Longest Lasting Motorcycle Tires of 2018

FortNine helps you go the distance by picking out motorcycle tires that could well be in an Energizer advert.

Longest Lasting Motorcycle Tires of 2018

0:25 – Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Plus Tires – https://frt9.co/o22wfd
2:51 – Michelin Road 5 Tires – https://frt9.co/tr4q0v
4:40 – Motoz Tractionator GPS Tires – https://frt9.co/wfi51h
6:41 – Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tires – https://frt9.co/aq6fd6
7:24 – Shinko 777 Cruiser Tires – https://frt9.co/yew6lt

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Andy Gascon says:

5’s are going on shortly

Marcelo Esposito says:

Metzeler marathon they do last twice as long as Dunlop and they feel great too, I was wondering if my tires would make it to this list

darkotaku32 says:

Out of curiosity, what was the song playing at the end of the video? I like it a lot.

Memes XD says:

i tried looking for it online, but i couldn’t find what these tear off pegs are used for. i have 2 small knobs on my own visor but those were for antifog dubble bubble silicon shit that lost it’s shit in dry weather.

chris bolwell says:

Brilliant vid bro….I will have to watch it again as so much info in a short time.

fernando martinez says:

Another great video… keep it going

spacetrigg11 says:

how about a review for Royal Enfield Himalayan?

Why Me says:

Yep not very many Cannucs in pro racing either

Guys McFellas says:

I know you can’t test just any bike all willy nilly, but your review on the new ninja 400 would be rad

Riderpjr Hd says:

Speaks like a Whimp..

robert hensen says:

police run flats 8000 plus miles on 2008 eletro glide

Josh Bobst says:

30,000 klicks is still an absurdly low figure for a two hundred dollar tire. I put a Michelin Commander on the back of my Goldwing and am expecting 100,000 kilometers out of it – for $116.


Very informativ and professional video. Keep up the good work!

Gene Davis says:

I love how knowledgable this guy is. Awesome Ryanf9

R P says:

michelin Q3 ?huh.. 0:42- 0:56

Ryan Banks says:

I do love your confidence and humour!
Decent review!!

hipsabad says:

following bikes for decades means hearing endless technical-sounding hype about why such and such tire is so superior, so revolutionary! And yet…that definitive technology is inevitably replaced with next year’s flavour of design. Colour me skeptical

Ruzzeii says:

Great video, very helpful and informative..
May I ask your opinion on the Mitas Sport Force 190/50 17 which I’ve recently fitted. I had the michelin Power pilot on the rear of my Zed, lasted a solid 2600 miles, wondering what to expect in terms of mileage from the Mitas or any info on that tire would be grand. Cheers

passive101 says:

Is the road 5 the best for a Ninja 600 in dry and wet weather? Is their a better one for it even if it doesn’t last as long? I care about safety the most. I get on it in the turns sometimes, but mostly laid back travel.

Furkan ÜNAL says:

Good content as always! Would love to see another video about the most sticky tires tho

Rick Wyatt says:

What happened to the Michelin Commander II for touring???

Marc B says:

Just replaced my Road 4 (18k miles rear) with a Road 5 this week!

daniel thompson says:

Please can you review the honda VFR X range crosstourer and crossrunner, so few good reviewers have so not much info on these bikes

ChKn Livers says:

You should check out the Avon av84/85 Trekriders. They’re crazy on my drz400. Makes it handle like a supermoto on the road, still decent off-road, and got me from southern KentuckY to upstate New York and back with plenty of wear to spare. Anyone with a DRZ knows tires don’t last long especially with the weight of bags and rider being the same as the weight of the bike itself. I’ve never had tires do so well on a DRZ. But they only barely squeeze in at the upper limit of fitment being as wide as they are, clearly made for bigger adv bikes.

John Mabe says:

I love my 888’s. when I bought my first bike 2 years ago, Triumph Bonneville America, with 24,361 miles on it it had the Metzler 880’s. after my first summer with the bike and 5500 miles later it was time to put on new tires. After many long hours of research, dozens of videos, different forums I decided to go with the triple 8’s. Have not been let down. I broke them in then packed up some camping gear and went to the mountains on them. the 15-20 miles of dirt and gravel road into the camp site was the funnest part of the ride and they held up great.

Adam Anderson says:

I like your humor. Makes the video flow and fun to watch. Thanks.

Cole Mitchell says:

Do a review of the Street Twin!

Ruben Sieja says:

Ryan, a bit off the topic. Any chance to make updated review of Africa Twin Adventure Sports? I have test ridden it and I feel like they fixed most of the problems you mentioned in the original AT review video. I would gladly listen what would you have to say about this motorcycle. On the spec sheet looks almost the same but it feels like an entirely diffred bike in my opinion.
I hope some day you come to Europe and miraculously we could do some serious ADV off-roading.
Keep up good work

Rod M says:

Ryan, can you do a reveiw on the Aerostitch Darien jacket, maybe the pants as well.

Bryant Chandler says:

What about the Michelin Commander II? You recommended it highly in a previous vid.

TheCogitech says:

Shinko 244, Ryan! Most of the benefits of that trials tire, but far less squirrelly on the asphalt. Easily in the top 3 best 50:50 tires out there!

Sean Knight says:

FYI, Motoz is supposed to be solidifying a CDN Distributor in May.

Iain Linsey says:

Hey there Fortnine, I hope bigwigs read this comment. Ryan does an amazing job in his reviews and you folks are killing it in the reviews and consumer information department. Please keep it up. These videos are more valuable to me than any magazine.

Noah Arnold says:

Have you ever rode a kdx 200

Vincent Vallée says:

Dude are you from Montreal???

Cameron Lisk says:

So, I’m in the market for new tires. I find my self in a fight with myself lol. It’s between the Q3+ and the Road 5s. My main concern is long lasting tires essentially, but the only time I will ride in the rain is if it happens accidentally. It will never be intentional. I’m just not sure if I should still go with the Road 5s for basically all dry weather riding or buy the Q3+ for better dry performance, but potentially less longevity? Looking for some insight! Thanks! Bike is a 2017 FZ 09, if it even matters.

v2vortex says:

Got my bike with brand new tires on it. But the owner bought the ME888888888 Altra’s I believe. Most likely for the cost. But then again I missed your used bike video before buying my gal…… Oh Well…
Ride safe….

Lifted_Above says:

And I live near that city and have never seen that spoon in-person.

Ryan, you going to like the ‘whump’ sound of the new BMW F850 coming out?

Patrick Göser says:

I will get the Heindenau K60 Scout next week, is this still a recommendation of yours?

yokehuatgoh says:

awesome. metzeler it is. the higher price is like buying cheap insurance. btw, do you have a vid on how to break-in new bikes? lots of different advice floating about on or off the internet.

Daniel DeJesus says:


Julian Vargas says:

Will you every do a review on the Kawisaki Vulcan S?

nubbyboy24 says:

Don’t even have a bike, these videos are just entertaining af

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