Most Dangerous Motorcycle Gear

Alright folks, listen up. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s out to catch the most dangerous motorcycle gear roaming free in Moto City. Knowingly or unknowingly, these motorcycle accessories can put your limbs (or worse, life) on the line.

Gear breakdown:
Scott Race Day Hip-Belt Bag –
Ogio 450 Tool Pack –
Givi GRT704 Gravel-T Waterproof Waist Bag –

Bikers Choice Gas Cap –
Vortex V3 Gas Cap –

Kuryakyn Mini Dagger Pegs –
Avon Grips Memory Foam Grips –
LA Choppers Axle Caps –
Factory Effex Spike Windscreen Screw –

Icon Raiden DKR Gloves –

Gear up for your next adventure at

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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar

Music: This Time Coming Soon – Brick Fields


Dylan Mora says:

What bike is that?? I really like it.

Umair Rashid says:

The Doug demuro of biked

Daniel Stevenson says:

Hey man really good video
what helmet is that while you’re riding? Scorpion 370?

They Call Him Teemo says:

I thought your channel was called FortNite for a second. Glad that wasn’t the case

Cameron Hill says:

There’s gotta be someone helping you with these videos! Who is it? Your channel is amazing. (It truly is)

DeathsmileZ says:

Couldnt you attach one neodimium magnet to the hose and one inside of the jacket this way you cant get caught on it, it stays in place but is still easy enough to take off because of all the fabric in between

Cozmics HD says:

6th gear is the most dangerous because you go the fastest

Chilly Dippers says:

And Ryan if you need tools so often that you need to wear a fanny pack I would invest in a new bike and not a fanny pack 😉

Cody Strijbosch says:

Real good production quality!

F1NGA1M1NG Channel says:

Is Walterrific watching this?

shaggy says:

I think youll find the most unsafe most dangerous one is something here in the UK…. your common Chav or Chavette. They normally ride around on 125cc scooters or 125cc motorcycles wearing their tell tail “Motorcycle” gear… Normally they wear the cheapest of helmets, one full track suit costing £120 which isnt designed for motorcycle riding and has no slide protection, a pair of nike sports trainers (shoes) which dont have hard to points, heel support or ankle protection and lastly they dont wear gloves but do wear a steel neck chain plated in gold and wear a man bag.

Often enough the bike they ride is stolen but the ones that arent stolen are normally bought extremely cheap (around £250) with no M.O.T or insurance… not all Chavs are like this though i know a few who do wear full protective gear and ride Ninja 300s but they have jobs and are married.

Now most here would probably wonder how their outfits are a problem, well the police have informed the public of the deaths each year caused by the idiots.

Chain around neck cuts your head off when you come off. Man bags swing during a crash either breaking the riders neck or choking them to death. No gloves, crash over 30mph and slide slicing open major artries in your wrists. Crash wearing trainers they get ripped off with your toes or feet. Then tracksuits.. the police are against them on bikes because if you slide its a slide to the bone, hit a car all your bones go snap, hit a post and its a full impalement.

Then theres these cheap helmets which are below £50, theyre shit. You take one of those and drop it at 4ft onto a pillow with a melon in the helmet, watch the helmet either split or impale the melon… now imagine that but going 30 – 60mph if you get fired over the handle bars its 40 – 90mph…

Elie Duguay says:

Hydration tubes ,who does that?

Daniel Brady says:

Wy the fuck whould you need to by a gas cap all motorcycles come with an exellent one dooooo !

fox_in _xxs_clothes says:

The most dangerous equipment: No gear.

Curtis Mckay says:

fanny pack saved my virginity

vapers review says:

Stop acting like you know everything

Mr. steal ur apple juice Ha says:


Willy Milano says:

The liver is on the other side, doctor, but good video.

oEpiiCx says:

This might be weard but I really like how simple is your logo

nice 1 says:

Hate your voice

tz flyfishing says:

Do not wear any packs, period. Dangerous all together. My friends shoulder got seriously dislocated by a backpack. He crashed with less than 40km/h.

Owen Easter says:

You are the Linus Techtips of the Motorbike world.
2 tall and skinny canadian nerds, best youtube channels in their genre, similar video styles, awesome wee behind the scenes team… it goes on.

Elie Duguay says:

I’m working on a video debunking fanny pack myths.
Long live the fanny pack!

phil greene says:

BTW, prison : not fun.

Amrit Shrestha says:

dude , seriously how many times you die !!
funny though

Nata Kusuma says:

so…. backpack kid now become a rider

Elie Duguay says:

Fuck you ,fifty cent gas caps rock!!!

John R Borges says:

Always fun and informative. Thank’s – – JB

Andreas Galih says:

come on man, i just installed my m85 barrett crashbar

Montague Flange says:

Don’t say ‘Fanny Pack’ near a British bike.

My Quixotic Diary says:

I love the look of the tear drop shaped mirrors but my brain tells me “dude….that will really hurt in a crash…don’t..”

Árni Ólafsson says:

Just wanted to say good job on your videos! I went from watching a lot of tech videos, to watching a lot of motorcycle videos. And I was just thinking about how I wished the production quality of the later matched the former. Then BAM! I find your excellent videos! KEEP IT UP 😀

Adam Osborne says:

You get a like just for the obituaries alone.

blipco5 says:

Fucking A. F9 just keeps getting better.

helixcopter1337 says:

i hope you blow up man!! great vids!!!

Kareem Roberts says:

This is funny as hell, good video lolololol

Dane Hartsough says:

What will happen if you have a stock gas cap that has a hole, but under that hole is no valve or filter because my bike has that. Is it bad, and if it is what should I get?

Spoopy Noopers says:

fortnine? more like FORT-NITE HA HA

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