Michelin Road 5 – Review After 5000km

Michelin have been kind enough to furnish my Yamaha FZ1 with a pair of their newest Sport Touring tyres, the Road 5’s

So after 5000km of hard touring use in ALL weather, I thought it was about time I tell you how I’ve found them so far.

All opinions in this video are honest and true and Michelin have not paid me one penny to say nice things about their products!

More info: https://motorrad.michelin.de/

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MetalEngineer says:

I’ve gone for these on my Duke 790. Looking forward to trying them. Although I only really ride in the dry.

Taliesen The Madfencer says:

My next set… Cheers Andy

MR TPR says:

Excellent review Mate. I think you have convinced me for my next set. Nice drone footage.

Adrian Cîrnu says:

I have a question…how come you have so few subscribers compared to other channels and yet you always get these amazing sponsors and stuff..nice work

Karl Walker says:

Fantastic French Rubber on my VTR 1000F FIRESTORM:) A Road pilot 3 is my current Weapon of Choice but in all of its variations riders have recommended these tyres. but I from experience have ridden Dunlop Arrowmax fitted to a VFR 400RR/Middleweight performance bikes with no problems.
I must admit I have had nothing but wet and dry confidence bearing in mind this machine I ride is a savage beast on acceleration and pure engine braking:) But this Sports touring tyre is excellent.

Anders Eriksen says:

Hi Andy: thnx for a Brilliant video on them Michelin´s – thnx to you, my choise when changing tires (prob. in this spring) is solwed, 1 like coming up, and after seeing a lot of you video lately, I will now subscribe your Channel – Greatings from a Triumph T120-rider from Himmerland – take care, and I´ll be seing you in the nxt 1.

Minion Ninja16 says:

Amazing how a tyre can change the experience, confidence and enjoyment.

Paul Oshea says:

Koblenz isn’t anywhere near Waldshut-Tiengen on the Swiss border.

Gunnar G says:

Thanks for the update, Andy!

Master9 says:

Great review but I might be waiting a bit for free tyres.Lol.

Oliver Bandt says:

Hy Andy, thumbs up and thanks for your report after 5000km. Currently in the winter I´m searching for a new for my Tracer 900. It´s not so easy to find a feedback about tires after long time distance of riding. Nearly whole of the current tires are brilliant for the first 2000-3000km, but after long riding distances the perfomance is crashing down sometimes. I´m using Metzeler Roadtec 01 for the last 8000km. The new tires were brilliant, but after 5000-6000km the perormance broke down rapid and I don´t want to drive any additional km. My current 2 favourits are ROAD 5 or Pirelli Angel GT,
70/30 for the ROAD 5 tire. Thanks a lot and left hand side for greetings. Wish you a happy new year.

Keith Miles says:

The worst thing about my fz1 fazer is the lack of ground clearance. You mention that your Pegs are touching down, is this with the lsl footpegs in the higher position? Or have you still got them at the lowest setting? I’m looking at getting rear sets for mine …

uzair azmi says:

Im using PR3 now on my mt07. Tyre change should come around the corner. Stuck between metzeller roadtec 01 and pr5. Help me decide.

David O'Hare says:

have then i
on my tiger like glue Great video

inflatedmann says:

I love this video ..he reminds me of Cogman of the transformers movie…

Johnny Håkansson says:

I got a flat tire on my Tracer900 last weekend when I was in Norway. However, my fault since I didn´t change before I left. I know now that the Road 5 does last 19.000 km (11.800 miles) before it is totally worn out. Perhaps I will change the next set a bit sooner (16.000 km).

bob cbr says:

Andy sorry for unrelated comment, but, Dashcams and Action Cams use in Germany. Guy over there has been very pedantic – tells me “legal” problems ??????

Daniel Lim Santoso says:

You should try the Metzeler Roadtec 01 after this and compare and see which is actually the best..

James Thompson says:

Great video but please keep at least one hand on the bars!

Paul Stredwick says:

Best thing I’ve done for my Street Triple is stick sports touring tyres on (Z8s). More confidence in all conditions than the OEM tyres and last twice as long. I’ve come to the conclusion that hyper sports tyres are a con, unless you do half your mileage on dry track days and print your own money. These will be my next set. Thanks for doing my research for me.

Chukky aka Ian says:

PR4 Trails on my GS now, brilliant, PR5 next time…super tyres wet or dry…

Derek Holme says:

Hi Andy, 05s fitted, impressed, they feel really good and I will be happy.

CPUspeed says:

oh you need to save that andy imprint for future close calls, very funny

Hippo-Drones says:

Hairdryers & Suckers sounds like an 80’s glam rock band! 😀 Sign me up! 😀

hollowaysteve says:

I have ‘never’ been disappointed with the Pilot Road range of tyres and I’ve had 1-4 between the BMW R1100S and 1200S. I too also notice that it takes quite a few miles before noticing any wear. Even the old macadams were pretty good overall too. The GRISO is on Metzeler Z8’s that I’ve only ridden in the dry and appear to grip OK but lack feel. Once they’re done for I’ll be putting PR5’s on it. I know I won’t be disappointed with them.

Derek Holme says:

Hi Andy, great videos and informative, just about to replace the tyres on my R1200 GS, two in the frame, Michelin Road 5s, looked very good especially with the new tread pattern, next up, Metzler Roadtec 01, not a high mileage biker, 3000 a year, what would you choose?

Denis Railey says:

Great informative vid, just bought PR 5s. Great grip & braking in front. Trying to wear old rear tyre so I can fit 190 x 50 rear on for a matching set.

Doomcati says:

i couldn’t agree more i have them on my striple rs.done 5000 miles so far on them ,not even half way worn. amazing in the wet and as good in the dry as the super coarsers i had on from new which lasted 1500 miles and were shit in the wet.i will never buy anything else now.

NinjaZet says:

Hey, I was wondering if the quickshifter you added to the bike is actually street legal in Germany?
Ride safe.

Jay B says:

Always been a fan of Michelin products.

Hulkzrx says:

“Fer dog’s sake” Ha.  I say that too. I agree with your assessment. I have them on My ZRX1200. Steering is lighter , grip is better ,confidence higher and most surprising to me I can use all of the tread on the rear despite it’s sportier profile compared to my previous PR4’s. A big improvement over  the PR4 which I thought were the ducks nuts. Amazing. And , here in Australia road 5’s are cheaper than PR4’s. Happy Days!

David Liverpool says:

do the tram rail?

Flatcap007 says:

Done that it’s one long b500 road, early start to do it

York996 says:

I’ve put them on my 160bhp Super Adventure S. I’ve tested them in Ireland, down the A5 through Wales and in some gopping wet weather. I like riding in the rain anyway but yes, these are amazing. Trying to fall back on the ABS, cornering ABS and Traction Control to find their limits I’m struggling to get the electronics to kick in.
If they last longer than the great M7RR, fantastic, because my last two Super Duke R’s ate the rears in under 2500 miles.
Thanks for the reviews.

S Gomez says:

Dude!! How the hell have you been.. I absolutely enjoyed your reviews and thank you!! Enjoyed ur verbiage and choice of words! I was on the fence about these tires and with your review I have decided to get a set! Thx again!

Paul Au says:

I want to thank you, I’ve been looking for someone who was reviewing the road 5’s. I’ve been on the m7rr for a few years, they are just about bald. But I couldn’t find any info to compare for long lasting mileage. You answered that question for me. Thanks again.

Christian Weller says:

My name is Édouard Michelin….. and I approve this message.
Have a Michelin star Andy. 😀


I totally whole heartedly agree with you mate I 6 months ago had a set of Road 5’s fitted to my ZX14 and as you say they just keep on being unbelievably impressive . You’re analogy of Voodoo rubber witchcraft is absolutely totally spot on. It’s the only explanation for these incredibly amazingly fantastic tyres. Great video too. Take care motor cycle brother.

RiderontheStorm1992 says:

I bought the Michelin Pilot road 4’s for this reason. Here in the Netherlands you better have tires that work in the wet :D. Good to know that Michelin is still pushing the performance of their “wet”- tire to be better in the dry as well.

saddlebag says:

You were tiptoeing around the bends that were tight enough to require lean. That was a smart thing as the sides of those silly buns are slick. I’m sure they work fine in the rain in the center of the tire as most any ST tires do. If you want to save some money, try a Dunlop Roadsmart III. Groves and wet grip to the tire’s edge rain or dry.

Daan says:

Serieusly good content

Neville Thong says:

Just finished my first set…. got 9400 Miles (15000Kms) and they stayed a good shape though out that time. The front wore out slightly faster than the rears… and now I have put my second set on.. Very pleased. I previously had Metzler Roadtec 01’s ( 4 sets) they would wear out at about 5000 miles but also would square off well before then, then round up again when you found some corners. The 01’s would be instantly warm whilst I find the 5’s need a bit of heating… The 5’s feel far more sporty.

buddhastaxi666 says:

Just put one on my zx14r Kawasaki. Fantastic. Just what it needs. Stable a a tricycle at crawling speed. Great cranked over. Some slide but have 200 hp n tyres only done 400 kms. Better than pilot 3.

MotoVenture _ says:

Great video Andy. Looking forward to hearing/seeing how long they last before wearing out completely, and also how much the grip/feeling changes as they near the wear limit.

swoon drones says:

What do you ride?

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