Lit Motors’ C-1: A 2-wheel car? Or untippable motorcycle?

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Lit Motors’ C-1 is a self-stabilizing, all-electric two-wheeler that marries all the creature comforts of a car with the performance and efficiency of a motorcycle.


pikabko10000 says:

can it drift?

MrBoneZone says:

well its 2015 now…where is this thing ive gone to the website and they stopped making updates from september 2014

foyl says:

I’ts untippable, that’s why it needs three men to stabilize …

Andrius1115 says:

Just put the f****ing superbike engine in !
Looking good…

DRAGONjim99 says:

The myth here is that the motorcycle itself is efficient. Of course such is more efficient than a Hummer, but the motorcycle misses the rule for aerodynamic efficiency, that being a length to width ratio of about 4 to 1 and a body of revolution form.

The same goes with this LitMotors product, though it is a big step forward otherwise.

Cost is the real issue though.

Elvio Franco says:

me gusta este vehiculo p’ara mi solito


I’m all for this design. Saw it years ago in the similar “Carver” and I do like it a lot. I look forward to these finally hitting the market…but I have to say, this is not the first “promo” video for a vehicle of this kind, and I haven’t seen one ever come to market. Also, I think having 4 guys walk next to it to keep it from tipping over is an epic fail for a promotional video. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence in the design.

1179stmf says:

Looks good. Keep it up. Glad someone is working on this type of thing. Make it work the way you say it will and I will buy one.

TeKaRuKiTe says:

rly this car has only 1 seat but why omfg BUT WHY THERE ARE TWO DOORS WHEN ITS ONLY ONE SEAT

Matthew till says:

how old do you have to be to drive the C-1?

jun hee kim says:


John Arizona says:

Driving in reverse?

Void Moose says:

interesting little concept car/bike

flitsies says:

It is a fantastic idea there are some questions but the concept is good.
It needs a major manufacturer to take it up like Honda then the price will be more affordable for everyone.

Andre Lopez says:

Thumbs up if you know what is a spektrum dx6i specifically

Andrew Spencer says:

The car and gyros are “on” during the alley test drives. Those guys are not keeping it from tipping. From Forbes, Dec. 2012: “On a test run in an alley across from the office, the vehicle lurches forward to a slow trot as engineers nervously walk alongside it in case the gyroscopes fail and the cycle tips. Attempting to hit street speeds, and even turning, seems a bit too risky at this point…”

allkpop101 says:

you prefer fuel injected vehicles?

Nerys says:

compared to a car it is. also pretty sure my wing can’t do it in 6 either. what got my attention is 2 seater plus 120mph (meaning it will do 60 all day) 220mile range and the biggy. $24k price tag. thats VERY close to reasonable. I WANT this thing. and I want it bad.

danwlfn says:

리트 모터 C-1의 문제점은 운전자가 핸들을 사용하면서 카운터 스티어를 해야한다는것이다.

자동차 운전자가 카운터 스티어를 이해할까?

big peepee man says:



Way too expensive!!! no way.

Michael Hamilton says:

I’d invest in that.

Edgar Godoy says:

very good

John-Paul DeBauge says:

I’ve been on the short list for 2 years, I am pleased with the rate of progress and am patiently waiting for my piece of the future!!!

LowderRod says:

do want!

Joey Hallbergensteinheimer says:

this is going to cost a stupid amount of money I can already tell

Smugs Ruggler says:

Sounds like a real piece of shit, you couldn’t give me one of those.

The Cool Tinkerman says:

This is an awesome machine. The practical intentions are well thought unlike most inventions that are futuristic but can only be supported by passion and less practicality.

apachewarrior45 says:

I’m in. Thanks Lit Motors esp Kim

Chris Anderson says:

This is the future trust me not now not next year but soon

pikabko10000 says:

yes it is expensive. howevr when years later down the road when other brand names make something simular to this the price will drop. Like for example I remmber the time Blu-Ray Players cost 2000.00 when it first come out now you can get one 120.00

Brian Kennedy says:

It’s being marketed as a car, so you have to have a license.

The Dizzie says:

The creator compared it to a scooter, media just keeps saying motorcycle because he’s made references to the fact that there hasnt been any advances in ways to make motorcycles safer despite the fact that there has been a ton of advances in car safety.

1179stmf says:

By the way, I hope there is more than one color.

Davis Green says:

They should mass produce this!!

intan harin says:

I would buy 1. instead buying a car but using it alone everyday to work, i rather buy this even though  it is more expensive than normal motorcycle. At least it is cheaper than a car n look safer than a motorcycle.  

WarriorCycle's says:


battouter says:

where’s my damn AC?

Vinh Tran says:

I don’t understand these guys who invent EV cars and motorcycles. “This is the future, we want our vehicles in every garage in 10 years”. ” BUT” it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. You want us the save the planet by going electric but most electric or hybrid vehicles are 25k and up. You dare say 25k and up is affordable? For whom? The only people who might buy this thing make about 70k a year and this will be their 2nd vehicle. Hell, most of them probably don’t care. The only people interested are college student who rides mopeds, crap cars and single people who only want to spend about 15k. So who are you marketing this vehicle for????

Dawn Lipinski says:

Awesome. Kudos to Kim. When the Harley gets to heavy for my aging butt, this is it!!

lance barrilleaux says:

I’m not buying one .

lance barrilleaux says:

I’m not buying one .

Ron Carter says:

At times this guy talks like his mouth is full of thick oatmeal.  She asks, “What do gyroscopes do? etc.  At about 0:34 he answers that question by saying…. “When I was 25 I was building two %&#@&#^* %*&#@% tandem production anna…. one of ’em ALMOST FELL ON ME…. and killed me.”  :- O  You’d think… (if this is a video to help sales), they’d get someone that can talk clearly.  I’m NOT making fun I’m just saying I wish I could understand everything he says. 

Miguel Monsalve says:

I loved it… hope it’s affordable!!!

trier4952 says:

I wonder…can you fishtail in this thing?

pierrot SS says:

drifting app? my own bat bike. hell yes

A BIG GUY says:

actually c1 is kind of stolen from bmw’s c1, which was a similar concept

futbolita89742 says:

Two really heavy gyroscoops not goid

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