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TheChattanoogaBandit says:

I have a plain old pilot power on the rear of my bike with about 65% tread left, would it be okay to put this tire on the front with the original pilot power in the back? I’m riding a 07 gsxr 600, nothing crazy but some spirited riding around the twisties if it matters.

AwgTheMMAlover says:

very good pro review ,thanks I might consider them now, cause i love Power series. Right now im riding on Power 2Ct and this rubber is the best for me and my 05 ZX-10R

Sportbike Track Gear says:

The Pilot Power 3s are expected to have approximately 20% more tread life!

Cody Smith says:

the 190 is taller, depending on how aggressive of a rider you are theres a chance you will never notice the difference.

Echo4Tango says:

i would like to know how are these compared to the POWER PURES….the POWER PURES are lighter than most of its competitors including the PILOT POWER 2cts ….. are these new PILOT POWER 3s lighter than the POWER PURES……..i do canyon riding and some track days ….. wonder which tires are better for me as I am in the market for new tires this month….ive rode pirellis and almost all michellins ….i was thinking dunlop this time around but im curious about these PILOT POWER 3s!

RudyVII7 says:

i thought 190 men’t it had a bit more width? and yeah i get pretty aggressive so does that mean i’m going to have a little less lean? (thanks btw)

Marciaus007 says:

Do you ship tyres to UK? Thanks

Sion Nguyen says:

Hi Brian did you ever get to test these p3 on the track yet. Currently I’m running Pirelli rosso corsa. I want to see which is better out of the two.

Brandon Sears says:

I have a 2013 636 and I now need a new set of tires. I stuck between the pilot power 3 and the michelin road 4 tires. I live in Montgomery AL and I do alot of back road ride only in dry conditions and I don’t do any track riding,street only. my bike came with bridgestone battle S20 tires and I have gotten 4300 miles on them and now need a new set. I really appreciate if you can help with a good street preformance tire that gives more miles than 4300….thanks

Sportbike Track Gear says:

Awesome, glad to hear that you like them – we really appreciate the feedback! ~Aubrey

Nick Augustus says:

Ok sounds good, thanks!

Sportbike Track Gear says:

We did not, we thought about bringing a set down there and trying them out. Hopefully we will get a chance soon and can give some feedback. ~Aubrey

vic06 says:

The Power 3 replaces the Pure. From track to street for 2013, the Michelin DOT line is as follows: Power Supersport > Power 3 > Pilot Road 3. I’d go with the Power 3 because of the wet grip. I can still have fun under the rain at the track and I don’t need to bring another set of wheels.

Dima Volk says:

I was waiting for this

djdramatical says:

Tire pressure IS very important. 55 profile in the rear works well for advancing riders. Fyi.. Metzeler sport tire has lean angle indicators too.

John Ashbaugh says:

do you have a tire comparison of michelins, vrs, Bridgestones, vrs Avons?

Justin Lindsey says:

I think I’m gonna switch to the 180/55 version of these tires, I really like them I have the 190/50 2ct’s on my bike now but I’m gonna try the 180’s next I believe, thank you for your input!


I have a 2011 gsxr 1000 with factory fit Bridgestone bt016 tyres done 4500km fast mountain runs no track day yet but looking forward to it!
anyway i need replacement front and back tyres.
I was looking at the michelin pilot power 3 – Bridgestone s20 – or bt016 pro still cant decide. Wich tyre has the best dry traction as thats what im looking for also what is the best profile 190/50 or 190/55. Thanks and awsome reviews I have watched most of them! 🙂

jpx24 says:

I’m just curious as to if these will be a better overall buy than the Q2. The price to performance ratio on the Q2 is second to none. And this is coming from someone who isn’t the worlds biggest Dunlop fan.

CK_32 says:

What PSI would you run for the first 100 mile break in for commuting? I’ve been told run 34/35 F/R for the fire 100 miles to break in the tire then drop down to 32 for canyons and 34 commuting.. Follow that or just run 32/33 all around like I did with t OEM tires. On a 08 600rr street daily driver and weekend warrior.

Sportbike Track Gear says:

We are expecting to receive the first shipment in sometime next week – make sure you check the site or give us a call for availability!

djdarkmunk says:

hey Brian have you ridden on the Bridgestone Battlax S-20r i frekin love them on my zx10r

joblo1978 says:

I just put these on from some worn out BT 021. Incredible is the only word to describe the difference! Confidence is through the roof! Bike corners and holds high speed lines like its on rails. I’m so stoked I have a set!

TheBusa09 says:

Brain, what tire would you vote to replace the BT-016 on a 09 Hayabusa?

UBCS Wraith says:

The Powers, be it the 3s or the 2CTs (my favorite), I’m willing to bet the Powers will last longer.

Cody Smith says:

Chicken Strip Indicators thats awesome !

Recluse says:

Is this better in wet than the RP3?

Scott Webb says:

I have used the PP3’s for part of this season. They are a great tire, loved them. They are however, a track day tire, not a race tire. Nice tire I was really impressed with the wear.

UBCS Wraith says:

After crashing in the rain on some Bridgestones, yet being able to ride through heavy downpours and even hail on my 2CTs, I’m a Michelin customer for life. I’ll certainly look into trying the Pilot Power3s when my current set of 2CTs wear out.

Sportbike Track Gear says:

This is basically the replacement for the Power Pure and has an improved compound and tread pattern – I would give these a try! ~Aubrey

the_whisperer says:

Brian your reviews are just too damn awesome man.

I was trying to decide between 2CT (which I’ve been using for many years) or the new Power 3. I can see there is no contest.

Thanks so much

Andrea Benedetti says:

please compare weight with pures

D F910 says:

Great review. 2CT are unbelievably good tires. I read that these PP3 tires are supposed to last 20 percent longer and 4 seconds faster? I jumped for my wallet. I didn’t know about the lean indicator and slick sides. I’m in heaven.

Nick Augustus says:

did yall get a chance to try this yet when yall went to barber?? Also interested in the review of the Power SuperSport. I have the Power Pures at the moment but looking to move up

brandonyoung1239 says:

I’ve always found Michelin’s to hold a line well until the very edge of traction, then they just go off like a switch and you lose traction, no warning or anything. hope these don’t do that as bad.

djdramatical says:

Michelin is good. Last long but for light weight riders. Dunlop Q2’s r better in my opinion. Bridgestone S20 r even better. All depends on rider skill level really. These seem like they’ll do well in the wet. For the money dunlop or bridgestone r a better value.

motoryanusa says:

Next tires for my bike! Really cool!

Kenji Shiroma says:

Awesome street tire! Has excellent wet grip and very confidence inspiring after riding texas hill country and a track day. Gone through 2 sets already on a ZX6R and will be mounting these on my ZX10R soon. Better longevity than the power pures but slower turn in.

Justin Lindsey says:

What is your stance on the noticable differnce between the 180/55’s the 190/55’s and the 190/50’s. I’ve heard and read a lot of talk about how one size is better than the next and that the 190/50’s handle worse than the 55 series, so what is true?

fahad aziz says:

why does this guy opens his mouth so much while talking? its

Sonia M. says:

how does the Power 3 compare terms of weight with the Pure?

Sportbike Track Gear says:

I’ll pass it along and see what we can do, thanks for watching and the support! ~Aubrey

Sportbike Track Gear says:

Agreed, good street and track day tire. Thanks for the feedback! ~Aubrey

arete commerce says:

How can you say its a great tyre without riding on first????

Sportbike Track Gear says:

The shape of the 55 series tire will typically offer a bit better handling. The 50 series rear can turn a little slower, require a little more input to get the bike to turn in than a 55 would. My best advice is to try it for yourself and see how you like the difference. The only way to know if it is right for you is to try it.

Terrence Chism says:

when are the Power 3’s available? i cant find them nowhere.

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