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World’s best motorcycle pants are RHOK (search Ebay for them) Talking about racing tyres. I got some Pirelli Diablo Superbike Pros for my motorcycle and I’m testing them out. Here is some neat info about them:


poopballoon says:

Is your dog okay?

Vlad Focuta says:

I wish you go back in Canada and make there some videos with ur bike =)

Xuka senko says:

well when i was younger i was traumatized by motorcycles
then i found out the reason my dad used to take me out on a zzr11 or the first hyperbike he used to do 300 on the highway to take me to watch the f1 races and such, well now that i got my a1 licence 125 engines feel wayyyyy too slow

TheTrooper424 says:

I use the pilot power ct2 and they are amazing. I live in West Virginia and am constantly fighting the weather and they definitely hold their own. Got them really cheap online too lol

LuckySlevin7 says:

Isn’t using racing slicks on the road illegal in most of your viewers countries? they are in Germany.

ZeroBoostBuick says:

this is fucking pathetic… race tires are for racing, not for the street… this guy is a major squid

marhanen says:

hes done a few free mods

itsmeadin says:

i got a question, on a 50cc scooter, when you hold the brake, does it feel like when you brake on a car? or is it like, you hold it down all the way and it automatically starts stopping and it takes a couple of seconds to stop??

itsmeadin says:

@FreeHowToTutorials lol thanks 😀

TheTGStig says:

@calikeris I understand the concept, but the amount of energy transfered to the tarmac and the earth underneath it by the sun over the course of a day, and the very small section of the road you are cooling, makes it completely pointless. Its not fail in the same way, pouring water from a kettle into the sea as its a bit chilly isn’t fail. As far as being a solution to their problem, its a massive failure.

Sjon Hompiestompie says:

i lose all driving confidence when the road surface is wet 🙁

CauldBorn says:


Here in Holland if the cops catch you pissing in the streets you get a 90€ ticket but if you say you’re jacking off you get 60€. There’s a wierd radom fact for you XD

CarlospiceyWeiner says:

@JihoonJKim ey?

s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

@13mordeth Just imagine the views if you showed your face…

Likely a big restriction.

vince21g says:

蠻有趣的耶, 加拿大人在台灣騎重車.

Dezibahn says:

In America, slicks are illegal on public roads… Are they legal in Taiwan? Or are you just a rebel? =P

T Rock says:

It’s TIRE, not tyre!

Jacob Kim says:

Not trying to sound like I’m stereotyping, but do Canadians grow up saying “ey” at the end of their sentences?

Is it something that’s just natural; is there a reason for it (like a secondary meaning) or anything?

I’m curious about Canadians 😀

Eddy says:

if i ever get stoped by the police for pissing in the street wile drunk,, im guna say excuse me im trying to dissipate the heat here,, its far to hot,,lol,, i do love the random facts you comes out with,, ur a wealth of knowledge.

DeathbyDakota says:

Put on audio cc.

ynot82zu says:

got those same michelins on my cbr600f4i and theyre great even in the wet

joseph Nichols says:

I could be wrong, but aren’t racing tires illegal on regular roads? for cars at least?

LuckySlevin7 says:

BTW the people spraying water on the road in front of their house want to minimize dust being blown up by cars or trucks in order to prevent this dust from being blown into their house, giving them more to clean. At least thats what I heard in Thailand

iMario says:

I’m pretty sure people spray water on the ground to get rid of the dust and etc, that’s what people in my country do, but we’re overall a shitty country so I could be wrong.

Hammoudi says:

i somehow enjoy your videos alot ! thanks for uploading such videos

Sandra K says:

secretly everyone wants you to move back too canada, that would be epic man

CNVideos says:

0:38 Chiang Kai-shek’s tomb site.

CauldBorn says:

@indaburn Yep, it’s true it happend to my friend once.

julian roach says:

dunlop q2 is best for a street tire, and some beginner track days

Chilivink says:

@FreeHowToTutorials Hi i’m 16 to and I’m getting my A1 bike licence (max 125cc) u just have to tell her more facts, i think m13 has a vid about how to convince i will seach for it 😉 good luck and ride safe. Yamaha Dtx 125 FTW!

Bala Chandran says:

may i ask what type of camera you use for this video?? it’s absolutely marvelous.

Paul Venkman says:

Just out of curiosity why don’t you ride scooters in Canada or America?

Louis Karnbach says:

Love your videos.

MechRider89 says:

@Inthisma its eh buddy……its eh, nice try.

marhanen says:

watch some videos of motorcycle racing in the rain before they’ve switched to the rain tires they don’t do so hot in the corners lol

Red says:

@FreeHowToTutorials i had the same problem you did. i was under 18 and i needed parents permission to get a permit/endorsement. and then i turned 18 and they couldnt stop me. but take the motorcycle safety class and your mom will feel much better about you getting a bike. and also like invisibledragon said tell her facts. she’ll still hate you for getting one but she might still talk to you. and please wear gear

EddieLineage2 says:

what the hell.. thats the biggest waste of water and the most stupid thing i have ever heard, hosing down your driveway and pavement because it gets hot? WTF

Ettore Caldarazzo says:

@ericbombardier if my mother said this i would ask:” goodbye”

devvil101 says:

Hell u dont need slicks to slip on the rain, I have a 50cc scooter with threaded tyres(quite still a bit of gum), and on a rain day I honestly didnt know how I didnt crash on a corner, I was feeling the front and rear slipping on a corner, I was completely clueless on what to do besides continuing doing the corner

Livin' it up says:

Nah…They spray water on the streets to watch a good show when motorcyclists wipeout. Hehe jk…

Gordon Young says:

Yeah, its fair to say that this guy does not know tyre technology.

ZeroBoostBuick says:

Any kind of racing tires give worst grip on the road compared to road tires simply because they never come up to temp on the road… you have to be RACING to bring them up to full temperature to take advantage of the grip, and this will never happen on the street… especially with slicks… this guy is a fucking idiot…. anyone who listens to this guy must be dumber than him.

LuckySlevin7 says:

@LuckySlevin7 its supposed to actually work (a little bit)

also in the mountains you will sometimes have springs that leak watter onto the roads.

Inthisma says:

@MechRider89 Ahh well close enough 😀

marhanen says:

there super soft and sticky but they don’t get very much mileage generally
cant push rain out when its raining

heartlesspinto says:

The pilot powers are the dual compound ones right? A friend of mine was talking about how he couldn’t accidentally break traction in the rain on his busa with those one. Intentionally of course, but not accidentally. They have a softer compound near the edges for better traction in the corners, but the center was harder so that you wouldn’t get that flat spot as quickly.

Inthisma says:

This guys smart ey.. I’m Canadian Ey 🙂

s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

Bought new tires the other week. Ya know, I uh, I got a lot of covering to do but… let’s keep it simple this time, yeh? Yeh.

It’s illegal to waste water like that in California. There are certain times you can and can’t use water from a hose.

For cars, they’re called “Pilot Sport 2”. Gonna go on a cruise, I’ll catch up later.

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