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Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tires Review http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/michelin-pilot-street-radial-front-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Michelin_Pilot_Street_Radial_Tires The Michelin Pilot Street Radial tires are designed for smaller displacement machines that are often forced into bias ply tires for their ride. The Michelin Pilot Street Radial burrow much of its DNA from the Pilot Road 2 tires and share an identical groove pattern. The Pilot Street Radial use a rubber with a high silica content that provides excellent grip, especially in wet weather. This radial tire offers precision handling with a high level of rider feedback, due partly to the sharper profile of the tire. The Michelin Pilot Street Radial boast a better longevity over a bias-ply competitor. As quoted from Michelin, The Pilot Street Radial tires are bringing the radial revolution to small and medium-sized bikes. http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/michelin-pilot-street-radial-rear-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Michelin_Pilot_Street_Radial_Tires


Lars Nilsson says:

the thread pattern looks just like the old Road 2 tire.

Emanuel Paredes says:

what kind of mileage could i expect out of these on a cbr250r on a 90% commuting ride with an occasional spirited riding day on a weekend?

The Raider says:

Sorry, can you give me some infor about direction of the front and rear tire. I’ve installed this michellin one. But it seem to be a little slippery in the rain condition. Thank you.

bigwillchill says:

Few questions:
 i have a ninja 250. i ride to work, school, in downtown stop and go, freeway, and winding canyon roads. i need a tire that has high mileage but i also need a tire that can take corners (no track days) in winding road conditions. i was looking for a dual compound tire for longevity and good cornering but i am having a hard time finding a tire for me. The least expensive the better.

How many miles would i get out of this tire?
Is there a dual compound version of this by Michelin or other brands?
What other tires would you recommend me?

Aha says:

REVIEW: In Europe we have 160/60 and I put it on my Yamaha TDM 900 2006 ABS. The tire has decent grip on the dry pavement, but not if you ride super sporty with aggressive lean angles. Also, the grip is very bad for the wet and slightly graveled pavement. If you are a conservative rider this tire is great for you but it’s not the sportiest or even the safest choice.

scarybaldguy says:

Just got these on my R1100RT. Verrrry nice, smooth and grippy.

kasper Khan says:

hey revzila how r u i wanted to ask that i have a 125 cc bike which is 10 hp i want to install michillen 110/70/18 on rear and 100/70/18 on front alloy on my bike do u think it will harm the engine??? some body also told me it will become in oval shapped after some time if u install these size on 18 rims my stock tyre size is 90/90/18 rear and 3.00/18 is front plzzz plzzz help

Noreffendi Othman says:

I’m wondering if these Michelin Pilot Street Radial comes as a standard stock tyres for all the 2017 KTM 125 Duke model. This tyres has a very bad grip (on both wet and dry road conditions). My bike tend to “fishtail” especially when negotiating a gradual bend and I need to watch my speed not going above 50km/h. I might consider changing my stock tyres to the Metzeler Sportec m7 RR. Any good advise from Revzilla? Thank you

gau trng says:

Is it better than pirelli sport demon?

Shaolinfist83 says:

Would these be ok on my XT660X? I hear a lot of reviews say these are only good for smaller bikes.

adkadvklr rdr says:

thank you Thomas from revzilla for recommending these. I think they are exactly what I’m looking for.

V Rossi says:

i bought it for my yamaha R 1.5 V2 it feels home in every corner.

Yamaha Rider J says:

Am I the only person who does not like those tyres? I have the pilot street not the pilot street radial but I hear there near 100% the same but I don’t like them I loved them as a learner wear then out after 11000km and then put on some Rosso II’s and I like them so much better I then crashed to bike about 2500km later got a new bike and now unhappy I am back on the Pilot Street tyre

Joao Ferreira says:

How Good/Bad it is a 120/70 R17 TL 58H for a CBR 600F??

Bernd Almstedt says:

How much did they pay you for this crap review? Pure propaganda… – I have this tire on my Yamaha YZF and it’s performance is very poor compared to most other tires I had on my bikes, this tire is actually close to being dangerous in poor weather conditions. Not recommended, just like this video ad!

rajan kumar says:

what’s cost of tyre

mark ward says:

are these a good replacement for my bt45’s on my gs500?

John Chan says:

Is there a Pilot Street Radial 100/70 r17 for front?

Gary Yu says:

guy needs to shave lol

AlcatrazMeow says:

Whats the difference between those and the ‘pilot street’ tires?

Tj Mosher says:

Ok I have a ninja 300 and I was stupid and bought Michelin pilot road 4 tires the front tire in 120 fits perfect and is fine but I got the 160 rear and I’ve missed an entire riding season and spent a lot of money trying to fix my bike I think the rear tire is too big and has popped three chains and the seal behind the front sprocket I got the tires from you guys and I’m not sure what to do I’m broken without my bike any advice for me?

renzie4561 says:

can you send me some pic of proper installation of michellin street pilot tire. I am very curious about the arrow but its complicated for the design. tnx

Sarang Palazhy says:

pulaser 200ns best tayer?????

dbauernf says:

They just announced these for big bikes (and very cheap), waiting for a review! 

tdunster2011 says:

Absolute horse shit when the weather is cold and the surface is damp. Even in the dry my little R3 can lose traction with these in a straight line. Positives are that they last a longgggggggggggggggggggg time and have low rolling resistance so very good on fuel economy.

Swapnil Chopade says:

still valid buy in 2017 ? or there are new better options in that price.

Faiz Hussain says:

this vs Metzeler Sportec M5? which is better in your opinion?

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