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Michelin Road 5 Tires Review

Michelin updates the previous Pilot Road tire with the improved Pilot Road 5. With a focus on advancement in wet and dry grip, the Road Pilot 5 leverages Michelin’s ACT (Adaptive Casing Technology) for a superior ride. 2CT construction combines a wear-resistant center with grippier sides. More efficient sipes complete the Pilot Road 5’s domination over the tarmac of your choice.


Moto Mike says:

Glad to see they took away some of the sipes, especially from the front tire. The PR4’s were great when new, but went downhill fast. They had a unique wear pattern because of all the sipes that gave the tire a very strange feel past a few thousand k. I found this out on a few bikes that the suspension was properly tuned. I’m interested to give these a try to see how they compare. I’d like to also compare them to the Roadsmart 3’s that I’m using now. Thanks for the info.

Giwrgos Sparda.d.m.c says:

Hey revzilla merry xmas and a happy new year soon..do you now the price about road 5’s???it will be helpfull if you tell me in euros thanks a lot!!!

Joseph Marton says:

Great for heavier bikes. The goldwing, k1600gt bmw and such

Lawrence Cheung says:

fuck me i just got new pr4’s

ItchesIt says:

Given the reduced siping on the edges of the tire, perhaps they will have better side grip.

Tdg-Rui Nunes says:

Exist a pilot road 5 GT?

Flatcap007 says:

Thought would have cleaned his nose of snot before filming

eidrag says:

Will it wiggle on road paint when wet?

Paul Mailloux says:

This is from the Michelin website, especially for those of us with big touring bikes:
MICHELIN Road 5 Standard versus the GT version
The above sizes of MICHELIN Road 5 tires are designed for naked bikes and roadsters such as the Triumph Street Triple and the Suzuki SV650.
Heavier grand touring bikes such as the BMW R 1200 RT or the Kawasaki 1400 GTR require the GT version of MICHELIN Road 5, which will become available in 2019. Until then please choose MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 GT tires.

phineashenshaw says:

Looks like an upgraded Power RS

Kansai Rider says:

These don’t come with a meme though 🙁

Adam Waheed says:

Nice job on the video, Lem-Lem.

Khotta Bogard says:

You’re not gonna carve the twisties too hard when it’s wet anyways, it’s gpod that they left a wider flat rubbed band near the edge of the bike.

citizenpmd56 says:

I have the pilot 4’s on my r1200r, they are simply superb, especially in wet weather. Currently on 5k miles and wear is minimal, when they do need replacing, these will be the ones. Confidence and trust in tyres is priceless.

1scott921 says:

Is there a reason not to put this a big SM bike like DUKE II? Some guy told me it won’t wear properly but I can’t tell if he’s BSing.

unaclocker says:

Why only 17”? Neither of my bikes have that size.

Rick Pires says:

I love the 4’s. I can’t wait for them to wear out now so I can try the 5’s

Alex Jones says:

ask Google, there seem to be only two places to buy the Road 5’s at this time (1/2/18)

Captain Kaos says:

Just put a brand new 4 on my cbr1000f hasn’t even touched the road. Had to ditch the 3 on the back after a puncture ended its life. The 3 on the front is nearly new looking forward to bedding the new 4 in and see how it feels.

Andy Solomons says:

Ty lemmy

frozen says:

Is the front any less squirrely now?

Chris Ofsthun says:

I was planning to get some Metzeler Roadtec 01s but now I’m second guessing this decision. I may have to wait till Jan/Feb to decide which one to get as I don’t need new tires just yet.

Coldfin9er says:

Never got on with 4’s, IMO, they just didn’t seem to like being pushed hard as well as 3’s and struggled to get up to temp in the wet and cold conditions we see in the UK. Even more of an irritation was they stopped making 3’s in a 190/50, no way I was putting 4’s on my 1290 so moved on to a different brand. Hopefully the 5’s are much improved, the SDR needs some new boots in the spring.

D B says:

Why do all Road 5 Tire reviews sound like a paid commercial

Gary Palmer says:

Tip: In the long description box for the video on a specific tire video, put in the range of tire sizes it comes in.

leeasam says:

hmm I wonder if Pirelli will come out with new tire this winter too. after reading some comments from users of the Pilot road 4 about hot weather the tires seem to get slimey and just don’t feel as good and with all the siping even some rubber separation on hot pavement. So in light of that I was planning on the Pirelli Angel GT. hmm well I got til spring to decide

Vinny Fung says:

are they expecting more mileage on these guys than PR4? If not I’m gonna pass on them. PR4 does enough grip for daily commute already

Andrew Tunnicliffe says:

Which would you recommend for a Triumph Street Triple R (675) – this or the Mettzler Roadtec? Looking for better wet weather grip for commuting. Cheers

Quagmire88 says:

has anyone put these on the new Versys1000? I wonder how well they would work/last.

weljo2001 says:

Bought my Road 5’s a month ago finally mounted them 2 days ago….Man do i like them…Better than the PR3’s & PR4’s i had on my other bikes…

David Hastings says:

must be on the slow boat, I can’t seem to find a listing for them here in Australia?

Eden Connell says:

Hey guys would you ride these on the track? For just a track day I do about 4 track days a year?

ItchesIt says:

I’ve run two sets of the PR4 tires and both have slipped on high lean angles. My bike is a 99 Honda VFR800 and tbh, I should run a sport tire, but the T30 EVO doesn’t slip, where these do, leaned over and rolling on the throttle. I’ve nearly highsided 3 times, twice on the track.
I am wondering how these will compare to the 4 series. They last a long time, but I have to dial back my speed with these on.

Joseph Marton says:

The PR4 comes in a 200 ?

philippe lemaire says:

What milage can I expect?

Chano87 says:

Well i love the 4’s I get my rears last 9500 and fronts double I wonder if these will be as good

psychotic memories says:

RevZilla, tell these manufactures they are missing out on a huge market share of smaller bikes (Honda CBR 250, Kawasaki Ninja 300, Yamaha R3) stock sizing.

Kruno Bodružić says:

Hi Revzilla ! I need help. I’m considering these three option for my new set and I’m wandering what would be your recommendation for me. No 1 for me is dry wether grip and secondary longevity. I ride s1000xr and im picking between conti road attack 3, bridgestone t31 and road 5. I believe they all perform well in wet…
Thank you in advance

Its always fun Time says:

I have the pr4 last year and it was great riding in the rain, even through torrential downpours. rode 400 miles one way through the northeast in the rain and it handled marvelously. going into sub 40f temperature it still had grip. nice to see they made even better improvements for the pr5

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