Motorcycle Review: 2018 Yamaha, Star Venture

Motorcycle Review: 2018 Yamaha, Star Venture

PLEASE NOTE: I made a mistake and read OHV (over head valve) as over head cam. The Venture has a push rod engine.

I finally got the chance to test riding the all new 2018 Yamaha, Star Venture. The Venture is Yamaha’ fully loaded touring bike with all the bells and whistle you would expect form a $25,000 bike. In truth, it actually has a few features you will not find on any other air-cooled v-twin cruisers; namely two driving modes and traction control. Plus is has the “Sure Park” electric assist for those parking lot situations.

Overall, I think Yamaha did a great job with the Venture, but like any other bike it is not perfect, with a rather clunky gear box (something that is rampant with v-twin bikes) and a quirky keyless ignition system. But those are minor. If you are in the market for a big touring cruiser, give the Venture a look-see and decide for yourself.

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Abbath says:

Harley has a higher resale value.

lonestarrider says:

I test rode one a couple of months ago and I did not notice a large clunk in changing the gears.Being a Vision rider I did like the bike. Great Review And Thanks For Sharing My Friend!

ssbillyd says:

Would really like a review on the new GW. More specifically, I’d really like to get your impression of the DCT transmission. I have arthritis in my hands and using a clutch gives me some discomfort in certain situations.

Mike Levsen says:

I have not rode the Venture yet but I like the looks of it. I think we are going to just keep the Vision for at least a couple more years. I cant believe they would throw all that storage on a big bike and only have that much load capacity. Great review!

AuctionAdOnline says:

Wow Craig nice report. Actually the best I have seen yet. I been following and researching the Yamaha for a while. I purchased a new 2013 Victory CCT in 2012. The clunk going into first has always been aggravating to me. Once you get used to the transmission you soon figure out how to shift the rest of the gears quietly and smoothly. I would have never thought a Japanese company could produce a clunky transmission. That would be a deal breaker for me. Also your Vision and my Cross Country Tour don’t weigh as much as the Yamaha but are quite fun when pushed hard in the twisties . I believe we come in around 100 lbs less. But the solid all aluminum frame on the Vic’s make for solid feel. I do love all the tech gadgets on the Yamaha. When I seen the Yamaha up close at the dealer I was a bit disappointed. It was the first bike I ever seen that looks better in a picture than live. Hard to believe how hard it’s going to be to find a bike that can replace my Victory….

wally walton says:

Big, heavy, tank…might as well just get a Jeep Wrangler

Darth Vader says:

I see your background is big Vtwins. Have you ridden the BMW K1600GTL or R1200RT as a comparison? I’m not a BMW fan boy by any means, the rebuild costs on a K1600 frighten me.. But if reliable, comfortable and good looking to your eyes they might make an interesting comparison if you were willing to get away from VTwins… The BMs might be cheaper too, they’d certainly be lighter. Those two you mention are not sold here in Australia so I can’t compare the prices, but the R1200RT goes for about $Aud32,000 on the road, about $US24,000.

Just a thought..

Peter Grant says:

The bike is ugly, not my favorite tea.

Twerk Juice says:

Geez 900lbs lol sorry ill just get a can am spyder.

Todd McLean says:

Great review and always a pleasure watching your videos Craig. One question on the refinement? I’ve always found Yamaha products to be refined yet you say Harley’s and Indians are more refined in terms of cabling etc…huh. Off topic. How would you compare the refinement of a Gold Wing or BMW GL to a Harley or Indian?

Silverback says:

Excellent Honest Review – I think this is the first honest, unbiased review of the new Yamaha Venture that I have heard or read. I am so tired of most reviewers who seem to be afraid of offending the dealer that lets them test drive the bike or the manufacture that is sponsoring them — so they only focus on the good stuff and leave it up to buyers to discover the quirks and problems. I wish I had been able to find honest reviews on the last two motorcycles that I bought (as the quirks and shortcomings were not easily discovered thought a brief test drive). You are doing us all a great service being so candid. At least we know what to look for and what we might have to live with if we decide to buy the bike. The less surprises the better!

Jamie Stewart says:

Nice review! One thing to note however is that the 113 ci v-twin is in fact a push rod motor, not overhead cam.

DB Sunshine says:

It has the same front end as my 68’ Firebird

PaiN's RIdes says:

Hi Craig, as usual you did very concise and well done review. One point you didn’t touch on and it is something that’s very important to me. I had major “heat issues” with my Cross County(dealt with now), so this is a point I’ll be looking at closely on any potential replacement for my Vic, especially one that is sporting a big, honking, air-cooled V-twin….. Did you notice the Venture making any excess heat or hot spots on your legs? How was the general air flow while riding.

Lars A G says:

I like your plain & simple logic

Into The Wild says:

Nice review that thing is heavy, but looks nice. If I can’t pick a bike up from a lay down I don’t want it.

Jonathan Norris says:

Sure Park is a good idea for reverse, but can’t you just use the clutch to move forward?

Techn' Moto says:

Great review

Wingdwolf Anthe says:

Now that is how a motorcycle review is supposed to be! Thank you! I really enjoy your videos! Keep them coming!

Yo Sam says:

Thanks for your review, finally got to see one on a day ride a few days ago and chat with the proud owner. His was red and good looking, does have a nice rumble to it, loads of grunt, and kinda like my Vision, takes time to figure out if you like the look or not…LOL!

Randy McConville says:

I think I will have to revisit this bike and test ride it. I wrote it off after siting on it, doing a visual, and seeing the price tag. As you mentioned, I did not like the paint quality nor did I like the trunk and bag lids. They seemed kind of flimsy. I believe after watching your review that maybe they are trying to keep the weight down. Anyway, I am not a believer in “contempt prior to investigation” so I will make an appointment for a test ride before I decide to write this off my list. Thanks for another great review. It really helped me rethink about this bike.

Seabass 82 says:

I was surprised you never mentioned the 2018 Goldwing. I wish you could do a review on the new Goldwing. I do appreciate your honesty. Thanks for the great videos.

shane eckert says:

Nice u-turns and circles Craig!

Mr. Motard says:

About time for an adventure!

A Babbit says:

It has the same motor as the Stratoliner/Roadliner, right? So, Yamaha put nothing into R&D for this bike motor wise. The motorcycle industry is going to smaller lighter bikes because the young buyers will not buy these elephants. You are right Craig, the older generation is going to have or has problems with these heavy bikes. The wives are getting smart and getting off the back of the bikes after the husband’s legs give out a few times at stop sign. Bad move by Yamaha. I have a Goldwing 1500SE with 135,000 miles on it and I would not trade it in for a straight across deal on that bike! An “Air Cooled” bike with “wings” on it like the the Buell 1125C!!! Yuck.. The touring bikes have gotten way too expensive and that part of the industry is going to come crashing down like a rock. You will be able to pick up a new/old stock in 3 years for $12,000 because these will just sit on the showroom floor. BTW, you put “StarT” Venture in the headline.

g w says:

After you got home from your trip do you enjoy riding the Super Tenere more or less than your larger Vision? I also would like your take on the Honda Goldwing.

Kelly Meier says:

Finally an honest, balanced assessment of the Venture. I’ve grown weary of reading/watching reviews of a touring bike by guys that only ride sport bikes. All they do is whine. My current ride is the Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe, the bike the Venture was based on. I find it very well balanced and it carries its weight easily. Thanks again for what you do on youtube. I find your channel to be one of very high quality & interest. I’d love to show you around the Southern California deserts & mountains.

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