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Michelin Pilot Road 4 Tires Review http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/michelin-pilot-road-4-tires?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Michelin_Pilot_Road_4_Tires This first look compares the popular MIchelin Pilot Road 3 tires to the new Pilot Road 4 tires with a brief overview of the improvements found on the latest generation. The Michelin PR3’s have been a perennial favorite from Sport, Sport Touring and even ADV bikes for the last 2 years, and the new version boasts more longevity and even better wet grip handling. Some of the most notable changes include a decrease in the siping on the front tire, and a lower groove ration at the edge of the tire for improved grip, especially at extreme lean angles. The new PR4 rear tire also features the updated XST+ Siping Technology and a lower groove ratio at the edges of the tires, but now has a new compound distribution in the dual compound layout. The PR4 now features a harder durometer rubber down the center of the rear tire, covering about 20% of the tire surface as compared to a medium compound found in the PR3 that covered about 80% of the tire surface. The sidewalls now use a medium compound at each 40% of the sidewall for great grip without the sacrifice of wear. The new Michelin PR4 will be available in 3 versions, a PR4 version for most street bikes, a PR4 GT for larger touring bikes and 2-up riding and a PR4 Trail version for ADV bikes that never leave the pavement. Stay tuned for our long-term review, where we put the new Michelin PR4 through its paces.


Mario Rodriguez says:

I got a Honda 2006 cbr rr 600 what you suggested for my bike on michiln, I already tried Dunlop q3 great tire little cold to warm up , I tried michiln 16 not bad , I am trying the michiln 20 so far it’s stck s to ground I just got so I can’t judge now . Just make sure you go slow and burn that film on top of the new tire or else you will go under and fall. I will hall ass when the tire is half worn out

Dragon3it says:

suitable for r6? purpose is doing 15k km tour in EU this summer

Faiz Marusan says:

Hi RevZilla. Is it true PR4 got size 110/70 & 150/60?

Tim Pipp says:

I got some SuperCorsas on my R6, and later got a CBF for travels, with these tires. So i took it for a spin with no bags to the corners, and was amazed. No slips, no twitches, no nothing. They ware railroad tracks like the Pirellis. Simply amazing.

ThePassRider says:

im impressed with the grip of the pr4’s but not with how long it lasts.. im in the mountains every weekend and commute during the week and im at 5000km and my rear is already at its markers. id give it a 8/10 for handling and 4/10 fo mileage

Kiss My Fast says:

is this tire good for aggressive street riding? i live in the mountains with alot of sharp curves and i drag knee or close to it is i know this tire is good for its longevity but i also need something for my type of riding as i also commute on it other than aggressive riding

Christian Garcia says:

Hey guys I have a pair of shinko raven 009 tires n that’s how the bike came when I bought it n I looked into them n they are for sport touring and not so much for leaning, I have 4k miles on them n still look like new, I like them bc they last but when it comes to cornering on twisties I’m not too comfortable on then bc idk how well the grip will be. are the pilot road 4 gunna give me high milage and also really good grip so I can have a peace of mind that it won’t slip, I live in southern texas so it’s mainly hot n dry n I have an 03-04 zx6r 636

iOF Apollo says:

Got these on my 07 Monster 695. Haven’t rode in the rain yet. But I do hear they grip really well in the heavy rain so I shouldn’t be worried right?

Recn12 says:

I have a worked FZ-10 and I drive the wheels off of it, but only do street riding and the occasional longer haul. Looking for better tire life than the Bridgestone S20 and S21. Would you recommend these or the Metzeler Roadtec 01’s for better grip and turn in? Anything else you suggest better than the two?

nev nig says:

got PR4s on my r1 there good but with only 4000km on the rear its all most gone, the rear dont last long but grip is great no compliant’s, only starting to fill it spin here and there i would say 6000km for me would be pushing it, great grip handling ect just dont last long well not for me,

Let it Rest says:

By the way, since I mentioned my journey. Love great tunes and sound, with it on the road. Here’s what I did. Jensen makes a line of heavy duty stereos, that are water proof, designed for boats, heavy equipment, and so on. The one I purchased has 18 fm presets, 6 am presets, weather band, bluetooth, equalizer, auxiliary… very nice right. Stream music from my Galaxy s5. I installed it in the top of my tank bag. The unit is about 6″ x 4″x 3″ deep. Perfect for the top of the tank bag. I wired it with a 3.5mm audio jack, and connect it to my Bose QC20 noise canceling earbuds. The Qc20’s don’t go fully into your ear, but ride on the outside. each ear piece has a microphone, that listens to the ambient sound, and the noise canceling circuit puts out an opposite sound frequency to effectively block much of that road and wind noise. I’m amazed at how far that goes to reducing fatigue, when my Japanese mistress and I are traveling together. I’m not recommending, that you listen to music, while riding… you may find that to be a dangerous idea. Just telling you where I’m at with that. Traveling through the mid-west in the summer time, that weather band is valuable.

Let it Rest says:

I run pilot road 4’s on my 2013 FJR1300A . Great tire ! Did a 5100+ mile trip of the U.S., last year. Departed the Atlanta area, for Columbus, Ohio, clocked it in, at about 11 hours. Rained all the way to Lexington, Ky. Not one complaint about the tires. Interstate 75, the whole way, and averaged 65-70 mph. I now have over 12,000 miles on that batch of rubber and still have tread. Getting ready to replace them with another set. Leaving August 8th for a full U.S. perimeter (+) ride. Nova Scotia and Quebec, included. Should clock another 10,000 miles. I load up, and the stopping performance and cornering are beyond comparing these tires to the original BTO’s. The Bridgestones were lacking, to say the least. Traveling by motorcycle, is purely about the journey. Real joy, when you have a great ride like the FJR1300. Great tires, are the ones you can take for granted. P.R. 4’s.

bob hogan says:

Awesome tyres and performance, thanks for the advice.

1scott921 says:

Anyone have this on a xt660x or similar bike?

Neilsen Marquez says:

So what better for all year long riding specially in Texas, pp3 or pr4? I have pp3 on my cbr600rr and I’m curious about switching to pr4?

JFeezy says:

Roughly how many miles should one expect to get out of a set of these? Occasional twisties, on a 650 VStrom.

Mario Rodriguez says:

And what you suggest on psi the manual says 36 in front & 42 in rear I am installing right now 33 in front & 39 in rear Email at mr2206348@gmail .com

rakryan komala says:

i have yzf-r25(local type of yzf-r3) and my stock tire is slipery and i want to change it
i have few choices which is michel pp3, pr4, battlax s20, or corsa rosso ii
i might use 120, 160
and i use my bike to daily commute, touring and i also like to lean in high speed. terrain and road in Indonesia kinda rough
thz in advance

MaFuggah says:

Would these tires work on a Ducati Panigale 899? Stock rear tires are a 180/60 I believe, but I only see a 180/55. Would that make a big difference?

VlogBiker says:

I have a naked upright Cagiva Raptor 1000cc, the bike is 200kg and I am 100kg, I get low but dont drag my knee, I dont ride at high speeds but love acceleration hence 2cyl 1000cc, I commute rain hail or shine and often hit the twisties on the weekend, the issue we have here in Australia is that it can suddenly rain and the roads become very slippery until the muck is washed away, currently I have the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa and find that they grip well in both dry and wet, at some stage this year I may need to replace the tyres and I dont care too much about the cost, it’s all about the wet weather grip for me, I have on a smaller bike the Bridgestone Battlax BT03’s? tyres and they are bad in the wet nearly every roundabout I would get a slide out on the rear, sorry for the long message but I guess I want to be specific so your recommendation is more suited to my style and bike.

rickt4c says:

Are those rear tires in the video in same size? Road 4 looks thinner than 3.

Skinny Arms says:

I don’t know why guys always talk about the R1200RT as though it’s a goldwing or something, like its a huge monster heavy pig. It doesn’t weigh much over 600lbs. It’s a shockingly light, nimble bike.

Bagus Mekar Anom says:

hi RevZilla, I owns a Yamaha MT 25 (250cc) and I’m thinking about changing my set of tires that can be used for middle-ranged touring and daily use, most of my friends that owns a 250 cc bike recommend me to buy the Battlax S20s but the Micheliin PR4 seems like a good set of tires, can you help me out to chose which tire I should get ?thanks

Marc Beebuzz says:

I have a 2014 Honda CTX700 which tire should I get, Road 4 or Road 4GT and why?
I don’t want the road 4 trail soft compound in the middle.

xXDownshiftXx says:

I have a 2015 fz07. should I get the standard tires or the GT?

Mike McDowell says:

Would these be suitable for city and highway riding on a 1998 Honda VTR 1000?

Scottay says:

How would these do on 2014 Honda VFR 800? Also, which model would you recommend?

Sousa KTM says:

for a NC 750x used for commuting (rain/sun etc…) would you choose PR4/Angel GT/z8’s ?Thanks

Sugand sivamani says:

Hey guys, how about this tyre in Triumph Street Triple? Also how about the performance in Bad Roads and gravel? In the stock Pirelli, already 3 punctures within 4 months and I have to replace them..please advice..

Thomas Matovinovic says:

Thanks for the review. After seeing these reviewed I went and grabbed a set of PR4s for my CBR blackbird. Just picked them up only 2 hours ago. Can’t wait to fit them. Can anyone tell me what is the recommended pressures for these on a blackbird?

Steven Biker says:

I have these on my R6. 17,000km in and the rear is nearly at the wear marker, front can easily go 3000km more. Excellent grip dry and wet, will definately be buying another set.

K Khalifah says:

Shredded my Pirelli Angel STs at just under 15000km. I watched this video and had these fitted for the monsoon season here in my part of the world.


Torrential rain the second I left the tyre shop and right off the bat, my unscrubbed PR4s stuck to the tarmac. I was initially worried that new tyres fresh off the storage racks would get lively in the monsoon deluge, but these suckers surprised me. It kept on raining every day for the rest of the week and they never disappointed me.

Money well spent. Highly recommended.

dafebeme2 says:

Are these tires ok for some occasional knee dragging on roads?

Pedro says:

Would these be great tires to be leaning over on a Yamaha R6 during canyon rides?


Just put these on my GSX600F, (check my vlog) 200 dry miles in and they feel real good.

Mike Greville says:

would this tire be good for my dr650 supermoto?

Remoo says:

Really good review, amazingly detailed on the tyres. thanks :)!

Camel747 says:

Contrary to popular belief (and perhaps intuition), a bigger contact patch does not lead to more grip.

R6Dave11 says:

I have PR4’s on my FZ-1 and also on my FZ-09. After only running full sport rubber for the last 20 years, these shocked me. They are WAY better than they should be. If you’re smooth on a bike, they stick almost as well as full sport tires in the dry. Awesome in cold or wet weather. They seem to last a long time as well. Love them.


Hi can you tell me which is best for my suzukidrz400sm the pilot road 4 the pilot power 3

nicholas green says:

2017 R1200GS ???

Mohd Farez Nazwan says:

May I have your opinion on the use of Metzeler tires because there are friends who use these tires give more distance travel

ja565hr says:

Are these available for the 2016 Honda Africa Twin?

BARTMAN88 says:

looking into the pr4 for my cbr1000rr as I use daily for going to work year round. here in Mississippi I deal with rain a lot and the summer showers that can get heavy and about twice a month go on joy rides with friends which in your opinion would be better standard or the beefier touring?

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