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Tires are perhaps the most important component on any motorcycle. They are the key to performance, comfort and safety. Without proper tires and routine inspection and maintenance, our motorcycles aren’t going anywhere. Use this tire guide to learn some of the basics about how motorcycle tires function, their construction and how to choose the right tire for your bike.

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sohel rana says:

Bro, I am using Apachi RTR 150cc. Its Rear wheel 110/80×17” But Can i use 120/80×17” for my bike?? If use then can i face any problem??

CoachSteve4u says:

The best explanation on motorcycle tires I have ever seen. Thank you!

Shashank Kowekar says:

most helpful and informational! kudos guys

187Charrua says:

Much needed info thanks !


so what would i run on the front because the fronts a 17 I couldn’t find anything 17 the wasn’t wider than the back

Hanif Azrai says:


TeamWake-N-Bake says:

I just bought a RFZ 125cc with 17″ front and 14″ back and want to convert it to a supermoto but can’t really tell which tires i need. my back is a 90/100-14″ but i can’t find a street tire the same size

Paul List says:

Thank you! Now, if you could do a video for tractor tires……..Really! Tractor tires are the BIG Mystery.

filmdetective says:

hi there,
what’s a good tire for a Triumph Street Twin, urban use, with rainy cobble stone streets?
Thanks a lot

Vish Rudh says:

I use a Duke 200 and I want to change my tires to a hav a good grip on wet street conditions with a decent mileage . can u suggest me any?

Anthony Anastaisia says:

I just got an Apollo dbx18 125cc. I want to put street tires on it. Do i have to change rims also or can i just get ones thatll fit it.

Nakul Goswami says:

i am looking tires for my 350cc RE…because i am tired off gravels (the small stones)…it causes big accidents…
so plz help me …

alex rodrigo says:

Thanks Dude, Good Video

Ray Brensike says:

Sure wish that street bike tires had the depth of tread the dirt bike tires do.

Paul Douglas says:

Lots of great information! Thanks!

Guzzi venture says:


Mark Anthony Ato says:

what it’s is size pair rim for motard modified jumper

yuunjac says:

This Video is very informative! Thank you so much.
1 question though, is it wise to combine a different streets bike tire for the front and back?

For instance, the back tire is leaning towards mileage for everyday use while the front tire focuses more on grip (softer rubber but with lots of groves for wet performance).
Will this different combination of different tires helps balance up performance during wet and dry performance?


hey if anyone can help i brought a ktm lc2 for light off road use but its on slicks what size are the knobbly tyres i need any help would be appreciated

Bill B says:

Great education!

TN Tuner Garage says:

what would be a good tire for a ninja 500r that i want to get som good leans in on corners, but has to also go on some gravel and dirt from time to time? will a dual sport tire corner hard and let me get some good leaning in?

adson gurung says:

Thank you 🙂

Paul Jagger says:

Great review,learnt a lot and thanks for sharing

Shaun Miller says:

Cheers bro

glenn hamburger says:

Very very well done!!!


is it possible to find street tires for my dirtbike tire size is 90/90 14

Caesar Espejon says:

is it safe to bank with dual sport tires?

Smiley Playz Kickz says:

hi wanna get a pit bike and im making street legal the tyres specifications say 2.5-10 what street tyres should i buy at this size

Wally Vinam says:

This is everything you need to know before buying tires, amazing my friend you saved me

Racist Panda says:

You have earned a sub. You guys have helped me the most with motorcycle tips, tricks, and buying guides!

Jantsen Pahuyo says:

tnx 4 d info ..ur a really big help ^_^

shogrran says:

God damn… been riding for 5 years (just commuting) and I’ve been looking for this information about tires for like forever.

El Patron says:

I have a 2009 kx450f I’m trying to make a supermoto what size of tire should I buy

kislyjdozhdik says:

thank you 🙂 usefull information and pleasant way

GorillaProduction38 says:

Who the fuck could dislike this video? Why, people? This person spent probably more than 14 minutes of his life trying to explain idiots (like myself) how not to get killed and you hate his guts for that? What about forecast? You dislike that too? Wow! It amazes me…

brett kelly says:

Lmao my bike has a metzeler front tire its original and has gone 16200 miles if you want long lasting tires metzelers are top notch it will make 19000 before i change it.


what number of tyre will be suitable for honda 125 cafe racer style

stlmusic says:

Good information but maybe should cut down on the caffeine. Wow, he talks fast. Reminds me of those old FedEx commercials.

Mirza Belal says:

I’m enlightened

Nick Altvater says:

Death to J&P

Eran Shahoach says:

You are simply the BEST


am a new rider i have a drz400s model..what will i need to put street tires on it like he sm model

strikezero01 says:

our road here is a Dual Sport like environment.. Mix with Uneven, with or without asphalt, unfinished construction, sometimes dusty, sometimes muddy or wet, too many cracks, and too many cracked motorist. Welcome to the hellish road ._.

girish g says:

I have Yamaha Mt 09 2017 and wanna get those fancy dual tyres but most of my driving is roads. But just fancying having that aggressive look to bike with Enduro look tyres. Plus I live in U.K. which is famous for its weather unpredictability. So need suggestions for best ones out there in terms of fitment, price point , weather and driving conditions. Thanx in advance

RC flight Seeker says:

awesome! Been looking for a video that breaks down what the tire sizes actually mean! Thank you for the upload!

Umashankar S says:

Hi tvs star city two wheeler in India. which one you suggest tube or tubeless that is not the matter mileage and grip I need. pls help me I am confused.

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