LED LIGHT WHEELS to Motorcycle



Piromaniac0 LoL says:

This is awesome! How do you do with the cables? I mean the wheel is moving and cables are not entangle?

Amir Gmil Amir Gmil says:

هيا فكره رائعه …انا عملتها على النور الضعيف للمكنة من المفتاح مش بطارية صغيرة

Jella S. Samillano says:

Hey dude. what i saying is, how you will get light on a bike? In not spinning around on the rims?. Pls show me yoyr blog how to do it bro.

Anoop Kashyap says:

battery. Ka name kha milegi

xGARIDx says:

Where i can buy this led lights?

MEGA MOB says:

Light on night

Vince Vic says:

Now try underneath the mudguards

Arnoldas Gestautas says:

Cool whels and video

Damnit Bobby says:

Looks cool

Hermank HMRT says:


Vells kraD says:

Подскажите какая модель мотоцикла?

Anoop Kashyap says:

name kya. hai battery. ka

virginity rocks says:

Not anymore

Ðααrкєz says:

so epic


how did u do this?

LoveNothing says:


Christopher Decky says:

thats savage man!!


PENGEN, garai ngiler

Wonder World says:

Hello Stunt freak team, do you mind if I use a portion of this video, in a compilation of short stories I am doing. in return i will credit your channel & video

the memez says:

Why not RGB……


Link for led please

Vells kraD says:

Подскажите какая модель мотоцикла?



Michael itsYAboyMB says:

To run lights buy a lighting stator to replace your stock stator. Here’s a link so you can see https://www.motosport.com/electrosport-lighting-stator

ขจรศักดิ์ สุขสาคร says:


William Lundberg says:

Anyone know what Led strips they are using, and batteries? It would really help

Deepak Kumar says:

03:24 i thought they glued the led strips on the chain too

hotdok hotkat says:

Bro i like it….what is that power supply u used…

tony crrations says:

Were you did the connections

John Hickens says:

Is this street legal?

Tal Zbrizer says:

Looks so tron legacy!!!

Stevi E says:

Very cool

Killian665 says:

I don’t know where you guys found a battery that small that has enough power to drive those LEDs for longer than like 2 minutes. The strip I bought is 1 amp working current per meter and I need 1.35 meters per wheel. On top of that they require 12V. I tried sourcing an RC car battery but one with that much power is pretty sizable, especially to mount on motorcycle hub. I’d really like to know what strip and battery you used.

stephenmwyatt2 says:

running off the bike battery is not exactly rocket science, but more than most people can figure out. (brush connection)

jere kupiainen says:

Mistä ostitte tota ledi nauhaa ku se Motonetin led nauha on liian lyhyt toho hommaa?

Anoop Kashyap says:

Sri battery. kha. milegi. batao. na

ĐTK Quý Và Hiếm says:

năm 2004 mình đã đưa bóng led vào bánh xe rồi. không dùng pin mà dùng trực tiếp bằng nguồn acquy 12v. được đưa vào bằng thanh quét

solicify says:

It’s like my pc …but as a motorised beast

Andiyy Gikk says:


ObamaReally Suucks says:

Hot Glue ?????…won’t hold for long

Wagner Rodrigues says:

led da hora

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