually you have been doing all or us a big favor sharing your experience. My respect and admiration goes out to you.

Jeremy Bowe says:

Thanks Eddie for passing the knowledge, I’m a newbie and watching your instructional videos really helps me a lot!

NomNomNom says:

Great instructional video! I also live in San Diego; hope to run into you someday.

By the way, whats the name of the tire pressure gauge you are using the the video? I am interested in purchasing one for myself.

Frank Stocker says:

I’m getting “tired” of your videos too much pressure.

Patrick Williams says:

What if you have tires that aren’t stock? Would the pressures listed in the bike’s manual still be accurate? I bought my 2004 R6 used and the Diablo tires that are on it aren’t stock (at least I don’t think they are).

shoei07 says:

How much air in rear for long highway trips? A commercial cut in and I couldn’t make it out. My new tires are 3 months old with 5,000 miles and I’ll be lucky if I can get 8,000 out the of the rear. Have the same tires Michelin Pilot.

bristol says:

Very thorough and attention holding info on tyre (uk spelling) pressures…. Thanks….

docgreen 49 says:

Brilliant and I’ve got the Lee Parks’ book on Kindle – so can be referenced via my iPhone. Thanks again for your vlog.

Orlando Olmo says:

This one is personal to me. Way back when I started. In NYC we pretty much went to our local shop and the huge major one in Manhattan. Picking my first bike was done at that major shop. They had the inventory that helps with picking out what you want. Rather than going from small shop to small shop. They typically only had one or two brands.
But in that huge dealer, I noticed that during the winter off season, the showroom was full and the service dept was empty. Once the season was on the show room was not as full but the service dept was packed. Especially with crashed bikes. Literally dozens and dozens of recked bikes. My first ride on my first bike was oh so very careful. Once I got home I pretty much read that owners manual from cover to cover. I had no experience with repairing but I knew about tire pressure from my bicycle riding. I did have the gauge and a pump. To my surprise the motorcycle the day after I picked it up had a tire pressure that was 150% of recommended. Those suckers were green and rock hard. Instantly I realized that the reason the service dept was loaded with wrecked bikes was they were selling to newbies and maybe experienced riders machines with those green and over pressured tires. A formula for disaster!
I would visit that mega shop and wait just down the block and would wave over new bike owners and introduce myself and tell them my story. Without hesitation they would let me check their pressures and the bike over all. Practically 95% of the time their tires were way over pressure. it was quite a revelation to me and to the folks I’d check tire pressure on.
It’s is also pretty shocking to look up the price of new tires. Top that off with learning their lifetime in miles. For me that means a new set every year, for now. I’ll end that maybe it another great reason to have a smaller bike. Their tires are a bit less expensive. My dragon is the first liter bike I’ve ever had. While it is very sexy to see that 185 on the back, boy is that one expensive bit of rubber! I’m saving up to replace the front and rear.

Thank you #fasteddie for passing on the experience and info. Our best education is the actual experience of other riders.

Driss Green says:

great choice of bikes

J D says:

Thanx again Eddie for more great content, I’ll be getting my merch soon

Chris chomley smyth says:

Next week how to tie shoe laces.

Edward Hall says:

I had set my crf250l pressures to the tires 33 psi. Bike was squirmy big time. Book says 22 psi. Bike is a lot nicer now with less bad habits.

Luis Contreras says:

Your videos are really awesome. Thanks for being so friendly and humble with us noobs. I recently got my first bike ever (Yamaha R3) and felt overwhelmed about how much there’s to learn and how little I can get out of my bike. How every, your videos have been really helpful and in a couple weeks I’ve manged improve a lot. Shut up and practice is my new mantra. Thank you!

RHEF 13 says:

Do you mind if I ask what city/ state your in?

Vu Le says:

“You’re pretty much wasting the bike’s time” OMG That was an awesomely quote. I’m going to have to try to use this quote at some point in the future.

Tom Beckett says:

Hi Ed my tire pressure is stated right on the side of my Suzuki Vstrom . The bike suspension is designed for that pressure never mind what the tire said . That’s where people get confused. Ride safe Pal cheers.

PistolPete63 says:

Another great video! Absolutely spot on about the importance of proper tire pressure!

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