Motorcycle Tire Gauge Accuracy Comparison Test

Motorcycle Tire Gauge Accuracy Comparison Test – How can you tell if your tire gauge is accurate? Which is the best tire gauge? Without having a Certified Master Gauge, no one can tell you if any particular gauge is ACTUALLY accurate. But what you can do yourself is gather a pool of gauges to test against each other, giving you good statistics to make an educated guess as to the accuracy. Some lessons here to take away are: Don’t blindly trust any gauge. Consistency trumps accuracy. Money doesn’t mean quality. Here are links to some that passed muster:

Slime Large Dial:
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Jimmy Hammond says:

I like the consistency argument! Recently I added the FOBO Bluetooth caps to my bike. These caps give me alerts each time I ride and of course they do vary a bit based on air temperture, but they are consistent! I also own a gauge I bought from the local BMW bike dealer which has a 12 inch extension and an analog gauge, which was perfect before the FOBO system. This is the link to FOBO caps:
Keep up the good work! Jimmy H.

Paul Reisinger says:

Thanks for this review. I was intrigued by the Ryobi inflator, and after some investigation discovered an upgrade model – Ryobi P731 18-Volt ONE+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator, $39.98 at Home Depot (tool only). The great feature is digital pressure gauge which you can set to any desired pressure and then let the compressor automatically inflate tire to that set pressure. Tried with Yamaha FJ-09, Suzuki DR650 and Honda CRF250X – it worked great.

Kelly Meier says:

Thanks for doing this test. I have actually been wondering about this very subject. I actually bought 3 identical digital gauges and they were all wildly different.

John Scarpantonio says:

I keep one of these on my bike. It has a rechargeable battery and shuts off at a set pressure.

Alan Jones says:

Actually just bought a 30L air compressor today to look after all my tyre needs at home and now am looking for a quality tyre inflator and gauge.
So your topic was perfect timing.
Thanks for you all your videos… do a great job

René van Oyen says:

Hi Bryan, good video (again)!

Actually… If you’re looking for a official certified (for 2 years) gauge to use with a tank compressor, I strongly recommend the Metabo RF60G which costs around 35 Euros (close to 40 US$). The gauge diameter is 60mm and the pressure range is up to 10 bar / 145 PSI.

For my motorcycle tyres I use a foot pump from Hella, I had its original plastic clip-on thing swapped for a professional brass chunk at my local compressor specialist in town. To measure the pressure after inflating it, I use a German made digital gauge, the Schwalbe AirMax Pro. Very accurate, very small and simple to use, costs only about 15 US$.

Especially with motorcycle tyres, I clearly feel when the tyre is 2 PSI lower than I want it to be, as pin-point steering accuracy is off. And remember, always check the tyre pressure before the ride (cold measurement).

Expresso says:

Autozone Slime Digital Tire gauge 5.99 $

Scott Hucks says:

Just wondering, are you getting any commission or payment for any sales of these tire pressure gauges?

Hit and Miss Gun Sports says:

I would like to see a review of the TPMS that you screw onto the valve stem, how accurate are they? Do they all require a metal valve stem? etc. Thanks

2001himax says:

Great video.

UglyBoy Smallz says:

What stick manufacturer is the accurate $10 stick?

Patrick Wheeler says:

Awesome video! Thanks for the education.

kelly j says:


Mal Reynolds says:

I use an Accu-Gage with hose. It has a 90deg end. It’s full mechanical, with 0-60psi range. I like it.

excelerater says:

TEKTON 5941 for 11 bucks is what I use.

rscar5 says:

this is good info that I never thought of

EM FL says:

Great review! I had a blind trust in my guages.

NZsarge1 says:

Nice video, good to see this test carried out as it confirms advice and my own thoughts about tyre pressure gauges

DeathBorn says:

Thx Bri very useful

Adam Tominsky says:

Thank you, I bought one on ebay today

Steve Noltensmeyer says:

I use the FOBO TPMS bluetooth to the Galaxy cell phone on my F6B.
I use the Astro 3018 Digital Tire Inflator with Stainless Steel Braided Hose in the garage.

Phil Indeblanc says:

Are you dipping?

RexApplegate says:

After spending many years being a mechanic, I would suggest only 2 brands for longevity and accuracy- anything by Milton for a stick gauge which runs about 10 bucks each and can be ordered online or at any parts store, and the Mac tools combo inflater gauge unit for around 70 bucks and takes some more doing to get. Accu gauge is extremely accurate and not too expensive, but also extremely fragile, and will cease functioning if dropped once.

YamahaCruiser says:

I love my Joes Racing tire gauge! The bleeder is the bees knees. Over inflate a hair, and then bleed off until correct!

Steve Valkry says:

now go fire up a cigar

UPonOne says:

My favorite channel for over a year now

Jason Meeker says:

excellent and thorough video as always Brian…. FYI.. I just installed the FOBO Bike TPMS sensor system ($99.00 on amazon) on my 2006 FJR running basically new Michelin GT4s. I was AMAZED when real time data was recorded… I set both F/R at 40PSI at cold rest at 80 degree ambient outside temp… after a spirited 20 mile scamper on the interstate, when i returned… the pressure readings increased to F/44 PSI R/47 PSI !!!! tires also measured different temperatures F/86 degrees R/97 degrees……. after bike rested overnight.. pressure at cold rest was back to 40PSI… i had NO idea the tires pressure fluctuated so much during use…. this begs the question.. what should resting cold tire pressure really be set at for our bikes?? this could make a nice research vid as well…. keep up the good work!


Wendovor Productions says:

I know it’s taboo to want more features on bikes nowadays, but I would really like TPMS on mine. I’m always paranoid about picking up a nail while riding and not realizing it. A rapid deflation at highway speeds could be deadly.

Ashley Wilkes says:

I had my three gauges checked on a calibrated test rig. One gauge was a pound up at 30 and 40. Another was a pound down. My large dial gauge was spot on at both pressures. So large dial is the way to go

USARAY1947 says:

I have a large face Accu-Gauge with bourbon movement that I’ve used for years. I took several pencil type gauges and checked which one had the same readings as the Accu-Gauge. One was spot on so now I carry it under the seat of my motorcycle rather than the bulky large face gauge. Still use the large gauge at home. Thanks for the informative video.

Richard Valenzuela says:

are you going to do a video on how to remove or modify the rear fender for the 17 09? please!!!

Daniel Graham says:

Thanks Bryan. I have a TireTek. It’s a large dial unit that I got for around $20 and is “ANSI Grade B certified +/- 2%”. I had it checked at a local garage that confirmed its accuracy: I like it a lot. Another advantage of the large dial is that it’s easier for old eyes to see.

MrGrandure says:

who makes the large dial unit?

Anthony's West Texas Rides says:

I am lucky, I test tires for a living and use calibrated gauges at work for accuracy to check my pressures.

thehexter1 says:

I have one very similar to the large gauge model & it seems to be accurate enough. I had one of those large inflators that also jumps car batteries that I got from Costco. Worked great to fill tires until one day (when the warranty ended) that compressor wouldn’t shut off…..for nearly a day and a half! D’oh! Good vid.

HoaryRider says:

Thanks. Never considered discrepancy between gages. I assumed there was a minimum standard.


Hello Bryan another great vid.Bryan I have a Galaxy S8 and watch all your videos on my phone. In order to take full advantage of the new semi full screen I need to zoom in upon doing so your recordings are about 1 to 2″ above your head for your how to vids. Just food for thought perhaps you can zoom out make it about 5″ that way when we zoom in we get full screen and don’t have the top of your head cut-off. lol Never watched a review on a PC so I don’t know if it’s the same effect. Thanks for your TIME. Robby

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