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Michelin Pilot Power & Michelin Sportbike Tire Guide
The Michelin Power Sportbike tire group offer a family of tires for the sportbike and hypersport rider who want a tire they can rip on the street and even take to the track. The most economical of the series is the Pilot Power which is a 95% Street / 5% Track, single compound tire that offers long tread life. The Power 2CT is the most popular of the bunch, upping the ante of the Pilot Power with a dual compound tire that is a 90% Street / 10% Track tire that strikes the perfect balance between premium performance at an affordable price. The Power Pure is the lightest and features exceptional grip, handling and cornering stability with a 85% Street / 15% Track application. The Power One is offered in a street and track only version and is the most sporting tire of the Power series offering. Event the street version of the Power One is rated as 30% Street / 70% Track and designed for a fast warm up and maximum grip.


Aerodromsko Dete says:

Hey guys i have one question for you, i have Honda Cbr 600RR (2007)and now im driving Dunlop Tyre D210 F and im not so much satisfied with this tyre so i want to change it with one of the Michelin tyres but im not sure with what model of tyre should i put on my bike. Im Not aggressive driver, and also im driving this bike only in streets, so could you please help me with this and recommends me the best Michelin Tyre for me.Thanks

RevZilla says:

Yes, they’ll do ok for occasional track day use. You’ll find that the rubber won’t really get up to temperature like a track tire will. Lean angles are about the same, I just wouldn’t slam the throttle with the bike leaned all the way over. -CK

AlefGotis says:

Excuse me but i need to say how empty for REAl tips is this channel. I just THREW away a pair of Power from my Ducati 748. Awful tires, the description of the objects is completly without exprience on the road. “Agressive look” means nothing out there. The basic tyoe is for traveling, NO sports AT ALL. NO circuit AT ALL. 5% nothing. 100 % road and Good luck! Much better Metzeler K3, at least you don’t have the impression of having butter on the rear when going threw curves.

ZX Redlined says:

Curious on a rough longevity estimate on the pp2ct ? And If there’s a better updated version of the tire. Thanks

RevZilla says:

The Michelin Pilot Power is definitely not considered a track tire, though they could suffice for occasional use. The Michelin Pilot Power Pure are a better option, but if you are serious about your lap times, you’ll be racing track-only tires that are sold only at the track. I would not recommend these tires for traveling, as the mileage and wet traction is not there for this heavily sport-oriented tire.

In addition, I need to say how different rider experience can be depending on your style.

88Grossboy says:

I have ran the pilot 2ct for the last 2 sets on my 2009 FZ1. Excellent tire. I have ridden in both rain and dry with no issues. Also get track days out of them keeping up with dedicated track bikes. The wear is awesome. 8000-9000 miles on mine. Highly recommend them for anybody on the fench. I have several riding videos both track and road and those are the tires on in those videos if you would like to see how they perform.

RevZilla says:

Pilot power plies the punch, while Activ Anakees make Michelin Command! Its cool, they all stick on the road as much as they do off the tongue. -CK

MotoBoy says:

I was dragging knees through a corner when I tightened up my line just a little bit and the rear tire gave. I was on the pilot road’s though (touring tires). It’s good to know that they’re good for knee-dragging in canyons though. Time to move up to real sportbike tires though as I think I’ve exceeded the limit of traction.

djbwolf08 says:

Will they be changing the pilot power this year

TheReapersSon says:

Doing this video must have nearly tongue tied you. lol

kaleos13 says:

I only run Michelin tires on my bike. They have not failed me yet and they stick like glue. I ride on the street like I would on the track. No chicken scratch on my tires I don’t slip the rear. If you are thinking of getting a new tire but can’t decide go with the 2ct best one out there

zimbrutza says:

2007 Suzuki GSR 600 naked bike. A joy on the twisties

RevZilla says:

Switch out to the Michelin Pilot Road 3 tires. I’ve been using them for about 5k on a VFR800 and they are wearing wonderfully. -CK

RevZilla says:

Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend running at the psi listed in your motorcycle owner’s manual. Some sport tires can be run at a slightly lower pressure. jaheenan77 makes a good suggestion to have Michelin or your local dealer help you find a safe tire pressure. ~Ali

DonziGT230 says:

I have Pilot Power3 2CT on my CBR1100XX and Pilot Power 2CT on my Ducati 999s.  The 3s on the CBR are great, can’t ask for better.  The rear on the Duc slips easily.  It’s dated 1312 but was in a garage and almost unused until recently; still had the nipples and had only contacted the ground in the center half of the tire so not heated at all.  I haven’t ridden it very much and haven’t pushed it hard at all.  It seems to maybe be a little better after putting a few miles on it but early on it slipped so easily I’ve been afraid to push it.  Do you think it just needs the surface worn down some to get rid of aged rubber on the surface?  Is the compound on the Pilot Power3 much stickier than the Pilot Power?  It seems that maybe having the RPM up helps some, like maybe the engine pulses are breaking the traction, but this is just me guessing and I’m still adjusting to the bike.  Lastly, I run the Ducati recommended pressures, I believe it’s 31F 32R, should I go lower?  It’s a single seater, I’m about 175LBS fully geared, and don’t care about wear life I just want it to stick and handle as best as possible.

zimbrutza says:

i just got the Pilot Power 3’s. hope i made a good choice, ‘cuz the runner-up was Dunlop Q2’s

MotoBoy says:

Haha, I bought an ’05 Salvage Suzuki SV650 for just $850 and it was a monstrosity, but it worked well as my learning bike and something I wasn’t afraid to drop. It couldn’t have passed tech inspection in a million years. Anyways, just sold it for the same and the new bike should be rolling in. Hoping to see the track very soon!

RevZilla says:

We suggest sticking to what is recommended by the tire manufacturer, which is embossed on the side of the tire. Any deviation from the recommended pressure can result in poor performance or even a blow-out. ~Ali

Matthew Stewart says:

Is the comound on the original Pilot power and the sides of the 2cts the same ?

lucas mcmahon says:

love the ct2 man got it on my 1999 750 gsxr run in time realy good tested it on the new Zealand roads and the best iv had great vid

RevZilla says:

We have not heard about replacements for this tire, but there are replacements for the Power One (street version) and the Pilot Power Pure. ~Ali

RevZilla says:

That all depends on the object that put the hole in your tire! I can’t really say how normal this is or how durable the tire is without more information on what caused the damage. -CK

RevZilla says:

Cold tires can be tricky. It doesn’t take much time to warm the tires up, but if the ground is frozen, you could have some loss of traction. I’ve heard good things about the Bridgestone S20 that has a quick warm up time and performs good in the cold. ~Ali

RevZilla says:

Can’t go wrong with Michelin, Alex! What kind of bike are you mounting them on? -CK

RevZilla says:

Sounds like you’ve exceeded the limit of the street too! Get those skillz on a track. -CK

RevZilla says:

Hard to say without knowing your bike, the riding conditions, your weight, and the road surface. Lot of variables at play in a low-side! -CK

magda roets says:

hey i have R1 2007. my friend also but he is a bit crazy. got power commander yosi full system and nitros to much. to speed 375 kilo. and he is running michelin power 1. so yeh michelin grips.

MotoBoy says:

i second! just lowsided on my sv650 with these wasn’t even all the way over. I was setting them at about 32-33psi…that sound about right Revzilla?

NoComp Kennels says:


Aerodromsko Dete says:

thanks, I appreciate for you answer 🙂

Colby Leding says:

Hey I have a set of the Power Pures on my CBR.they are amazing in the summer. Stick great! I have road them below freezing point, but on dry surfaces, and the back tends to slide VERY VERY easy. Hard to warm up compared to other season tires.Does this sound normal? I cant find an answer from anyone about this and am hoping it is not sand or slick spots i am missing. I am just hoping that it actually grips worse that most tires in the winter just so i will feel comfortable when i ride it again

MotoBoy says:

On a side note, are Pirelli Diablo’s (just the normal ones) ok for track use? That’s what the CBR600RR I will be buying will come with.

Hector Kho says:

got a super pilot tire on my bike not bad just using it in street not on track

CuracaoRider says:

I’ve tested a set of 2CT but i don’t like em. A high powered bike even in 3rd gear accelerating into it’s powerband will spin the crap out of the 2CT.

YZFaisal says:

2CT tyres are amazing, i run them on my 07 r6, never worried about grip in the corner

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