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Michelin Power RS Front Tire: http://bit.ly/Michelin-PowerRS-MotorcycleTire-Front

Michelin Power RS Rear Tire: http://bit.ly/Michelin-PowerRS-RearMotorcycleTire

Knee pucks disintegrated, engines redlined, and thousands of gallons of sans plomb 95 burnt, all in an effort to engineer a fantastic sport road tire. But did Michelin succeed?

We install a pair of the French companies latest and greatest Power RS tires on a 2016 Suzuki GSX-R600 sportbike. See and hear our thoughts from the saddle in this motorcycle tire review video.

Gear we wore for this test:

Bell Star Helmet: http://bit.ly/bell-star

iXS Baldwin Jacket: http://bit.ly/ixs-baldwin

REV’IT! Chevron 2 Glove: http://bit.ly/revit-chevron-2

REV’IT! Recon Jeans: http://bit.ly/REV-IT-recon

TCX X-Rap WP Shoes (replaced with X-Wave Waterproof Boots): http://bit.ly/tcx-x-wave


Agga Mardhika says:

hello i have a 5″ rim. can you recomend which size tyre for my rim?

Cerebral Method says:

Solid review. Great bike too!

FROST says:

Adam sick review as always. Dude I’ve always been curious. What bikes do you currently own and what bikes have you owned in the past that served you well? It’s interesting to me because you’ve gotten to ride SO many bikes I have no idea how you would be able to choose which ones to own for yourself. Thx again G!!!

TheWahrocker says:

Hi Adam.There is a big difference in grip (on dry) between RS and PP3 ?

Arturo Diaz says:

What is better for a track – super sport evo or Power RS?

Jacob Hendrickson says:

You had em on the track and didn’t get rid of those chicken strips???

Dennis M says:

Thanks for yet another great review, Adam. I have ridden various members of the Pilot family and have enjoyed them all. But I agree with what you said about them not “wowing” me. I am currently on Metz Sportec M7 RR tires. The profile and higher Silica content in the compound is something that I really enjoy as I feel it provides superior grip, feel and feedback. But when it is time for a new set I might just give the new Pilot a look.

Pascal Fischer says:

Just put them one before i had brigdestone s21 we will see how they compare

Dorian L. Blair says:

I put these tires on my CBR1000RR about 2 weeks ago….heat up time is about 4-5 minutes but once they’re at temperature, these things cling to the pavement better than a one night stand chick that you decided to put on your Superman cape before you gave her the business!! I have used every Michelin tire since the original Pilot Powers and these RS’s definitely outshine them all, only the Pilot Super sport Evo comes remotely close.

Idrissa Togola says:

Édouard michelin merci

Granny NewNew says:

…. At 5:00 …WHAT ARE THOSE!!?!?

MotoBoy says:

How does it compare to the Dunlop Q3, Bridgestone S21 & RS10’s? Also, I don’t think any street tires really like being run below 30psi. They just get mushy and overheat and it makes the steering really slow.

Jonathan Mendoza says:

You mentioned that these tires heat up pretty quick, would you say there is no need for tire warmers on a track day? TIA

Sean Mapley says:

I have the Michelin PP3 on my CBR1000RR atm but I’m pretty much only riding at the track now. I’m wondering how much better these new Power RS’s are compared to the PP3? Any info would be great.

John Lang says:

Great video, Adam! I will be curious to see what you think of how these tires compare with the soon to be released Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ tires. I had heard the the new Michelin Power RS tires were considered to be superior to the Q3’s. It will be interesting to see how the Q3+ tires stack up against these. Thanks.


after Super Corsa and M77R this is the best tire for my S1000R

Randy Heiser says:

How do you like these compared to the q3 plus?

MrFriday00 says:

I’m curious to see how these stack up against bridgestone s21’s and pirelli diablo rosso III’s in terms of sporty street riding, especially their milage.

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