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Michelin Motorcycle Tire Guide
Michelin has been building tires since 1889 with factories in Europe, Asia and North America. With it’s iconic mascot “The Michelin Man” being the company front since 1898, it is likely the most recognizable tire icon in the world. Michelin is a premium tire manufacturer that makes some of the best tires in several categories including cruiser with the Commander II, Hypersport use with the Power One, Sport Touring with the Pilot Road 3 and the Adventure segment with the Anakee 2. Michelin has blazed trials in many categories since it’s inception, being credited as the first tire manufacturer to produce a radial tire, use silica in their rubber compound, use sipe technology in tires and the first use of dual compound in a tire.


Javier Barrera says:

1:15 sooooo?

RevZilla says:

Thanks, the Michelin Man still lives with us at the ZLA HQ. -CK

Cdmasphuck says:

Dude change your shirt. Haha Just playing great vids help a lot

Mr Aggrovation says:

my work college uses road pilot 2’s and his done well over 7000miles in a mixed of road conditions and reckons he has another good 5000miles left on his rear tyre very pleased! from the uk

Pedro Teixeira says:

thank you just what i was looking for

Brad Price says:

best blow up doll i’ve seen yet at 1:15

Chaz Spellman says:

I’ve modded Subs and Toyota Pickups for years and trust the MIchelin name but still like feedback from those who have been around the block. Appreciated. I’ll stick with my original decision of the Michelins.

RevZilla says:

The Commander 2 tires are a great option for sporty handling on larger bikes. Another one to look at would be the Metzeler ME880 that also offers great handling for larger bikes. ~Ali

RevZilla says:

Bridgestone is up next! Keep watching!

Caniculaveritas says:

PR3 are amazing tires in the wet.

dahveed284 says:

I’ve been riding the Anakee 2’s on my 1150GS. I like them. Much better then the Tourances, IMHO.

ts757arse says:

Very dirty subliminal attempt there. Not cool! With a sexy lady to help make Michelin seem sexy. How do I know if my decision on tyres which I make for my safety (riding in sub zero temps, snow and hot summers and anything in between) has been affected by this… it’s proven to affect decision making hence why it is illegal on TV broadcasting in most countries.

ChaplainC says:

The commander 2,

I tend to ride fairly aggressively on the street, and I am moving towards getting a better two up touring bike. Would you say that the Commander 2 is a good tire for the Goldwing/ BMW k1200lt, k1600gtl style bikes? Obviously the latter more sporty than the former, but still big bikes that can take a lot in the twisties (for a big bike) That 20k miles thing was a massive flag for my interest! Thank you again RZ for putting these things out for us to learn from!

Aprilia rider says:

Please keep your hands down?

Mr. Midshipman says:

Got to get a commander, I thought you were gonna say, ” Change their tires every time they change their Oil” Huh? You’d all be wise to take Tony’s advise. I average about 2500 at most. Car tires they aren’t. Thanks for uploading.

Ryan Chelberg says:

I have had 2 pairs of 2ct’s and they are beyond awesome. I also bought a pair of road 3’s (was not a fan of that set) The 2cts lasted me 6400 miles both sets and I absolutely love them and will be buying more…

RevZilla says:

Why not make videos that are informative – and fun. Love the madness. – Anthony

RevZilla says:

Thanks for the feedback! ~Ali

altec.gs says:

1:15 wtf

Hammy1000rr says:

I started with the Powers on my F4i (my first bike) Then with the 1000 I went to the Pures (5k miles on average till the chords show). They were incredable! Now that they have stopped making them for the sportbike… its time to find a new pilot tire. Thanks for posting this review… I like the mileage notes.

RevZilla says:

Thanks for the feedback. Let us know what kind of mileage you get from them. ~Ali

kd4ysi says:

love the pilot road tires

naveen singh says:

how to determine tyre pressure if replace upsized tyre

RevZilla says:

What, not a fan of the Michelin Man? -CK

aladdin757 says:

I purchased a set of Commander II tires for a gen3 Honda Magna, which is a V4 cycle that generates a decent amount of horsepower. The tires have given great traction in all weather so far. I’ve found it great in the turns as well and have ridden them pretty hard thus far.

Chaz Spellman says:

I’m pretty sold on Michelin Pilot Activ tires and I’ll be ordering from you guys for sure. Before I do, I’ve been comparing them to the Bridgestone Battlax BT45s and think I’ll be happier with the Michelins. Could you comment as to any preference between the two and why, please and thank you. Sizes will be 130/80-18 and 110/90-18 on a DS converted to a SM. Thanks! Looking forward to your reply before I order.

Grantsimms says:

I have over 5000 miles on my pilots and they are showing no wear and the traction is amazing !!! I am sold for life

RevZilla says:

Excellent. Please keep us posted on the mileage you get from the PR2’s. ~Ali

RevZilla says:

I prefer Michelin’s tire technology over Bridgestone myself. Michelin seems to get better tread life, while keeping the same or better grip than their competitors. -CK

RevZilla says:

It’s the Michelin Man’s fault. He’s irresistible. ~Ali

Alex Huynh says:

I heard Pirelli tires were the best..just saying. :p

Brian Hendrickson says:

I purchased the PR2’s in September after running Dunlops all summer. WOW. what a difference. The bike dives into the twisties, haven’t lost grip yet even when scraping pegs. Once I wear this set out, or at least the rear, I will try out the PR3’s for their wet traction claims.

amit j81 says:

Can you please suggest a tyre for my Harley street 750 2017 model??

Photo314159 says:

1:14 I saw it. 

n0fear2010 says:

i was like wtf

Lostisnut says:

4:40 …But what we want to give you today was just enough to allow you to say AHHhhh.. Cute girl hugging big fluffy ME!!!

Made me giggle.
Good Job on all the videos they are very helpful, i appreciate them and i am sure allot of more people do to.

Aaron Kream says:

Do you have a Bridgestone series? I’m a new sportbike rider and have been wondering about the BT-003 and the BT-016. Could you recommend a tire? Please and thank you.

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