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Michelin Commander 2 Tires Review
The claim to fame on the brand new Michelin Commander 2 Tires is that the rear tire will last up to 2.5x as long as the competition. Utilizing new rubber compounds, aramid plies, and longitudinal grooves, these tires will easily outlast the competition. We look forward to riding in these brand new cruiser tires in spring 2012 and truly putting them to the test to find out if they are all they’re hyped to be.


RevZilla says:

Awesome. The Commander II are great tires and make a great choice for excellent wet weather handling on your v-twin. ~Ali

Anthony Hartwig says:

Can someone link to the secondary video review from revzilla? Looking for it and can’t find it.

sportscardude says:

About ready for that secondary video review!

Manuel Maces says:

Have you posted the results on the Michelin Commander II???

thetwentysixth hour says:

Tires? Wow! Good job guys 8)

Chris Osborne says:

Did you guys ever get around to doing a follow up to this video? I just put a pair on my bike, Wish I had checked your prices first 🙁  Oh Well lesson learned. My bike has seen four rear tires in the last 44K miles, those have been two Dunlops with 8K each, one Goodyear Triple Tread (Car tire) with 28K and now this Michelin. I have heard great things about it, just wondering what the end result was for you guys. 

rob2044321 says:

Hi guy’s!….just got a set for my 08 Harley night train, I’ll let you guy’s know how they handle…..Rob.

David Boone says:

where does the tire mount to the valve stem , there’s no dot

xyz says:

How many miles will they last?

RevZilla says:

For bigger touring, v-twin, and metric cruisers, we recommend you keep the tire pressure at the tire manufacturer recommended psi. ~Ali

Xubella Hernandez says:

Can these tires fit on a 1983 Honda Goldwing 1100?

guillotine92 says:

I recently purchased the Michelin Commander II tires from Revzilla. Revzilla’s prices and shipping times are the best I have experienced online. I am currently on an 09 Street Bob. The first thing I noticed on my initial test ride with the tires was how much better they grip in the corners than the stock Dunlops. I got caught in a rain storm with the new tires and they cut through the wet roads phenomenally. Even if they don’t last as long as the claim, I am sold on em for the future as well

spiritwolf7000 says:

I have 2009 Yamaha Venture and have been having terrible results with tires. I tried a Dunlop 404 which was terrible only 4000 miles. I then tried a Bridgestone Excedra Max and I only got 7000 out of that tire. I am hoping with this Michelin Commander 2 will get better results.

RevZilla says:

That’s what we keep hearing. Post a review on the site and share! We love getting feedback and when customers can offer their opinion. Thanks for watching!

What model are you riding?

RevZilla says:

Let us know how it they work out and if you have a chance to compare to the Metzeler. We love getting good feedback from riders!

sprinter2shs says:

did you guys do a full review yet?

RevZilla says:

Thanks for the great feedback glad you are enjoying the tires! Keep it real and thanks for watching.

HOWNDOG66 says:

I got almost 20,000kms on a set of Dunlops on my Sportster. I think I’m gonna try a set of these out.

RevZilla says:

Great feedback. Thank you for including what you ride too! Please keep us posted on mileage as you spend more time on them. ~Ali

RevZilla says:

If you are referring to the tread, its a split answer. There is a lot of R&D that goes into a tire tread to make it evacuate water correctly, stick to the road, and deal with gravel or other debris. However, if the designers are able to make it look good while they do it, I’m sure they will! Function is not compromised when it comes to tires, but they definitely make decisions on form as well. -CK

Paul Gartlan says:

Hi Guys, well I got them fitted at Kennedy’s Motorcycles in Drogheda Co Louth (Ireland) last friday and after giving them bit of a scrubbing on the way home took the bike for a round trip of around 200km (120 miles) of probably the twistiest roads in Ireland and they really impressed me as to how smooth they were and how they stuck to the corners and gave great feedback and confidence at the same time. I know its early days yet but I’m a happy camper!

doug moore says:

I put these tires on in mid august and they are junk slippery in rainand mileage was no better than oem tires on 2008my flhx only 15000 on back tire .I run nitrogen and check my pressure often. The Dunlop elite3 is much better all the way around. I ride from 100mph for hour plus to normal cruising in mountains

Audie Pruitt says:

Any idea why the tread grooves run opposite on the front and rear commander II? I thought the front one was installed backwards, but not according to the directional arrows. Looks like water would be funneled toward the center.

09HDRK says:

I will be ordering these tires for my Road King this weekend. I am interested to see how well they perform and if they live up to all the hype.

Bulgdoom says:

Grip > Life

Paul Gartlan says:

I just added a video which I hope you add to this reply section where you can see my bike and the new tyres on it as I took a ride from where I live in County Monaghan to Longford town in County Longford which is nearly the middle of Ireland along very twisty roads which was my first real ride using the new Commander ll’s and they were really impressive so they get the thumbs up from me!

Tim Borre says:

Great Tires so far. I have a 2010 Ultra Classic. Looks like I will get over 20, 000 out of the rear and too early to tell on the front. I like them better than Dunlop 407/408 so far

RevZilla says:

Sounds like you are set up to give those rubbers a proper testing! Leave us a review once you put them through their paces! -CK

MotoBoy says:

I mean honestly I would just be happy with a tread pattern that works the best…couldn’t care any less about its aesthetics. Thanks CK

RevZilla says:

Depends on the bike and how hard you ride. Michelin is saying in the 20,000 miles range.

dhaskins96 says:

I have about 1000 miles on these tires, and have been pleased so far. However, I have not had the opportunity to ride any a real rain.

MotoBoy says:

Do they really add some lines just for looks on tires?

Kanga says:

Can I use the Commander 2 that is made for the front as a back tire ? There is not a size that is made for my rear 130/80×17 in this model. I plan to ride through central and south america this summer and need a tire that will last. I ride a klr650.

fence man says:

I ride an 86 goldwing and ride about 80 miles a day rain or shine. I am very happy with the performance in the rain. Living in the pacific northwest wet weather is a constant. 2000 miles so far I’m looking forward to see how many miles I get out of them.

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