Michelin Road 5 Tire Review

The Michelin Road 5 is the company’s newest implementation of technologies unveiled in the Power RS in a different category of motorcycle tire.

The Road 5 is intended for everyday riding – read commuting – in the wet and dry followed by weekend canyon carving. To improve the Road 5’s wet weather performance, Michelin’s engineers also updated the sipes that were used in the Pilot Road 4 sport touring tires.

Read the full review here: http://www.motorcycle.com/products/mo-tested-michelin-road-5-tire-review


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AkaAndyKnuckles says:

Long sleeve under short sleeve, is that an American thing? Nice review.

OregonOnTwoWheels says:

I had a pair of PR4’s on a Ninja 300 and they worked great in the wet, and even did well in 3 or 4 inches of snow. They were well worth the little bit extra in cost. Very interested in seeing how the R5’s do for a sport touring on something like my ZX-14R.

mrvwbug44 says:

Haha, I literally just put a set of PR4s on my Versys, still love em, great tires.

Warren Harrison says:

the wind noise for crying out loud!

amacro11 says:

How would these work on a HD Fatboy?

GSA says:

When you are testing this tires on Michelins track, paid trip by Michelin , can you really be objective ? Think about it !!!

Dohan Kuswardi says:

How bout the grip on painted white lines?

Miika Venäläinen says:

Evans, my favourite motorcycle.com journalist, still no critisism of a new touring tire. How does it compare to a pilot power 3 tire? What’s the difference in the carcass shape! I like spiritited riding on a fast turning tire… Not sure if I should choose power3 or road5

pmdinaz says:

Thanks for the great review! Deciding to reshod my Trophy SE with the angel gt again (great tire!) Or..try something new with the new 5’s..this is a nice insight. Thanks!

zbb2stillalive says:

What is the expected life of the tires under normal riding conditions?

Fredrik Peterson says:

metzeler roadtec 01 > Michelin Road 5

Feral Cat says:

S**T! Alot of us thought the 4’s had too much turn in. So, what about real world/real street all weather street performance?

Robert Ibana says:

Wow #Michelin

TheSaneRider says:

Pilot road 4s were a great tire. Can’t wait to burn through a set of these!

weljo2001 says:

Got a set of the Road 5’s about a month ago. https://flic.kr/p/EzaDeg They’re just sitting in the garage waiting for my stock tires on my Versys 1000 to wear out..

stickloaf says:

i have been running pilot power for almost three years now and they are an amazing tire to the point of relucltance to try anything else…in that time i have been caught in the rain twice (i know, its tucson) and the last time i was just trying to break the rear tire loose and the grip was like 96 percent of dry, i really couldn’t break it loose, at least on the power and braking side…i wasn’t willing to drop into any corners…i want the road 5 but im thinking i want to try the Q3

RubberGently says:

Having an internal conflict whether to put these on a super naked

future62 says:

I had a set of PR4s… loved them, took them to the track and grained them, then caught a piece of glass the next day and ruined them with fix a flat. Got some Metzler Roadtecs waiting to be mounted… Michelin makes a great tire but you’re gonna pay for it

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