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Michelin Road 5 Motorcycle Front Tire: https://goo.gl/STteuh

Michelin Road 5 Motorcycle Rear Tire: https://goo.gl/TaVrti

Michelin comes out swinging in the New Year with an upgrade to its multi-purpose and do-it-all sport-touring tire.

As the nomenclature implies, the Road 5 replaces the Pilot Road 4— a wet weather favorite of ours for the past four years. All fitment is for 17-inch wheels, with initial sizing limited to 120-series fronts and 150 through 190-series rears.

Externally the tire employs less siping on the edges for better feel and stability near maximum lean.

It’s complemented by Adaptive Casing Technology plus, in which the carcass’ casing plies overlap in the sidewall and shoulder sections for greater rigidity, without compromising ride quality in a straight line. Together these changes should amount to less flex for increased handling performance in dry conditions.

Rain riders, there’s no need to fret, as Michelin’s XST Evo sipe groove technology lets the tread channels grow, moving water even more effectively as the tire wears. The design is so effective, Michelin claims a worn Road 5 with 3502 miles is as effective as a fresh Pilot Road 4 during private wet testing.

Like before, the Road 5 uses dual-compound zones front and rear with fresh compound formulas. Specifically, the softer shoulder compound zones have been extended by 3% and the longer-lasting center compound now occupies 44% surface area, up front.

The rear benefits from compound-layering, similar to the Power RS sport tire. Deemed 2CT+ technology, a softer rubber formula is laid on top of a more durable, uniform base. This complements ACT+ and further elevates rigidity at lean. The softer edge rubber zones have been reduced from 40%, of total surface area, to 17% on either side.

Heavyweight options, as well as larger wheel, ADV sizes are coming later this year. Until then, Michelin will continue to offer its existing Road 4 GT and Trail versions.

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Dennis M says:

Looks like a nice improvement to an already solid tire. I am not liking that $230.00 price tag though for the rear! I’ll save the 40 bucks and stick with the Pirelli Angels I am rocking now. I have grown to like these tires a lot. Perhaps in a year the Road 5’s will be more affordable.

Raw7s says:

quality review A+

midibudu says:

50% power RS 50% road4, LOVE IT, i love what they came with

saddlebag says:

I guess most of Michelin’s clientele don’t lean over much in the rain. Way too much slick out on the edges for my liking.

Floyd Burdett says:

It looks like my ‘Track Days’ are over… new surgeries on both my left knee and right hip will probably be the end of my “Hardcore” riding, even on the street / twisty mountain roads. { I am just HOPING it doesn’t mean selling my bike and NO more riding!}
But I just loaded a new set of Q3+ and will wear them down before trying the Road 5’s… My Brother has run Road 4’s on his GSX-R750 since they first became available, and has obviously been Very Pleased with them. Although Dunlop ‘swears’ the Q3’s are ‘Great’ in the rain, I have always been quite cautious if caught in wet conditions. Perhaps I will feel more confident with the Road 5 siping design.

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