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Back to basics! Checking tire pressures is the most fundamental of maintenance items, yet most riders fail to do it as often as they should. (Hint: You should be doing it at least every other week!) In this video from the MC Garage, Senior Road Test Editor Ari Henning explains the importance of properly inflated tires as well as where to look to find the recommended pressures for your bike.


abhijeet gyal says:

Hi what happens when we up size?I’m super confused on what the tyre pressure should be on my up sized tyres

EyeOf Dragon says:

how to confirm , if the tyre pressure sticker is wornout and no way to find out the exact pressure required , is there any universal method to find the psi ? ty

Reynaldo Ruiz says:

How rider weight affect the recommended tire pressure

T-ReX Mind says:

That intro deserves a like

Swaraj Amale says:

Ari Hennings are you an engineer ?

yeD vanrawS says:

@Motorcyclist Magazine, Your advice on Tyre Sealant.
Are they safe to use?
Does it effect the tyre’s longevity?
Do they have any adverse effect?
Will it work efficiently on tropical conditions?

Any advice would be well appreciated…

joshua poppell says:

I want them to go over the different pressures. still kind of new to riding my Zx6r recommends I think 36 front 42 rear or something. When I took it to the shop they asked my if i planned on riding spirited to do 32 from 34-36 rear. Why is that if he said lower pressure would cause worse handling?

illizard8 says:

Do you have any recommendation on pumping up tires at home? I don’t trust the gauges at the local petrol stations. I have a high quality bicycle floor pump at home (Lezyne floor pump). I don’t see why it wouldn’t work other than maybe taking a while to pump the required volume of air.

DJ RichyLaurence says:

No brainer really.

Mr Fechu says:

what about nitrogen instead of air to inflate the tires?. It seems to keep the pressure longer.

Joey Roth says:

I always ride 2 up. Should I change my tire pressure due to this. If so, how much. ’14 cbr 1000.

Daniel Iafrate says:

MC Garage is great. Thanks for continuing to make these videos shorts.

I would like to see more motorycle review/adventure videos with yourself and Zac though. Thats great stuff! They don’t need to be with brand new bike either. You guys could do some old bike compairos possibly for the used market buyer.

Dan, Up in Canada. Still waiting for Spring weather and this damn salt to clear off the roads.

Gernuts says:

that intro was…. disturbing….

GDiesel says:

Oddly enough checked the pressure on my Daytona 675R today, holy shit….21 psi front 29 rear, manual calls for 34 front 36 rear. That seems dangerously low, I’m disappointed in myself for not checking sooner! Good video!

Bihari Biker says:

#MC Garage , Sir please make video on “How to Wash & Wax a motorcycle . What processor for Matte paint & What for glossy paint.

1scott921 says:

Nearest pump to check my tyre pressaa’ is about 2km (1.2 miles) from my place. Are my readings wrong then? I doubt because it’s an easy ride (no more then 50kp/h / 30mp/h), but…

Observing Rogue says:

I’m exited to install a Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System. One that will work with Ride-On tire sealant.

kornboy22 says:

Be careful when you go to the track. I crashed the first time I went. The rear tire went up 6 PSI just from the heat generated and the the day heating up. You can either check the pressures through out the day or set and forget. I normally just set and forget now.
26 front/24 rear

Anurag Verma says:

hey, im a new fan. is it true that the recommended hot tyrr pressure is 4psi + cold tyre pressure? I heard somebody quoting bridgestone on that.

Drum Sholto says:

what’s the reason for different tyre pressure in front and rear tyres as in my motorcycle 26 psi(front) and 32 psi(rear)?

VivekAnand Athanikar says:

I upsized my rear tyre from a 160 to a 180 (only reason I did it is coz I wanted the Michelin PR4s and they were only available in 180s in my country). That being said, the recommended pressure in the manual is 36 for the rear while the max allowed on the tyre is 42. What pressure would you recommend? When I tried to keep it around 34-36 I noticed the contact patch being quite wide. I now keep the pressure at 40. Would love to hear your thoughts on this

TheMichael Arch says:

hi Ari, i just recently change from Tube to tubeless, do i still need to follow what my manufacturer recommend on tube type for pressure?

papalums says:

What if you opted to put a bigger tire what would be the recommend tire pressure?
Would you go still for the owners manual recommendation?

Indra Eka says:

Is anyone know how to find out the right tire pressure when you changing tire, with other brand or size?

Ben Dover says:

Shout out to Wawa’s for that free air

Wayne Rhea says:

it also depends on what surface you are riding on off-road you want to lower the pressure and if you are going on a long trip you can bump it up.

Swaraj Amale says:

Ari Hennings you’re doing a great job. I like M.G a lot, love from India

Tom says:

Can you do a video about how to not get the flat line from riding straight? In city riding on shitty asian roads, you never lean over enough to have anything other than a flat line on them.

Why cant we just jack the bike up or something and machine off the ridges either side of the line so its round again?

Is that a “thing”?

Should we all be doing donuts once in a while or?

Please advise…

Gaming for Bronies says:


ms says:

Does this mean that the less tire pressure (obviously not 0 psi) i have the more traction i will get? And one more question why do tires get warm when you ride i have a mtb i have big street tires on and they dont get warm(er)

TheYoutubeGuy says:

In the UK we can get air from petrol staisions for free!!!


Make a video about rusting nut bold cleaning

Benjamin Lim says:

Please do a video on how to change and unstick your brakes

varun karkera says:

Make a video on difference between ride by wire and normal throttleling by cables

Ido Ifrach says:

Hey Ari, do you allways go by the recommendation? i heard a lot of people are puting about 3-5 less psi on each tire, mostly on spory riding or hot summer days. what is your opinion? thanks

Manoj Bhuyan says:

Hi quick question is N2 better than air for the tyres?

Thomas Elliott says:

That is a great idea. Check but do not adjust.

vishrut dave says:

Does Nitrogen filled tyre really make a signifucant difference compared to compressed air filled one???

onewaybadtrip says:

damn.. i havnt checked my tire pressure for 4 months

John Roy Vincent Santos says:

please make a video about nitrogen inflated vs air inflated tires

trev07 says:

any advice on tire pressure for a track day? I’ve heard people throw out random numbers but what is the right way to set tire pressure for the track?

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