MotoPro Cam Review (Motorcycle dash camera) Is it worth it?

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Dawson Chen says:

Is it easy to take it off when you park outside? I don’t want my dash cam to get stolen. I live in the city, and park in the streets

Quinn Kirlew says:

That vid quality was a lot higher than I thought it was gonna be. Great system

C. J. Yocum says:

sweetness you post this right as i asked the question on the VFR800 owners page on facebook

r Oy says:

Nice rear tire, man! 😀

We got the same bike with the same tires now 😉 Are you satisfied with the Roadtec 01?
I got the new one for like ~500km/~300miles so far and so far so good. What’s your mileage with it, if I may ask?
Did your grip during corners on the sidewalls get worse quickly or does it still stick well enough when leaning in a corner?

Peter Gruhn says:

IMO, the screen not being weatherproof makes the system not perfect.

SpitfirePT says:

you going to make me spend more money on stuff 🙂 regards from portugal

Jitendra Pastaria says:

Hi did u notice their is dent in rear camera lens

Chenxun Jiang says:

can you take that control screen off after you parked somewhere ? Otherwise, I will worry someone going to steal it

Johnny Boy Glasgow says:

Use a 360 camera

Swedish Mgtow says:

do they ship to Europe?

ambesa1 says:

i just installed this. the monitor goes buggy and freezes, and screen turns purple and shuts off. i installed all wiring away from the engine, and still same results. i so wanted this to work.

slovak4life1991 says:

I’m getting a camera. Almost died twice this morning because of fuckers who pulled out from a stop sign without seeing me. I was about 30 feet away from both. First one was literally inches. And I woulda had no proof that it wasn’t my fault.

Hamza Eddaoui says:

You mentionned nothing about battery, does that mean it is directly hooked up to the bike’s electrical system ? If so, that’s pretty neat.

transamkid 1986 says:

What’s up keep up the vids. I like how your fairly local. New Bedford Ma here

Greg Pearce says:

Once the control unit/screen is water/weather proof I will consider it.

Funzo Support says:

I ride 150,000 miles a year, this screen would last a matter of days! Its not fit for purpose its not water proof cannot survive a shower.

Adrian Fontaine says:

Nice system I would love to have it there are areas I ride where I wish I had a camera recording too bad that the screen is not waterproof.

Funzo Support says:

oddly, I used an intel nuk to add some static camera’s like (4) and had them record all the time. I have had a few of these dash with mixed experiences. You can put the screen in zip lock bags if you like something like this, don’t do the trunk idea moister in the air kills them so quickly. I honestly think if they can make this screen waterproof (as other companies) this would be perfect.

Trak doc says:

Looks like a great trouble free system to record crazy cagers. What about the load on the ​wire harness/stator?

Richard Rowe says:

Thinking about getting this system….I have a ram stem mount for my phone though….I would like to mount the dvr screen on the bike but I don’t think there will be a place for the unit

HeroRR says:

If you guys want to get this camera system, then click here!

RezaMotori says:

Thanks for the upload. I’m tired of recharging my helmet cam every day and just looking to find a dash cam for motorcycles.

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