Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon, Milano & Rough / MotoGeo Review

MotoGeo rides the new Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon, Milano and the Rough. Some striking new designs and a limited edited model will help make this unique machine, even more popular.

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Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon:

Moto Guzzi V7 III Rough:

Moto Guzzi V7 III Milano:

Gear used in this video:

► Jacket: Alpinestars Oscar Monty Leather Jacket

► Pants: Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Riding Jeans

► Boots: Alpinestars Oscar Rayburn Boots

► Gloves: Alpinestars Robinson Gloves

► Helmet: Arai Cosair IOM

► Tires: Pirelli MT60:

► Communication: Cardo Packtalk Bold

► Phone/Camera Mount: RAM Mount Tough Claw X-Grip

► Backpack: Kriega R30

► Hoodie: MotoGeo Hoodie

► Cap: MotoGeo Camping Cap

► T-shirt: MotoGeo Just Go For a Ride T-shirt

► Neck Tube: MotoGeo Neck Tube

► Stickers: MotoGeo Sticker Pack

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1990 says:

Are these bikes reliable?

Bruce Kim says:

New Face!

Christian Johnston says:

Adequate brakes, scraping pipes and waterproof seat, what ever that means oh and red means shift… ? but shiny mirrors look at dem mirrors. What a desperate bike by comity, ‘If we put on supermoto type tyres we can call one the ‘Rough’ bloody hell.
Sad effort Mr Guzzi.
Buy a Vitpilin 701 instead.
Review was ok as he picked these things up.
Looking forward to yet another Jamie epic advertisement, the Northern Thai Multistada roadtrip was good one. I don’t know why but I really wanted some of that ‘Alpinestar’ ‘Desmo’ good shits.
Ah Moto Vlogging what a life.

Luiz Barros says:

Jamie where are You!!!!!!!!
I like the new guy too, don´t get me wrong!!!!

Crumb 16 says:

i cant be the only one whos like “eh i thought i was on motogeo’s vid”

Roberto Lorenz says:

Great review!

Mike K says:

The “Milano” is stunning. I want one.

Yamieguy64 says:

Great review. Nice to see some “universal” motorcycles still out there and nice to see a new face!

Robert Kwolek says:

All these V7 variants, would be nice if they made one with a short rider friendly seat height. I sat on a V7 at a motorcycle show and felt very uncomfortable on it, and the wide seat doesn’t help.

zsolti256 says:


afidarkside says:

I love my v7. If you want to spend more time riding your bike than fixing it, get a guzzi.

Tunc Ozyurek says:

A very nice and good review.

iRidez650 says:

Great Job Alex!!!

Jay B says:

Well done fella. Straight forward informative review

Arnold Grundy says:

Liking the new review style!

Andrew Holland says:

6’41” before we get to any criticism of the bikes, but that’s ok because they are not meant to be leaned over. Yawn. Moto Guzzi ad by Moto Geo. Jamie would have said “its brilliant” ….then scraped away the pegs.


What happened to Jamie?

R Zu says:

Is there an option to add a tachometer to the V7s that don’t come with it?

ScoobyFermentation says:

The Rough needs that exhaust up higher or it isn’t that rough after all.

Marty Fowler says:

I would have bought a Guzzi if the HP was a minimum of 80hp….51 is just too slow.

Jack Smack says:

Jamie ???

U156943 says:

Great video, well done Alex. Good to see Motogeo’s European content…

Giulio Buccini says:

Alex, did you asked for news about the new V85?

Paolo D'Alberto says:

finally Alex is on. Long time from the duo announcement.

Marc Riches says:

Good effort, informative, short and to the point………..but………….its just not MotoGeo unless someone somewhere is stuffing huge portions of burger into their face!

Richard Villar says:

I’ll give this new guy a chance but he’s missing Jamie’s charisma.

alan kay says:

Free jamie! (This guys alright though)

mark h says:

a bit more power and torque then would be perfect.

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