Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tires Review at

Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tires Review

Built for sportbikes in search of improved grip on wet, low-friction surfaces, the Metzeler Roadtec 01 is a performance tire at the top of its game. From the rebalanced tire stiffness that allows for a better contact patch with the road, to the positioning of radial grooves, to the increased harmonization of the various compounds, the Roadtec 01 Front and Rear tires work together to provide first-rate control. At the same time, the belt and carcass tension parameters have been upgraded along with the the mileage for a more stable ride, for longer.


Recn12 says:

I have a worked FZ-10 and I drive the wheels off of it, but only do street riding and the occasional longer haul. Looking for better tire life than the Bridgestone S20 and S21. Would you recommend these or the Pilot Road 4’s for better grip and turn in?

C Bats says:

Hey, I’m riding a SV650S which is currently equiped with Michelin Pilot Power’s (2ct on the rear) which i truly love (unbelievable wet weather performance when they’re up to temperature!). I do mostly Sportly touring and I also like to take my bike on holiday trips in the Alps. There is one single area where my Michelins are falling short and that is driving in in cold Amsterdam (not a lot of warm sunny days here). Would you recommend these Metzelers for me so I can still do sporty riding on the twisties while improving cold weather performance? Many thanks!

Mark Mainwaring says:

Ive just put these on my bike, coming from Michelin pilot rd 4, which are a great tire, i got 6k from those. !st impressions these Metzelers are a more sporty feel to them, the front drops in easier than the Pilot 4,and the feedback and feel from these are excellent, so far ive done 1000 miles and been to the Isle of Man and they felt great. IStill think the Pilot rd 4 is an excellent tire and which ever you pick either are better than you.

metromel1 says:

How would these compare against the Bridgestone T30 Evos for a R1200RT?

Sriram Sathya says:

can u tell me a best tire for knee bend

FanOWater says:

These tires have phenomenal wet performance and excellent overall performance. I’m on my second set and ride my bike very hard.

Antares says:

And they are made in China,great…..

Eduardo García Gutiérrez says:

hi! they are longer tna michelin pr4gt? which lasted more? roadtec 01, pr4gt or dunlop roadsmart 3?

memoktc says:

Whats the difference between Z8 M7RR and these Roadtec

Motorcycle Extremist says:

I’ve been running Michelin PR4 tires for a few years now, and they’ve been pretty good. I’m considering trying something different next time around, and I’m wondering how the two might compare, and what differences I may notice?

SJ says:

be ware! The front tire is made in China, while the rear is still made in Germany .. very disappointing.

adhie wijaya says:

hi, im using suzuki gw250 or known as suzuki inazuma.. gonna replace my tyres soon.
need advice for my next tyres. currently im running on pirelli scorpion trail, nice grip and better mileage.
but since now theres some good tyres for touring, daily commuter bike weight currently aorund 200 kg with givi wingrack mounted, my weight is around 110 kg. any advices?
im nominating pilot road 4, roadtec 01 and diablo rosso 3…

Andrew Tunnicliffe says:

These sound like a reasonable option for my Street Triple R when I get to the end of the original Pirellis’ lifespan. I’m an all-weather commuter on some fast and twisty country roads. I need good grip in the rain, reasonable life, and a sporty feel. I don’t do track days on this bike. Your thoughts – this or the M7RR?

misulica mike says:

i have a ninja 1000 and i want to do some track days but i do commuting as well do you think the tire will be ok

Junior4mind says:

I ride a Triumph Speed Triple S 2016. As a big Metzeler fan I changed my OEM Pirelli Tyres for the M7 @ the dealer before I left the dealer. Very happy about it!
Now, with the new RoadTec01 I would like to know what your suggestion is about the 2 tyres.
I have a sporty riding style but not with my knee on the asphalt. I do more commuting and little trips, no circuit. I don’t know the mileage of the M7 but I have 4000km now and i see that the middle starts to go, i think another 500km maybe and it will be enough. So that’s why I was thinking about the RoadTec01 because 4000km with the M7…maybe I need the RoadTec01 for more mileage but what about the grip when i ride hard then… I wanted your opinion. Can i mount the Roadtec01 on the back wheel and continue riding my M7 @ the front without problems? Cause they told me that’s not a good idea to mix tyres on a bike and certainly with the M7…
Thank you for your feedback.

Misiekgren says:

awesome, good on long rides and in the wet, how does it do when you feel like going through some canyon carving on a.. vfr800 for example?

ocswing says:

Do these have a similar profile to the M7RR. I love the turn in characteristics of the M7s, but would love longer tread life.

Motto says:

This is the final ranking of the sport touring tyre test with final vote on a scale of 1-10:
1. METZELER ROADTEC™ 01 | 9.8/10
3. Bridgestone Battlax T30 EVO | 8.1/10
4. Dunlop RoadSmart III | 7.7/10
5. Continental RoadAttack2 EVO | 7.5/10
6. Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT | 7.3/10

in the sport touring tyre comparative test, where the German-born brand achieved the top spot in the standings with the new ROADTEC™ 01, just introduced on the market, and second place with ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™.

Walter Eliopz says:

I loved the m7rrs had 2 sets. I got approx 6miles off the rear. more off the front. but I’m liking these new 01. I hope I get more milage.

Vitello Felice says:

How do they compare to the Angel GT’s? Thanks a lot

GAN MAN says:

Which tyre will have better grip and a sportier profile the Angel GT or Roadtec 01?

fidel catsro says:

Anyone here ever used Shinko tyres? God help you!

Louis Hopkins says:

I ride an FJR1300, heading to Alaska this summer. have Metzler on it but am interested in Michelin pilot r4. what would you put on this thing?

Dailyrider says:

Coming from my 4th set of metzeler tourance next with great grip, how would these 01’s compare to them? I’m excited to try a set of these. I ride a 2014 gsa lc agressive. Riding all year around with lots of rain.

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