Motorcycle Ear Plugs: Battle of the Best

In this battle of battles, four earbuds will go head to head in pursuit of the coveted title of The Best Motorcycling Earbuds. The competition is fierce and so is the judging. Ready? Fight!

Gear List:

1:20 – Custom Earplugs –
2:44 – Laser Lite Earplugs –
3:09 – Mighty Plug Wax Earplugs –
3:39 – NoNoise Motorsport Earplugs –

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vtmegrad98 says:

I use a pair of EAR Inc Instamold custom earplugs, which are not a DIY product, and find that they do a great job of blocking wind noise but let me hear my engine and things around me just fine. The main thing to keep in mind with the various custom earplugs is that there is a large range of different quality materials out there.

The big plus for me is that I have worn them for 12+ hours a day, for weeks at a time, with no comfort problems. Also, since they have a clear seal on them, they’re easy to get in and out, and getting wet doesn’t affect the ability to put them in.

NNS Toby says:

I did not hit her!! I did noot

KazzArie says:

I never knew they were useful until I went “fast” for a while and my ears were ringin like a mofo for a couple hours

Max Stafford says:

Thank you Ryan xxx

channelofstuff says:

no i want the plugs that lost.

Oddman says:

Fortnine battle royale?

Hashib Sadik says:

I think I found the best youtube channel ! subbed

Jan Coetzer says:

If you ride with a communication unit like Sena or the like in your helmet, you don’t really want to mute your listening too much. I have found that the foam type plugs are too quiet for this. I have two sets of Alpine motorsport plugs – one set is quieter than the other, so I can switch between them, based on whether I am using a comms unit or not.

Father Dougal McGuire says:

try a corn cob in each ear it might not work but its cheap

buck 900 says:

The OG battle royal

ared18t says:

Why didn’t you look into musician earplugs?

awakepatriot says:

Eargasm seems to be pretty decent too

thegatesofsleep says:

There’s an EXCELLENT brand called *Ear Peace* I rode my sport bike on a 4000km+ trip with them in and it was perfect the whole time. I even wore them to the nightfire nationals, biggest drag race of the year with jet cars and they were excellent. I was able to hear everything important on the road, from sirens to a dinky little car horn. I have tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears) so ear plugs are important for me and these are the best I’ve tried for multiple applications. Very easy to clean and the metal case is great for keeping them clean and not losing them. Great video as always and keep them coming!

Katarzyna Jasik says:

Maybe when you do the sequel you could add a bespoke ear plugs, that are ordered and manufactured indiwidually and are designed for motorcycles… (not the ones you mentioned here, not to confuse both)… I do struggle horribly with noise and so far I’ve been using foam, but they do put pressure on the ear canal after a while and dont cancel snoring well enought:)

Diego Vega Hernández says:

Do you really have a video for EVERYTHING?

TheLoneWanderer says:

Oh my God he did The Room reference, I’m dying!

Austin Malott says:

Also the motorsport reusable ones are much less wasteful.

Dave J says:

My 2 cents..because I’m cheap that way..I have tried all of those as well. And chose none.
My preference? Good old McCormick 32 Db bulk pack orange foamies from Marks*. 10 bucks for a pack of 20 which includes a handy plastic carrying case to keep the nasties away from the horror that is the inside of my motorcycle jacket pockets. No, sorry, no phallic shapes here, but they are tapered, and if you can follow common the sense instructions, they won’t compact any wax…clean yer ears people! Anyway, they are disposable, and I chuck mine at the first sign of EW or loss of elasticity. The carrying case is a bonus. Ryan, you are right about all the others lol. I wish I had watched this BEFORE buying those wax ones…really EW! A final note…I also use them for sleeping from time to time…and the case not only keeps them semi-clean…it keeps them away from…*sigh* my chocolate lab who considers them a delicacy.
*Edited from CT. Yes, Canadian Tire owns Marks Work Wearhouse, but oddly, only carry the ones with “balls” 😉
And BTW Ryan…it should be “The Ryan Channel, brought to you by FortNine” really, love yer stuff! Keep it coming!

Donald Tujaka says:

Was that a reference to The Disaster Artist instead of Casablanca or The Twilight Zone?

Johnny Appleseed says:

I use butt plugs when riding.

Specter1031 says:

So no one noticed how the star rating flipped after the first rating? At first the customs got 1 star (which confused me) then they appeared with 4 stars.

Over The Moon says:

I use these things called Hearos I bought from a musical instrument store. cost about 7 bucks, are rubber and easy to clean, comfortable, and have a foam insert that can be swapped for different levels of sound deadening at different frequencies. Probably comparable to the Nonoise plugs in this video.

KaShuto says:


Specter1031 says:

What about eargasms and Alpine Motosafe

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